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  1. I kept my primary fermenter and 4 - 5 gallon carboys, thought I might get back into it when I retired, that was almost 13 years ago 🤣. Think there is even a few cases of non twist off , green Amstel bottles in the furnace room, they were the best. edit : could actually do wine with that equipment 🤔
  2. Yeah, I always used a secondary and waited until fermentation had stopped, adding a precise amount of sugar to carbonate in the bottle, Dad was obviously in a hurry to get a drinkable brew.
  3. I brewed for years, but nothing fancy. I used the canned stuff from Brew Canada, had a big primary that would do a double batch (10 Gallons). It looks like a plastic laundry tub but with a tap on the side at the bottom and a air tight snap lid with a hole in the centre for an airlock. After the primary fermentation was done in about 5 days I would rack it down into 2 X 5 gallon glass carboys with airlocks for 3-4 weeks before bottling. To bottle I racked the carboy into a 5 gallon bucket with a tap on the bottom , add a cup of dextrose and bottled and capped in regular beer bottles, took a month to develop good carbonation. I did do a few additives later like hops, it was quite good I thought and never lost a batch. A double batch was about 5 1/2 cases I recall , was 28 ahead at the start of summer once 🤪
  4. Maybe someone carpeted oak treads, problem solved
  5. You ever hear the old joke about how many animals you can find in a pair of panty hose ?
  6. I tied a bunch of smaller streamers with calf or kip tail, looked similar.
  7. Can you even still get Rothmans ? smoked them from 1969 to maybe 1990 when I switched the "Rez Brands " , quit about 15 years ago.
  8. Caught all 4 too, Lakers both L. Ontario and the Haliburton strain , even a difference there. Lots of Specs and when the stocking programs in Haliburton went to Splake, them too, during the change, both in the same lake at times, even a ton of those Laker backcross Splake in the Bighead and Beaver during the 80's/90's. The tail doesn't look perfectly square drooped over the rock but isn't near as forked as a full blooded Laker and I find most Lakers have a somewhat laterally compressed head compared to a Spec and the jawline does extend as far back as a Laker, Lakers have a pretty big yap on them compared to a Spec. Doesn't look Laker to me, early spring Specs are not nearly as colourful as later.
  9. I live in the Lincoln, Grimsby , Beamsville area, the first time I saw those letters in print , local paper, I wondered what the letters after LGB stood for ??? True story
  10. OK, that grand is on top of the pricey, I assume, sticker price of the hybrid truck , not the regular gas version. Still for a contractor that needs power tools off grid , sure beats one of those power inverters looking at the stuff it can power. https://www.motortrend.com/news/2021-ford-f-150-powerboost-hybrid-features-and-specs/
  11. They missed a few stars in the description, G.E.Smith and Steve Cropper on guitar, Donald "Duck " Dunn on bass and Jim Keltner on drums.
  12. for a grand might be good to have https://www.msn.com/en-ca/autos/news/power-up-ford-f-150-used-to-heat-home-run-appliances-in-frigid-texas/ar-BB1dNVIu?li=AAggFp5
  13. spec.jpg
    a dozen or so years ago this fish was lifted on the Credit, several Autumns in a row, has to be a Laker cause we all know there are no Specs in Lake Ontario
  14. Loved sandwiches with that as a kid going to school, with catsup and lots of horseradish. Many years later I tried it again, found out it slices much better if you refrigerate the can first.
  15. I was impressed by the Costco warranty, not sure if they miscalculated but I got about 50% towards a new one and I swear it was 6 years old .
  16. Ever watch the flocks of seagulls following a commercial fishing boats in on Lake Erie, we are talking more than a few fish guts there
  17. Old enough to remember when tournament BASS boats were limited to 150 horse and manufacturers were badging 150's very conservatively for the market.
  18. Good excuse to get a 420 Outrage 🤣
  19. No dumping fish parts, we have just gone to bi weekly garbage pickup, should be able to crawl to the curb by itself by then.
  20. Not Friday but this appeared in my FB this morning , laughed so hard
  21. I have seen in a boating forum they jokingly referred to used I/O boats with the " white leg of death "
  22. You have to go back in time to when they sold Bayliner's with Force outboards to get a real horror story
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