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  1. Use the 3 inch Mr Twisters for river walleye. Its the only option at the local tackle store for white grubs however
  2. Went there 2 summers ago. Caught a few hammer handles in the river. It's shallow and very weedy so potential for some larger ones. Lots of largies in the river too
  3. If DD and Lowry are both on tonight, the Raps will win no doubt. If not, then its up in the air...
  4. Super jealous. Was supposed to be in Algonquin in late April but the delay killed that. Ended up in Kawartha HIghlands instead. Nice fish you got.
  5. That's a beast for sure! great job, awesome fish
  6. A 12" would be incredible to catch. Maybe one day
  7. Finally... the small stream I fish for brookies hit the magical temp and the fish would start to feed more willingly! I made it out for a few hours before work today because the weather was beautiful! A very nice place to spend a day, a true gem hidden in Southern Ontario! I spent most of my time fishing a small stretch of the stream that is much wider than the rest of the stream. Usually It is no more than a couple feet wide, but this corner is about 10 feet wide or so! Mepps and worms did the trick today. Fished for about 2 hours and managed to bring in about a dozen, missing many more. All fish were released to swim and grow another day. This picture shows about the average size of today's catch.... still dreaming of breaking the 10" mark on this stream! Next up I am hoping to get on a larger stream for trout where I can get out the fly rod, not sure whereabouts yet though!
  8. We will be renting out canoes and kayaks on the Grand River between Caledonia and Cayuga. Great area for fishing for all types of fish! Good steelhead in spring and fall, bass, walleye and many more in the summer. Gimme a shout if your out this way and wishing to get onto the water. www.southerngrandcanoe.com twitter.com/SGcanoes www.facebook.com/southerngrandcanoe
  9. Hi guys, Going on a camping trip into Algonquin in late April early May. We are going from Rock-Penn-Welcome and staying three nights on Welcome Lake. The main objective of the trip is obviously fishing, so I was just wondering what your opinions are about bringing both a spinning and fly fishing outfit. I don't have sinking fly line either. The reason why I ask is because I obviously want to pack light, so if the fly rod is unnecessary I will leave it at home. Thanks!
  10. What the NHL did was wrong. The league and Arizona asked him to step put of the game however he wanted to play. Why? Because it's a fun weekend and he has good humour..... and he makes 500K and could possible be getting 90k extra with twins on their way to be born in Arizona. Regardless of the ASG or not, you shouldn't be trading a guy who is expecting twins shortly. Also, the "Crosby isn't in it because of him".... even if I could pick any player from any team I still wouldn't put Crosby in this year. He's had a lackluster year and there's much better players currently then what he's showing. (Not saying they are better, he has just played not as good this year)
  11. Looks like an awesome space. The hard work will really payoff
  12. Whatta shame. Would have been neat to see here
  13. Nailed a few brookies on micro buggers today. Seemed to do the job well
  14. Thanks guys, I have a 5wt that comes is 4 pieces so easily fits in my suitcase. The flies is good news. I do have chest waders Chris just wasn't going to lug them around the entire trip but i may have to consider it.
  15. Hey guys In August I am headed out to Vancouver for a wedding. Having never beek there, of course I will want to explore with some fishing. Here is the trip plan so far - Fly to Calgary - Explore the area between Calgary and Vancouver for a week, hopefully do some fishing. (Maybe a guided trip on the bow river?) - after all that aboard the Alaskan Cruise Ship -Stop in juneau and will book a fly in fly fishing trip (can't wait) -Also making stops in Ketchikan and Skagway. ANYWAYS, got some questions. 1) Where would be some good areas to stop along the way to vancouver to fish that is easily accessible? I will have my 5wt rod along with hip waders. 2) I have a day in each port (Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan) Juneau I have already looked after. I don't have enough money to blow on guides in each port and I'm in each port for a full day. Does anyone know if there is any decent fishing I can get to by foot from those towns? 3) I'm assuming the airport will give me trouble about bringing flies on the plane. Anyone had experience with this? Thanks guys I'm extremely excited for the summer ahead! I'll get some great opportunities to fish some areas and for some fish that I have never had the chance to!
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