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  1. thanks - that's exactly what I've done - and that will likely be where i purchase something. just hoping to find someone who owns one of these units and get some firsthand intel
  2. Hello OFC members - I've been a member for quite some time and really enjoy the information that's shared on this site. I'm a weekend fisherman that really enjoys fishing but doesn't get out near as much he'd like to. Retirement is only a few years away and I'm hoping with a bit more free time I'll have more time to devote to my fishing. I don't post much because quite frankly I don't have near as much to share as some on this board - and I mean that in a good way since there's clearly some very knowledgable people on this board. I am looking to spend some of my "sock drawer money" and upgrading my fishfinder/sonar to something more current. It's been suggested to me to consider the lowrance hook 2 line up. Some of the research I've done suggests it's a pretty good/simple unit that has most of the newer features at a reasonable price and it's an improvement on the original line of hook 2 units - so it's got my attention. I'm not concerned about the fact I can't network the unit or link it to my mind kota trolling motor. I'm looking for a unit that provides me with the basics. Does anyone have any real life experience with this unit ? I like reading the various reviews on the sites selling them, but I'm a little leery of some of the information on those sites. I'd appreciate any info anyone has to offer. Thanks and happy new year !
  3. great video - thanks for sharing. now i'm hungry !!
  4. thanks for sharing - i too enjoyed it better when the bell was off but it was a pleasant break from my work/office day either way watching your adventure. thanks.
  5. I hear you old iron maker and billm. from an investment perspective vehicles are as bad as it gets. and you certainly can't eat a car when you're done with it, that's for sure.
  6. Mister G - never heard them described that way before - I assume you're referring to the Toyota brand, and that got me thinking about what that logo meant. Interesting - but I am suprised to hear it took them 5 years to get that symbol figured out http://blog.toyota.co.uk/toyota-logo-download
  7. Thanks very much for the info folks. And I'm guessing it'll likely come down to what Craig Ritchie mentioned - taking each of them for a good test drive and deciding which one I (or my wife) prefers. the Highlander however seems to be the proven commodity of the bunch. The main thing I was looking for was how well they handle & perform while towing.
  8. Hello members. I've been away from the board for a while. Haven't had a lot to contribute but I certainly do enjoy/appreciate the comments, opinions and experiences of the members on this board. I'm looking to replace my main transportation and I'm hoping to do it with a vehicle that could tow my boat someday if it gets too costly to keep my 10 year old f150 on the road. My boat/motor/trailer (1750 crestliner fishhawk with 115 optimax) weighs about 2500 lbs. I'm considering the Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot or Hyundai Santa Fe, probably late model used to avoid the depreciation hit. If anyone has any experience with either of these vehicles and their towing capabilities that they'd like to share I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  9. I don't keep my batteries in the flashlight - just keep them in the same waterproof container. I think that helps the unit last longer too. Just test it every now and then and I'm good to go. Keeping everything as dry as possible helps too
  10. I think it's like any other insurance. you pay for it hoping to never need it. As Irishfield put it - it's a crap shoot. feeling lucky ?
  11. Very entertaining series and I think that may also be part of the allure (together with the things already mentioned) it's a series/story that gets your attention and keeps your interest. I'm really enjoying it, and like someone else already mentioned, shows you that even these guys loose fish from time to time.
  12. not sure where you are or how far a drive it would be but I'm going back to O'sullivan's rainbow on O'sullivan's lake near Geralton/Nakina again this year (4th trip). Great fishing at a drive to lodge. Accommodations are good and the camp owners are great. We usually go in July/August and the fishing is always great - lots of walleye/pike/lake trout. As far as I'm concerned anybody can catch fish here. Might be a bit of a drive -but in my opinion worth every minute to get there. http://www.osullivansrainbow.com/ Mike Borger referred us to this camp 4 years ago and we very much enjoy it.
  13. Those are beauties !! the unfortunate part of that (and I've done the same thing) is when we keep these - we're removing the best breeding stock of the lake. selective harvest for smaller fish !!
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