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  1. If you use a solar panel do you need a charge controller?
  2. Any of you guys leave your boat in the water over the summer? what do you do from preventing it from sinking from rain water? my brother in law tried that for one weekend and found the boat just inches from sinking. Looking for some possible solutions because I hate trailering the boat back and back to the launch. i know bilge is an option, but worried about it failing or the battery dying. Thanks.
  3. what size rivets are used for aluminum boats?
  4. I'll be replacing the lines as well now that I know what it was. So what makes a good quality line?
  5. Issue resolved. I tried moving the gas tank up to about half the height of the motor and it was spilling gas out the fuel pump. Let it running for about 30 seconds and it continued. Hooked everything back up and it was running for a good 5 mins without issues. Thanks for the help guys.
  6. i use K100. i put some old gas in a glass jar that clearly had water in it. this stuff burned it all away.
  7. Thanks guys. I'll try the hose and look at the connection. I'll let you know if it worked.
  8. I'm just going to answer with a yes. lol.
  9. I always have left over minnows after each ice session so i just salt them and dry them out and freeze. like OF said, cut bait also works (sucker) Here is another question, are perch eyes legal to use as bait in Ontario? I saw some people using them during the ice season but i thought using perch as bait was illegal.
  10. Hey OF, Yes older motor. I was thinking that as well. might just buy a new hose assembly and see if thats the culprit. i also have the motor on a stand and the tank on the ground. im wondering if there is not enough power to suck up the gas from that level. i'll try raising the tank about mid motor height and see if that works.
  11. Hey guys. I recently picked up a 9.9 Johnson to work on over the winter as a project. Was sitting for 2 years but didn't have any issues starting it up. New gas and it fired up. But it's dying after 2 mins so. I pulled out the line from the pump to the carb and no fuel was coming out when running so it must be the fuel pump. Just bought a new one instead of rebuild. This is still not working. I took out the gas lines to see if any were clogged but they weren't. Any ideas? When I pump the primer bulb I don't see any gas leaking. Could it be the gas line from the tank? Any feedback would be appreciated bc I'm stumped. Thanks
  12. Thanks Dave. I'll be building in Bancroft. I'll take a look around there.
  13. Any of you guys know where to get some building materials a bit cheaper than the big box stores? Looking for framing lumber, osb mainly. Thanks
  14. thanks CA. I'll give them a call. Princess auto, i'll give them a shot as well. Thanks Fisherman.
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