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  1. nice shots. Love the red starts - their song always reminds me of camping, peace and quiet.
  2. Steph's camera is just a little bit better. with this cold they were lining up 5 or 6 deep to get at the orange. Even had them eating suet, which we haven't seen before
  3. perseverance pays off - nice going!
  4. I used to troll with my 50 when I had the 16 footer. You can use drift socks or buckets with holes drilled in them to slow you down more if you need to, or a trolling plate. You could also consider a 24 volt electric for trolling dead slow. I'd be aware of weight - both from a transom perspective (what can it safely support) and an impact to your clearance from the waterline. I have a 18 ftr with a 115 and a 20 (both 4 stokes which are heavier) . The 20 only weighs 10 more lbs than a 10. I got a steal of a deal on it (it was actually cheaper than the 9 I was originally looking at). Its a little heavier than I would like and required a bit of ballast up front to offset the weight. You may want to consider a small kicker (5 hp or less) and a VHF DSC radio. I used my 20 to get me home once. I can't say I would count on it if things turned nasty and my main failed - I'd be on the radio.
  5. Great time of year for the back yard. The orioles move down to the river once the trees are in bloom. First time for a tanager. The rest just hang out with us all summer
  6. well, since you asked....
  7. Fuji Fine pix waterproof underwater, point and shoot, and for those BC skylines, panoramic with a push of a button.
  8. he's 16, a meal is just a 30 minute break in a constant state of hunger. Might have the cash the RESP in to feed him...... Not too many scoring chances as scrum half, but he did score once in a tourney last week.
  9. nice shootin! My co-pilot wouldn't raise from the dead before 7......
  10. G asked for one of his faves for Easter. Peking duck on the spit Didn't last long..... actually, I think G ate half the bird before he would have had time to get airborne
  11. Cheating - not from this year, but a great view to wake up to, sip a coffee and plan a day on the lake... won't be long now
  12. Keep your proof of payment of the taxes somewhere you can get it in 5 years, when you get the demand notice in the mail to pay them again
  13. Sorry to hear that. . Take a deep breath, the next little bit may be stressful, especially if you aren't used to these types of things. . I would start by reading the policy - every last sentence. Every policy is different. Assuming you have a broker (not with someone like TD or Belair direct), get your broker involved. So much depends on the policy, the quality of the company who wrote the policy, and even whether or not you have other policies with the same insurer. Depending on the circumstances , you may want to contact a lawyer before you sign or agree to anything. If it don't feel right, it probably isn't. And never lose sight that the insurance company is in it to minimise their payout while still meeting their legal obligation. Without understanding your coverages, very difficult to provide any guidance beyond that.
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