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  1. Whew! That’s a big rig! Love those tracks, and it was nice to find out just how surprisingly easy they are to install!
  2. Your going to love that setup. I carry 2 batteries, a 5AH on the fishfinder and a 9AH on the auger. If I ever run out of gas on the 5AH between my phone and the finder, I just switch out the auger battery. Its slicker than snot on a doorknob! I used it in the tin boat up north all summer too!
  3. Gotcha… was thinking Kitchener and maybe I’d be able to help him out!
  4. You should send Brian a PM. He kindly offered me all 4, but that is more than I can use so it’d be nice if someone else can utilize them!
  5. They are. We had a giant pike swim into a line of our diver decoys at the top end of lake simcoe about 25 years ago and he attempted to grab a bufflehead decoy. It was the coolest thing ever!
  6. That’s pretty generous buddy, you can archery hunt if you want but it’s in WMU 41 and doe tags are 40 percent draw odds and deer herds are skinny compared to down here LOL. Bears aren’t a problem though LOL Come for a coffee in the spring and I’ll get the map out and show you some things out my way too!
  7. I’ll send you a message…. I’m not looking right now but I haven’t managed to survey the whole place as yet and I might want a couple more once I figure out the right spots!
  8. Thanks for the grimsby tackle tip. I’ll check it out. I don’t use nanofil for float fishing. Not much use for it in that application, I’ve been on the trilene bandwagon for 20 years or so since they stopped making samurai green. nanofil is the cats keester on a spinning reel though!
  9. Have fun, hunting is a rewarding activity even when your not successful!. Marketplace idea is very good as well, also kijiji. I picked up 4 ladder stands in good condition for our place up north this year for less than half the cost of new… Sinker is correct, you don’t need new or latest and greatest to be successful. Just about everything I own, from fishing to hunting gear has been bought used in very good to excellent condition including most of my firearms. There is a deal around every corner if your paying attention!!
  10. Don’t shoot the long white ducks with the green heads and long beaks. That will be an eating experience you will never forget or want to replicate! And Buying hunting gear from small shops is getting harder everywhere unfortunately. We only have a few small shops out my way and some of the better ones have closed down. I deal with Clinton sporting goods and do most of my business for shooting, reloading and hunting gear with him, great shop and owner is awesome to deal with, plus my range is just down the street so I get there every time I go shooting. But that’s a heck of a long way from cooks bay and I don’t know if he ships. I have also done a lot of business with Elwood Epps for over 25 years and have never been disappointed with them. I stop in every time when we are heading to our place up North. Best place in Ontario for used firearms selection. Also in the Orillia area is Trombly’s tackle box. The owner Remi is a stand up guy and old hunting buddy of mine. Very good selection and a nice shop to look around, with a lot of selection. That’d be where I look. Between Trombly’s, Epps and Wolfs Den you should cover all your bases!
  11. It’s been a few years since I got my ice unit, but it was in a bag in a chip holder with navionics packaging and CD I believe and it had it clearly marked on the box as navionics included. Sorry I don’t have my packaging.
  12. Oh no….. this is terrible news…. I wish I’d known sooner and I’d be scooping it up.
  13. Try cooking your singles in muriatic acid pal. Looks like a fresh egg, but hard enough to put on a hook!
  14. My kids also use the Siennas. Surprisingly decent reels at a low price. I also use the smaller ones on almost all of my ice rods. Good stuff!
  15. You should not tell them anything. The lawyer they supposedly have should advise them. I've seen plenty of [email protected]#ckery in my day, and it sounds like some is afoot.
  16. Yep, you will need some power to steer. You can still use the bowmount without ipilot. Just bring your pedal back to the console. They give you plenty of cable!
  17. I have hundreds and hundreds of hours of troll time on my ipilot. No detriment to the motor itself that I can see. I did burn out an ipilot head unit, but fortunately I had stockpiled an extra complete with remote when Canadian tire was clearing them out a few years back. Using heading lock to troll is the only way to go. It leaves you hands free to set lines, catch fish, do whatever. If you want to adjust course you can do so at the touch of a button. There’s no better way!
  18. Wow, video evidence is pretty compelling. Bet Oleary is happy that both he and his buddy had expensive security systems!
  19. Late night booze cruise is a possibility. It’s not unusual on cottage lakes to see an unlit pontoon and hear the clink of glasses and laughter. Stargazing, avoiding attention, call it what you will. I’ve seen it many times on the family cottage lake. Mind you, who takes a shot of booze when returning to the dock after a late night collision when your son has just called 911. I’d say their is negligence on both sides here. Truth will never come out because there is too much money on both sides!
  20. If I had to own one boat for fair to moderate weather fishing, camping and for banging off rocks and beaching etc. I'd probably buy a 16 foot Lund SSV with a Honda 40hp. They take some pretty big water for their size and they are an excellent utility boat with a good amount room for gear. Pretty bare inside though. Another good unit would be an older Lund Rebel 16 or if you wanted a flat floor an Alaskan.
  21. I have had several self destruct many years ago. I never gave them another chance. I'm sure they have some good offerings.
  22. 50amp breaker, all day. Princess auto sells em cheap and they will work fine for your application.
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