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  1. spincast

    RIP Roy Clark

    saw that yesterday. another sad loss, that mans skills were amazing, and he was a a good soul. So long Roy.
  2. spincast

    what song are you listening to right now???

    pretty poor showing for a finalist...
  3. wow - those are fantastic. nice workmanship all around
  4. spincast

    what song are you listening to right now???

    Lol, for some reason, you posting that made me think of this song?
  5. spincast

    33 Moose seized

    sigh.........some of those charges are kinda waste - helmet infractions? ..but the poachers, i hope they make it really hurt, all too often the fines are a cost of doing business.
  6. spincast

    New PB Fish

    Congrats on the PB. next year he should be even bigger!
  7. spincast

    New PB

    must be temporary blindness from all that chrome you've been slaying. I believe that Doc would have referred to it as Esox masquinongy. I think of it as Oh Yeah, Baby......
  8. spincast

    True is True. Don’t shoot the messenger 😎

    those who need it don't know it, and those who know it don't need it. , just sayin.....
  9. spincast

    WOW, talk about good luck...NF

    Glad to hear that worked out, that is awesome, especially given the meaning behind the ring. That is a case of Karma there Lou - good karma coming back to a a couple who deserve it
  10. spincast

    New PB

    Ah, interesting story there. This one wrapped herself up pretty well. We had brought the other line in and it was sitting on the surface. As we are trying to unhook this one, a smaller musky smashes the floating bait and starts wrapping itself in that line! So we put the big girl in the water to breathe while we undo the little one - which took a heck of a lot longer than we thought.Anyway, by the time the big girl was unbuttoned, she was pretty stressed, as you can tell from the colours. Not wanting to stress her any more, it was a quick snap, back in the water to recover and let loose. So I never did get a measure, not that it matters really. We figure mid forties. I figure I simply need to get a 50 for my next pb My one and only prior fish was 34, so I am pretty confident we got that beat..... thanks Lew - from one of the Musky masters, that i s very kind of you
  11. spincast

    New PB

    Hooked up with a friend from the board yesterday in search of an elusive (for me, anyway) We ended up connecting with four. I'll take that over work any day.
  12. spincast

    [Fishing Report] Lower Twin Lakes Lodge Nakina

    cool report. thanks for sharing. Beauty laker shot
  13. spincast

    It,s here, it,s finally here

    probably.Look in the In the MGA section (Marijuana Growers Assurance) of the online brochure of your local retailer As I understand it though, you will still need to make your own brownies. Cooking thread..... watch out Wonder what will happen to all those shipments that get delayed in the Canada post strike? This girl has a future in the marketing business https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/girl-guide-cookies-cannabis-lineup-1.4868520 Ice on the windshield down here this morning...
  14. spincast

    It,s here, it,s finally here

    huh, and here was me expecting to see you with a spliff......
  15. I've caught the same pike back to back many a time - on spinners, and just about every other presentation with or without barb. Before someone took him, I had a spot on a local river I could hit every couple of weeks and the same gator would slam the presentation. If you have ever stuck a fin in your finger / hand from a walleye, or catfish you know how silly this proposition is. Fish eat other fish, whose primary defenses to stick their spines out. At the end of the day, it is easy to make a hypothesis and defend it with a study. It doesn't mean it is correct. It just means the information presented defended the proposition. I believe some people call that fake news,,,,,,,,,