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  1. That is one situation where turning it over to insurance may pay benefits, provided you are willing to push. They don't want to pay a claim either. If you have a broker push. And don't take no for an answer. The insurance company has the power to get the vendor to cover the claim. Feel free to pm me if you want to chat about strategy and what to say.
  2. RSC 10 foot wire dipsey rod. Used a couple times, brand new condition with price tag still on it. Twilli top. $35.00 SOLD Penn 309 Level wind spooled with 40lb big game - $30.00 Shimano Crucial Crankbait. 9 / 10 barely used. See pics for details $125.00. 1 piece sold Located in Paris pm if interested.
  3. Been a long time since I stopped by, saw this, and kinda felt I would actually comment: I 100% get your concerns. Who needs this kinda crap anytime anywhere, but especially while trying to chill out and relax? Two things occur to me, 1, honestly, I suspect this fella may have some emotional issues that he is acting out like that, and 2: I was sitting in Bazil's with a friend and coffee Thinking the world a fine place to be When the man on my right got up to leave And left a piece of his mind with me He said, "faggots like you should be put in asylums" Tell me, who takes the blame For his being scared, so unaware That he'd fire his fear without an ounce of shame Whatever happened to love thy neighbor? Nothing more than a worn out cliche Are all men created equal or has this too become passe You don't need to open your mouth for me to read your lips I can follow the language displayed on your finger tip They don't look before they leap And they don't think before they speak They just sharpen their tongues on you and me Spit poison darts between perfect teeth You've got to take it from the source And look at where it's coming from You're got to take it from the source They're only wasted words on me Spirit of the West I'd ignore him
  4. Other half snapped these last night - Cooper's, sharp shinned or?
  5. 1-877-847-7667. http://ocoa.ca/conservation-officer-tips-line-1-877-tips-mnr/
  6. season is starting to wind down, , but it doesn't matter how many times I see it- the best way to start the day
  7. No downriggers? https://www.precisiontrollingdata.com/ Strategies: http://www.bluehorizonsportfishing.net/Keating-on-Kings.html Wind direction is key. Of all the go / no-go input factors, wind direction is #1 and yes, on the right day anyone can catch 'em. all day long. Don't be discouraged - I've been out with the best charter capts and seen them struggle - 3 in an 8 hour day (I know, I'm blessed), and the same guy slam them all day long. FWIW my biggest fish hit on a bright sunny day after 12:00 noon with almost no wind.......and the 2nd biggest after noon on a semi overcast day with no wind. Time on the water. just cruising by, BB.......winds
  8. ah, well guess some of us just have to look deeper to discover, eh? The recipe linked shows it all. How's the armchair? Only takes a couple cancer diagnosis for some of us to consider broadening our menu, huh?
  9. The answer lies within Grasshooper.Seek that which is underscored and all will be explained,,,,,
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