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  1. They will be around until mid June this year I'm guessing. Normally gone by opener. Nice fish!
  2. I wasn't aware people still used floats? Lol
  3. Rich


    I've heard of people doing it before opener to generally locate where the fish are active before you can actually fish. Doing it several weeks before sounds more like the guy was just desperate to feel a tug on his line! Lol
  4. I've caught them on expired stewing beef cubes. If its meat that stays on your hook they will eat it. Guy caught a 18lber last spring on a chicken Weiner. I was there to witness! Lol
  5. My season pass for LPRCA allows a vehicle with up to six passengers as well.
  6. ^^ there's the man we really needed to hear from here lol, have at 'er.. i'll be going this week.
  7. The situation's a little different here Art. Your fish are residents. Ours are migrating from Lake Erie for a couple months, never to be seen again. Along with their migration comes a massive migration of emerald shiners which stay put til the water hits about 43 (thnx HTHM). The key areas right now are simply slack water. The river's been raging since March.
  8. I never was too precise on the temps HTHM.. you may be dead on. For me it's when all the fringe ice and snow is completely gone and the currents have slowed down that it's time to run the cut baits. Ps thanks for the props! Lol
  9. Definitely a firm shot at bullheads right now.
  10. Until the water hits about 40 degrees, the best bet is freshly dead minnows on a jighead. Only caught some bullheads so far out that way myself.. but channels have been caught there already this year.
  11. Alllllright, even i'll admit i probably wouldn't believe it just seeing the pics, but I had two witnesses there when she went on the scale... 38 lbs! -1 for the net I suppose. So 37. And hey if anyone wants to debate it well you wouldn't be the first to open that can of worms. Lol
  12. Lmao, some hilarious comments guys! Thanks everyone. Still probably a week to go for fully open water out here. That being said, there are open spots with gills that aren't too hard to find.
  13. ...of a carp. Second fish of the season.. I got enough flack for posting the weight on FB from naysayers so I won't post it again. It was weighed on a digital scale and I'll say it was probably the 5th biggest I've ever caught. Canned corn, nothing fancy, not even a hair rig and I didn't even bring the baitrunner. It was a horeshoe in the arse fish for sure but I'll take it! Bring on spring!!!!
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