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  1. I have also used oven cleaner for such “baked on” marine crud...(but test a small area first, for paint reaction)..but ya gotta believe there is an aftermarket marine cleaner designed especially for this.
  2. I have been catching Mudcats on the E. Holland River and have my second or third fish with these gross looking raised, firm, circular red lesions. They are on the body, corner of the eye sockets, mouth, etc. They are like a hard ridged “chancers”. Mudcat syphilis perhaps. Any ideas? Have not found any web reference.
  3. Looking for a used medium sized Cold Water Immersion Suit. Or does anyone know of a Saftey Rental Shop or private person that rents them out for a few days, local to Sothern / Central Ontario?
  4. Does anyone in the lower Lake Simcoe/ Cooks Bay area still have acess to the water with a power boat? Recent ( 13 January 2020) ice melt and 0 c weather ..any experince with winter boating close to shore and in Holland River? Willing to pay someone with boat for 4 hours. ( obviously stored in warm gargage etc that doent need winterizing) Contact for details ...Thanks
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