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  1. spincast

    Pushin' 30

    in the furniture business, we used to call those Character Marks She is definitely an old warhorse. No idea how the wound happened, I actually didn't see it until I had the photo developed - did spit the hook once she was in the net, so maybe brushed that. ?
  2. spincast

    Pushin' 30

    thanks for the compliment Brian. As for you other two...... you're right, turns our I kept the pretty side facing me
  3. spincast

    Pushin' 30

    29 1/4 in the net, no tail pinch. Came on on the 7 colour on a hot day with a bit of a wound, so it was quick snap, measure and release. Go make some more mamma not a pb, but darn close
  4. spincast

    Opening the blinds

    nice. composition and colours ..... sunrise from a tick's eye view
  5. spincast

    Summer fishing kickoff

    good cure for a long drought but a millennial who has never posted multiple pics on a forum before? I think you just essin with us ol' folks
  6. spincast

    Come on out, dont be shy

    that first one is a keeper; you can see the heat in the air its so thick. 👍
  7. wow, beauty specimens. congrats on a stellar outing
  8. spincast

    Rocking on the toon, Canadian laker style

    nice piggy grey. looks like you needed longer arms there for a second. love the extra large tims resting under the FF at the intro.
  9. spincast

    Family Fishing Week

    Fishing opportunities are too scarce for me to pass on any of them. G & I headed out at Misfish time, set up by 6:30, on the way home by 10:00 The lunatics were still sleeping
  10. spincast

    Lac Seul, skinny walleye.

    love that lake for eyes..May have to make another trip up there next year The new boat goes at a good clip with 4 in it eh? No bugs in this show either? Must have taken a workday to upload that one
  11. spincast


    great capture
  12. spincast

    heading out

    and.... this is what I saw - the phone really does tend to wash out colours
  13. spincast

    summer's eve

    lol - I had to google that -
  14. spincast

    ZR2, My new ride.

    sweet ride .. congrats the saleswoman put me in the Colorado ZR2, we signed the paperwork half an hour later.....lol....smart lady. LOL - had you sussed. Hope you got some of those manufacturer's rebates they are throwing around these days, or at least some free gas?
  15. spincast

    Quick, click

    cool one - its great when the reflection on thater makes it look like a popsicle.