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  1. Consider steel studs, no moisture warp, no mould, put on top of sill gasket, bobs your uncle
  2. I was there last year in March...when doing homework on the trip I read the many horror stories about rip off rental car agencies, some stories must be true to see all the complaints on trip advisor and such...Any who I ended renting in San Jose from Vamos rent a car. There were plenty of positive reports on them and I was very satisfied that I didn't get ripped off. The vehicle was a Toyota Pravda, with a lot more Kms then you would see on a North American rent a car, but I also read that was a good thing. We didn't look so touristy. I also purchased some internet discount card for like 20$ and it saved like 15% off rental from this particular company. Like I said earlier, trip advisor had a ton of posts about this subject, warnings and good companies in their Costa Rica forums. Cheers...we loved our trip there and would go back in a heartbeat. M.M.
  3. Hey fellas, been a while since I have posted.....ice fisherman...you have received the green light that steel is a longer lasting product than shingles, everyone agrees. The ball is now back in your court...you have to do more homework and look at the available products, to decide which suit your home. This is the only way you will get accurate numbers. Companies will measure your roof and give you an accurate quote. There is a wide variety in products and the cost reflects the differences. IMO I wouldn't recommend the metal products that are covered with pebbles / asphalt. It can't stay on, and fade is a real possibility. I'm not trying to be gruff, but your question is too vague to get an accurate answer at this point. Some of the major players in the steel roof market are Vic West, Ideal steel products. You will see the wide range of products available from just two companies, let alone the hundreds of smaller manufacturers. Cheers M.M.
  4. I tried two locations in london and both managers shut it down. Said the UPC didn't match. A little ticked
  5. Wow...are u ever ugly. Just fish pics please. Nice report. Matt
  6. Watched nylander last night in the rookie tournament. The boy has skill. Best player on the ice for sure.
  7. It's got water. Plan on enjoying the day of company with your friend. If your wanting more serious fishing..... LSC is about 1.25 hours away.
  8. Sorry to hear of the death of your father. Make him proud.
  9. spent 4 days on the st clair river. 2 were Sat. and Sunday, those type of boats were very common as well as 40'-60' yachts. Those yachts sure throw a wake. The 600' freighters just shove the water not much of a wave at all. There was a story going around about one of those spped boats lost control and jumped a wake and landed ontop of the fly bridge of another boat killing 2 on the non-speed boat. Like grandpa always said "speed kills"
  10. Do you have a small shed near by? Voles do tunnel and make foraging paths but seem to call a special place home. If you can find that place you can help make them move on. under sheds, under compost heap, so on and so on. Pretend your a vole and look for a reasonable spot to live. Then do whatever means are necassary to make them move on. or in short befriend a dude that works for Orkin or the such.
  11. Thanks. May be an option as well. Was thinking I would haul the little 14'er up as well. That's why I was thinking an inland lake.
  12. Never been steelheading before. Does this mean a whole lot of new gear? This is a unexpected trip and will be trying to do it as cost effective as posssible.
  13. Need to go up to the Sault first week of October to visit some people for 4-5 days. Was wondering what camps with decent fishing would be pretty close to the city. I have a small boat I could take. Was hoping to stay within 1 hours radius of the town. we would be a family of 4 with a small dog that must come also. I do not know the area at all as i have never been there. suggestions are appreciated. Thanks Gang..Matt
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