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  1. According to Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics, 2016: 1. In 2016, the number of motor vehicle fatalities in Canada was 1,898, up 2% from 2015 (1,860). 2. In 2016, there were 10,322 serious injuries due to motor vehicle collisions in Canada, down 4% from 2015 (10,748). https://www.cacp.ca/index.html?asst_id=1626 The driver stated the reason he missed the sign, and the warnings, was one of the tarps on his load was flapping and he was concerned it would cause a hazard to oncoming traffic, - he had not received training on proper tarping processes He was a new driver, driving a set of trains (been to a boat launch lately?); No sentence will bear what he brings upon himself. And yet, if it were my child, I know I would find any sentence inadequate. I do not believe there is any justice for anyone in this situation. It is simply tragic. Listen to this for the view from the other side. What is it they say about not judging until you have walked a mile? https://www.cbc.ca/radio/outintheopen/doing-justice-1.5037668 And I have managed a driver who killed someone. She ran a yellow; he timed the green. I saw her two years after the fact. She was emotionally ruined, her livelihood gone. Her sorrow beyond measure. "Rick, every time I hear a siren, I see it again. I wake up in the night, screaming, at the sight" And yes, I too bear that burden and have spent the last 18 years in my profession making sure I will never have to again. If you think that a jail sentence is justice.
  2. awesome colours Lew - tell me that doesn't make you miss the boat, just a little bit? We got some pretty cool calendar shots accumulating here
  3. if you want the most comprehensive analysis for new and used, consider buying this: http://www.lemonaidcars.com/. It also provides a complete list of all TSB and hidden warranties, and most common problems for each make and model. For what its worth, I picked up a Honda Ridgeline (AWD) a few years ago when they had a factory sale. I tow almost every weekend of the summer, both 2 quads and a 18 footer depending on the weather. I have just shy of 300k on it, still runs like the day I picked it up. I have replaced the right lower control arm the right front axle, less than $1000 for the both combined - other than that, nothing but regular maintenance. It averages 12.9 combined not towing, and 17 combined towing and going to work. On the trip to Nipigon and back it averaged 21 /100 with a full load, extra gas and two of us. Snow is no issue, and Fishmaster's ramp (if you've seen it, you know what I mean) is no sweat. Not sure if I would buy a new one, but I wouldn't hesitate to pick a used one off lease with decent mileage.
  4. Love the sunrises this time if year - looking forward to adding a few soon.
  5. beautiful workmanship, and great cause, Whoever won that has a piece of artistry
  6. $10 canners at the local no frills - calls for some fresh hand made pasta, hollandaise, and steak.
  7. about 2:30 pm, in the middle of a neighbourhood full of dogs..
  8. cool - have not seen a boreal before. The black capped around here are so tame they eat out of your hand. This was G discovering them a few years ago (before the dreaded teen stage) I was kind of expecting a tundra swan - the first couple have showed up on the river as of last week- the flocks should be staging any time now. Hoping to get a few shots as they mass in the fields
  9. Its Friday, time for some finger food....just add your fave bevy and the 36 wings under the broiler.
  10. They're on tour this year, several dates in upstate NY. I got some sweet seats for one of the shows, can't wait
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