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  1. Well, I'd be pissed if I owned a piece of land in the proposed area! No range in your backyard! Sounds like B.S to me!
  2. Lol, did you go fishing there just once?? Some Erie tribs have some incredible scenery, and some unbelievable fishing.... although its not as quiet as it was 15-20 years ago. And I find the fish can definately hold a candle to a Notty or Saugeen fish, having beached many of them over the years! You have clearly never hit a 20 in a trib on the south shore of lake O.
  3. lol... many is the time we have been motoring around in a stashed tin boat, enjoying ourselves when we see the float plane land and drop off guests on the "fly in lake" We can only wonder what the guests say to the operator when they see us there!! We usually keep away from them, don't want to spoil their experience! lol!
  4. I bought some 2 weeks ago at the Canadian Tire at Rutherford Road and 400. In the automotive section. It was NOT next to the regular stabil, it was a row down, and a couple rows over.... weird. They are also stocking seafoam!
  5. As before... AMSOIL! I have been running it for years, and its the only way to go!!!
  6. You know, I'm still fishing with a bunch of diawa 700 and 1300's. I went to buy a couple new reels a few years ago, and noticed they where still selling the same diAwa line of 1300/700's and I compared the features to the newest models, realized they weren't as up to date, then realized that the diawas may be old technology, but were bullet proof and had served me very well, so I walked out with a couple more 1300's..... lol, i expect my kids will be fishing with them! I see no reason to spend more than a hundred on a reel these days!
  7. You will still need to get a PAL. The licensing requirement will not be abolished. Terry, the day after the registry falls, all the info will be useless, and we will never see it again. Fool me once, shame on you....fool me twice, shame on me.... The Canadian firearms owning public will never register again. Look how many holdouts there are now, 15 years later. The day the registry falls, I am "selling" all my firearms. If there is ever another government foolish enough to try and take on this white elephant again.... I would just buy new guns for hunting!! Non-compliance has been rampant for years with this law, and the Canadian public won't stand it again if its turfed!
  8. If it is really noticeable play, then you should get moving on a repair. However, for sake of argument, the transom on one of the tin boats at our familys cottage flexes like a pool noodle, but it has a lite 2 stroke 10 horse on it, and its not so heavy. We will have to replace it by next year though. The up side is that transom repair, while taking a bit of time, is not rocket science, and you should be able to do the job yourself. Thats a fairly heavy motor for the size, if it were me, and the flex was quite noticeable, i'd pull it apart and fix it up!
  9. Snap neck of pickeral, toss in cooler of ice. Filet as soon as possible!
  10. I am looking for a cheap sonar for the tinny. I am looking at the x4 or x4 pro. This is for a 14 foot no frills hunting and fishing rig at the family cottage. I would like to hear of personal experience with these units, and while I am not opposed to hearing other suggestions, let's keep them under the 200 dollar mark please as this is a basic fishing rig, and all I need is something that shows depth and structure! Thanks!
  11. Annnnnddddd there he is folks.... Another gun grabber! Sorry your party lost the election.... Think I'll clean my CZ in your honor today! You would be surprised at just how many thousands and thousands of us DO go in for that! Don't speak for me or my countrymen. Now go have a latte at starucks, and enjoy your Saturday!
  12. Meant to say " I don't know who your referring to Sinker" [email protected] I phone.... can't edit properly either...
  13. An AK47 is a prohibited firearm in Canada, if you owned one at the time the legislation was passed, you could keep it and buy others. Otherwise, your outta luck. An AR15 is NOT a prohibited weapon in Canada, it is merely restricted, and relegated to range use only! Anyone can pass their restricted test, get a restricted PAL and purchase an AR15. Not so much with the AK!
  14. The 15 is on the money. The 25 is too high.
  15. From description and colors, you have a late 70's model.
  16. He didn't see your buddy fishing, so had no evidence, and you likely hadnt been given a formal caution before being asked if you had been fishing that day, so those statements where inadmissable. My bet, caught on the water and your buddy would've been handed a PON, can't miss out on a good stat...... lol!!
  17. I just run a little 14 footer now, so gas is not an issue. I do need to replace the float in my carb though, probably rebuild the carb too!!
  18. There is no wrong weapon, only useless legislation in this matter. However, we do not have castle law in this country, but in circumstances where your life is truly threatened, the classification of the firearm should have no bearing. I agree that there is more to this story than whats on its face. I would however have to take action if my family was ever threatened.
  19. I have one million 3rd party liability on my quad and nothing else. It's an older machine, and I see no need to pay for theft/fire etc. I pay $100 a year, for four season coverage. If you have an older machine don't let them suck you into full coverage, it will double your costs! Make sure to lump it in with your house, car etc, as was mentioned and you'll get the better deal. I deal with the personal, but we get a discount through our employer. I've found them very competitive!
  20. Fellas, your absolutely right. Expensive items won't make you a better outdoorsman, but historically, quality items are less prone to failure when you need them most. That's not to say they won't crap out, but there is less chances. You won't see a police constable packing a norinco, or a decent mechanic using jobmate tools. All that being said, j saw a Stihl chAinsaw go teats up on a trail clearing weekend at our hunt camp last fall, so anything is possible! As long as your happy with what you have, that's all that counts! I'm happy with my st. Croix
  21. When looking at a new truck, my initial go to was to purcharse a chevy, and just replace the 1997 chev 1500 4x4 that I had, which is an excellent truck. The new chev has many blindspots however, and my wife had difficulty driving it. This put me on fords doorstep, and I have to say, I am very pleased with the 2010 Screw that I am driving. I paid 30 grand out the door, all taxes and fees included. Good truck!
  22. At the end of the day, if someone can afford something nice, and wants to pay for it, then they have the option of laying out the cash and enjoying something a little more polished. Further to that, some folks like quality, plain and simple. I can cut wood with a homelite, but I own a pro grade husky. Your absolutely right, you don't need expensive items to succeed. And there have been many times in my life when I made do with less expensive items, and did just fine. Not just in fishing, but in life in general. Further, there was a time when I hunted with an 870, used plastic decoys, and goose silhouettes that I made myself. I also made my own tip ups, bought used gear whenI could, and generally had to keep things really tight. I am happy that I am in a position where, while I can't afford the best of everything, I can have a few nice items to make me feel good. It won't make you a better sportsman, but to say that quality items don't last and will break on the first trip is a bit of a mistatement. I have had more failures due to cheap equipment than I have due to quality gear. Its all a matter of perspective. For me, St. Croix has been excellent. I have a 15 year old st. croix steelhead rod that has taken more beating than a rod deserves to, and is still cracking along just fine! The ice rods that I have, so far have shown similar quality. Just a different point of view!
  23. I bought a few of the legends perch weight rods a few years ago on clearance at a now closed fishing shop. They have a lot of miles on them, and have been fantastic!!! Couldn't be happier! I also have several of the premiers that I use for pickeral, lakers and whities, and they have also been excellent! Sorry to hear about your luck, but my experience has been great!
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