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  1. You know why they call it kinmount right? Cause they couldn’t put cousin____ on the sign! Hope you like banjos 😀
  2. Your not the first guy with a hobby gone wrong pal! You won’t be the last! It’s like guns, the trick is to get it into the safe without getting caught. Then one looks just like the others. Hooks and feathers are no different!!
  3. Thanks for the input all. Craig, I was attracted to the lack of casting deck. I’m a troller through and through so most casting is a total afterthought to me. I’m also a hunter and have a huge diver rig that hasn’t seen the light of day for a few years but my boys are getting more and more into hunting year over year so I expect it’ll be back in service eventually. Sinker, the starcrafts are a heck of a hull, to be sure! Thanks for the input. I have to find the right setup but it’s at the top of my list. Shag, boats are hard to come by, but some of the utility style are a little more readily available! Nonetheless I do have a tin banger on standby so if I happen to sell and have to wait a bit I won’t be without a ride. A couple good buddy’s have fully rigged boats also so I won’t be temporarily stranded on the big lakes either.
  4. I wouldn’t have bought my last truck if I hadn’t had a big boat to pull. My commute is very short fortunately. Still, as I am starting to see the way the wind is blowing these days, I’m starting to consider moving it along in favour of a smaller rig. That means the boat is going to have to move along for a bit smaller rig. Bummer, but adaptability is key. The electric rigs aren’t readily available and just don’t have the range for someone that likes to travel!
  5. While I’ve enjoyed my Superfisherman 18 for a good few years, I’m considering dropping down to a slightly smaller tow vehicle and a bit smaller boat. A 16 tiller is nothing new to me, but I’ve spent the last 6 years in a big console boat so I’d like the roomiest 16 tiller I can find with an internal tank. I’m taking a good look at the smoker/starcraft freedom at 16’11” and 89 inches wide. Anyone run one of these? How do you like it? Comments, thoughts etc. I’m looking at brand new. Unless someone is thinking of selling a less than 3 year old model and just happens to have one of these for sale. Thanks!
  6. Get the 25. I had a 30 2 stroke on my SSV 16 and never regretted It. You add a load of anything and you’ll be glad you got it!
  7. 2013/14. Bottomed out gas auger. Didn’t have extension with us. Had to move several times to get slightly thinner ice just to get fishing. Was on the ice on an atv much later than most years!
  8. Hey sweet rig man! Glad it’s put to use!!
  9. My last experience with the sportsman show was less than exciting. I might go just to support shows returning. I will most certainly be at the Hamilton bass masters spring swap meet as I see it’s returning this year and it so happens I don’t start back work until the Sunday that weekend!! That should be a good one!
  10. Yeah the dewalt compacts won't hold up to an 8 inch. My buddy has their heavy duty contractor grade and it spins an 8 inch ok. I too would recommend the Milwaukee Fuel brushless hammer drill. Mine blasts through ice with an 8 inch bit.
  11. I'm torn on this issue. I would be lost on the water without my GPS/Sonar and ipilot. It has changed the way I fish, and when dialed in will crush them. I am sort of lost on the livescope and cameras. I have a mini cam, but I use it to find weeds for perch, and rock formations to find gobies in winter. Outside of that it doesn't get used unless one of my kids is with me and wants to watch the fish. I don't use it in the summer at all, and to be honest I think they are often more trouble than they ae worth. I think technology is great, but there is such a thing as too much tech. And none of it is worth a pinch of salt if you don't know how to fish. If you do though.....
  12. Yes a 6 inch hole is good for whitefish, I’ve yanked plenty through a 6 inch hole. Bring a gaff with you. An 8 inch is certainly nicer. But if your going to use a hand auger you don’t want an 8 inch or you’ll wear yourself out. If you have a good 18 volt drill then you can get plenty of mileage out of a 6 inch sub zero, or any simple auger. If not, and your plan is to hand bomb then buy a nils master hand auger. Best there is!
  13. I would take a couple trips with an operator. I’ve been heavily invested in ice fishing since I was a teenager, so I don’t mind maintaining all my own gear. If I was just getting into it, I’d take the operator route and see if it was for me. To be fair though, once you have a shelter, heater, auger and some gear you really don’t need to spend a whole lot more unless you want or need to buy an atv or snowmobile.
  14. This won't effect me. I never tow with the plug in, and I can't think of a time I've ever not left launch crap back at the launch where it belongs. It surprises me people don't do this as a matter of course.
  15. Most people with a lot of knowledge don't go in and buy a legend. Yes, there are some that are happy with them, and some find a good value, but I mentioned that. And lets face it, a lot of things made 30 years ago where made better than today. I've known quite a few guys that have owned legend over the years. A lot of them have said hey it was a decent starter boat, but if I knew then what I know now etc etc. So sure, some people are happy with them, but every guy I've known personally with a legend or a tracker has sold it to buy a better rig. But they are for sure a better rig than anything made by tracker. That's just my perspective, and perspectives vary!
  16. Lucky duck… I’ll be at work again tomorrow!
  17. Shoulda got the heated seats. I love the heated seats, and I never thought I’d have loved a heated steering wheel, but when I got up to go to work this morning and hit the auto start, came out to a warm truck with a warm wheel and a warm butt, I was a happy man, or as happy as a guy can be that has to work instead of fish!
  18. I just read that your considering or want a tracker. Don’t do it. They are junk. I’ve seen many complaints of them splitting hulls, and I thought it was maybe just one of those occasional things, all boats have flaws etc etc. Not the case, I know a guy who then bought one and the hull cracked on him within a couple of years of Great Lakes fishing. Not a little crack either. They might be ok for cottage lakes but they are garbage for big water! Stay far away!
  19. This is generally the case with legends. I’ve met the odd legend owner that was happy with their boat, but most I’ve talked to or known have been underwhelmed and eventually moved on! Also, like you’ve already heard the 115 is underpowered.
  20. Best used for locating rocks and gobies!
  21. Whatever you do, don’t buy into that! No corn gas!
  22. That may be so, but I've owned a lot of crappy old sleds in my day and never had a problem getting parts, current shortages aside.
  23. I'm not sure how accurate the 7 years support is. I have never had a problem getting parts, even factory parts many years after production. Case in point we just recently obtained a factory new (from Polaris) water pump for a 1997 Indy touring 500 with just a bit of lead time for delivery Also, while Polaris generally makes garbage ATV's, I've ridden and owned Popo sleds, amongst others and it's about the only thing they do well. The indy lite 340's in particular are gangbuster little fishing sleds! I rode with a hunt camp full of guys that wouldn't touch a Polaris bike if you paid them because every one we had in the camp broke down at some point, but they where all riding polaris in the winter with few exceptions.
  24. Perch killer….. if your selling, I’m buying. Let me know!
  25. I use a helix 5 and a 5AH battery and it lasts me all day even if I charge my phone. I don't have my screen set to max brightness, but you shouldn't have issues. I'm going to take an old 2AH battery out one day just to see how long it lasts.
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