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  1. So did a marvel mystery oil treatment on the top cylinder and I'm getting about 112 psi in that cylinder now. 😁 Just put some in cylinder 2 and let's see how it goes. Haven't started it up again so I'll update tomorrow. Thanks for all the help from everyone. Hopefully this thread will come in handy for someone else.
  2. Thanks old man. Was trying to figure out how to get the recoil off. This helps a lot
  3. Hi dan Thanks for the suggestion. I did do that with new gas and the issue was still there. I think it is a compression issue as Dave stated. it doesn't have enough suction to pump up gas even with the choke on. I was getting about 70 per cylinder and doing something to address that now. I noticed the flap that closes when the choke is on, has a few holes so I plugged up the carb vent with a shop towel and it started by the second pull. Appreciate all the input from everyone.
  4. Hmmm. Not with the throttle open. At least 5 yes. I'll try again. Thanks all. This is my new covid hobby. Buying broken engines and trying to fix them. If this is junk I can at least get rid of it for parts or I'm out 300 bucks. Not a big deal. But would like to get it in good running shape. I figure best way to learn small engines is to actually do the work.
  5. Update. Compression is low. I'm getting around 70 psi in both cylinders. I got some marvel mystery oil hoping it will free up the rings. I can hear air escaping somewhere in the prop area to confirm the low compression. Once I dump the oil in the cylinders, what position should I be resting the motor to allow it to soak?
  6. Hey Dave. I'm assuming if it's reeds compression would be low? There are no other symptoms of bad reeds.
  7. I do. I should test that. But it starts extremely easily after I get it going. So starting again isn't an issue just first start. Thanks for your input old man. If you have any other ideas I'm all ears.
  8. Primer bulb works. I took off the gas line to the carb and it shoots gas when I pump it. I can smell gas after pulling with the choke on. After it starts I can start it by just half pulling at a much slower speed.
  9. So I tried starting it with a long rope wrapped around the fly wheel and it worked. My theory is the starter rope is too short. Does that make sense? I can see that the rope is too short to wind on all the thingy. I attached a pic. Fully extended the rope is 36 inches long. Should it be longer? I thought I read it should be 54 but my arms are not that long.
  10. Hey guys. Got another outboard question. I picked up a 6hp Evinrude early 90s. It just won't initially start. If I give a little squirt of carb cleaner or starter fluid in the carb starts right up and stays running. Idles perfect and revs great. Then starting is no issue. It's when I leave over night it won't start again. Need to shoot a bit of fluid in the carb to get it going then no issues again. Fuel pump is working. I took off the hose to the carb and it's pumping gas when it's running. Any ideas? I will clean the carbs but just weird how it runs great after it gets going.
  11. what about an aluminum brazing rod? it creates a pretty strong bond to the aluminum. might solve your crack issue. just make sure you use MAP gas instead of propane. Propane will not get it hot enough to melt the brazing rod, especially on a big boat.
  12. Thanks to all that replied. Your advice is very appreciated. I attached a vid of it running. It's a bit Smokey but I'm assuming that's the fogging oil. It hesitates for a second at the end but that's the bare wires of the kill touching. Thank you again! 20200514_184559.mp4
  13. Oldman. I owe you. I guess the idle screw was turned all up. Tried it quick without water and it sounded great. Tomorrow I'll put it to the test in water. Thank you!!
  14. Thank you gents. I'll give the carb screws a try.
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