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  1. I’ve been running two 7 inch screens for 4 years now. I really prefer this. I like having 2 transducers and 2 units capable of nav/fish finder in case one craps out. I had this happen once when my transducer ripped from its mount and the water pressure broke the ducer cable. I was down rigging for kings and If I hadn’t had 2 fully functioning sonars my trip would’ve been over.
  2. That whole side of the lake is unfriendly. The only places I go out of anymore is Bolster, willow or Beaverton in winter. Keswick when my buddy is driving, he has a pass. And that’s a whole lot more driving for me but it’s worth it. I’m not surprised they closed the launch.
  3. You raise many fair points. There is a balancing act for how long we can “protect the vulnerable” vs crashing everything else. There are also many other health costs that will be associated with this once the final tally is in and they won’t all be physical. I don’t deny there is a serious health concern with corona. But the Groundhog Day response our politicians have taken is completely unsustainable And completely lacks imagination. Further, I find the bulk of support for it is in the retired, work from home, or otherwise financially comfortable set. And I can be right with them if I want to be. My career path is not going out of demand, and my Wife is a teacher. We aren’t suffering financially in any respect. If anything I could’ve made a pile of OT this year if I wanted to. But I find it loathsome money and won’t touch it. I think a lot of those in support haven’t been touched by the realities of many. Anyway we are where we are. At least some of these towns are opening their launches so there is some hope.
  4. Mother in law broke her ankle falling down the stairs at my place ten years ago. We sat in the hallway all night. That was mid summer. I agree, they could of spent a lot of this money preemptively addressing healthcare issues. That would’ve gone a long way towards helping us respond to serious medical emergencies when they come up rather than playing catch up.
  5. I used warped cedar 2x6 that I got from the clearance bin for cheap, they where bent the right way for trailer bunks. I just used outdoor carpet and carpet glue with stainless steel staples. That’s all I’ve ever done and they last for years. I do leave the bottoms open rather than covering them completely!
  6. The order was amended overnight. You can’t be arbitrarily stopped to be asked where your going. No Police service save the OPP (and that’s questionable) was going to support a breach of charter rights anyway and they all came out and said it. It was terrible egg on the face of the government and they should have known better. That said you can still get gonged for failing to comply with an order if your engaged in some nonsense like a big party etc. A guy quietly fishing on his own isn’t nonsense.
  7. I don’t find the platform gets in the way at all when landing fish, I just use an 8 foot extension. I wouldn’t be without it, and I bet my boat is similar at the rear to yours. I’d put it back 😂. My buddy has a little fold up on his Lund, it does the job but it’s not as nice for swimmin as the platform!
  8. They couldn’t beat me last spring brother, they won’t beat me this spring. I made a small trailer out of bike tires so I could strap the back end of my tinny to it and wheel right past the closed launches and down the bank. That, and with marinas specifically named as being allowed to operate (including launches) I’ll be fishing one way or the other!
  9. Just port hope being port hope. They’d fill the river in with cement if they could.
  10. Dollars to donuts they’ll have status cards if their obvious about it. Same thing happens at Buckhorn every year.
  11. Yes I will be, no I’ll be with one or more of my sons.
  12. Maybe so, my town is one town over from a tourist trap. Whenever I drive through on a weekend the only thing I curse is the traffic it generates. Otherwise I’m glad to see the shops busy and local businesses making money. The only thing I don’t like about City people is when they move out and decide they want things to be like they where in the city. A few weeks back at a town council they where discussing bike lanes. We need that like we need a hole in our heads. The only people that ride bikes around here to get places are of an age where sidewalk riding is perfectly acceptable. Leave the city ideas in the city and all is well!
  13. Yes, this is true, but we feel this way at any time of year, pandemic or not 😀😀😆😊😂😜. (And if they smilies weren’t enough, for greater clarity, I’m just having fun)
  14. Live your life according to what you think is best. Stop worrying what other fishermen think. You’ll only get conflicting opinions.
  15. Or, you know, people could just be better. I think I’ll stick with my plan.
  16. I'm with Lew. My biggest pet peeve is people that sit around and criticize, yell at and or hassle people that clearly don't know what they are doing rather than offer assistance. My second biggest pet peeve at boat launches is guys that have egos so large that they can't accept help when they clearly need it.
  17. I've been in the boat 3 times already. Sadly less time to fish than I'd like at the moment.
  18. Sweet ride, Was just shopping side by sides with my Mom yesterday. We're looking at the Honda Pioneer 520 for the place up north. Was looking at another bike, but this seems the logical choice and easier for Mom or my Wife to buzz around in while still making it down the smaller trails. They seem to prefer the idea of a steering wheel too. I looked at Camso tracks though and they're $4500. Thats a lot of scratch for a set of tracks.
  19. Excellent I’m surprised they had em. Good to know
  20. I’ve used Navionics for many years. It’s was decent to start and I find them pretty good in Ontario waters these days. Occasionally they are way off but for me that’s been the exception not the rule. No experience with the other one.
  21. Considering plastics cost a couple hundred for a front or rear, I'm not surprised. Last time I was looking for plastic parts for my Yammy due to an unfortunate incident it was either dealer or ebay. You can call Royal, but I want to guess they don't stock plastics or lights. Given how popular that Grizzlys are they probably have some aftermarket stuff on ebay.
  22. I had a 1997 Chevy 1500 that gave me good service and is one of my favourite body styles and drives of any 4x4 truck I’ve ever been in. I had 11 good years out of my 2010 F150 that replaced the Chevy and I had very few issues. So either way I really couldn’t say one was better or worse than the other. Both where gassers. I can’t speak much to the diesels but a buddy of mine did have a Ford 6 litre diesel circa 2006 that ate a couple of head gaskets and gave him some trouble. He plowed with it and used it as a work truck though so it didn’t lead an easy life. I thought I’d try the dodge this time and see what happens.
  23. Jam cardboard under the baseboard. Works like a hot damn over carpet. Pretty much impossible over anything else but carpet has enough give.
  24. When you order through bass pro or cabelas they include everything. I haven’t ordered from the US in over a year, but I have had many orders from both over the years and never once been hit with extra duties. Other retailers not so much but BPS and Cabelas have it figured out.
  25. To close this out, I have a 21 1500 classic Hemi Warlock in the driveway. I like it quite a bit, although to get one in stock I had to get quite a few more options than I ever would have, it sure is nice having heated seats and auto start though. So more stuff to break. It was a sad day leaving the old F150 on the lot. It was a good truck. I couldn’t quite sell myself on the V6 although I nearly pulled the trigger on one with 3.55 gearing. Here’s hoping it does well. If it’s in the shop much during warranty I’ll be moving it along no doubt.
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