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  1. Something is not right there. My battery generally lasts at least half a season and I use the motor a lot. Matter of fact looks like my remote is pooched! Glad I bought that spare terrova ipilot kit when Canadian tire was blowing them out for $150.
  2. I bought a platform off kijiji and installed it on the back of my boat. I had to custom bend the support arms a bit to get the right fit, but it works great. My buddy gave me the idea (and the material) to build a back deck for the kids to get across the splash well when tubing. I really like this set up. Easy in and out of the boat. Don’t mind the uneven screw holes in the back “deck”. I fabbed it standing at the rear of the boat and didn’t line it up perfectly. I just move the spare kicker gas can for swimming or tubing. Having the platform has been really nice. They aren’t hard to install. You should have a go at it, just take your time!The
  3. I’ve registered a few trailers as homemade. It’s pretty easy with small trailers. I’ve also slapped on old plate on with zip ties To bring a new boat or trailer home on several occasions. The odds you’ll get pinched are very slim. I’d wager 20 percent of trailers aren’t properly licensed, maybe more. Anyway as the guys above mentioned It really shouldn’t be very hard to do.
  4. My remote started to give me troubles last night. I’ll try a different brand of battery, thanks!
  5. CR2450?? That’s a smoking good deal I’ll have to go and get some tks!
  6. Amazon has them for $9. I just buy the energizer at Canadian tire. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Duracell’s in a store. I haven’t had problems with the energizer but I always carry a spare. Dollarama doesn’t carry 2450’s.
  7. Toyota Venza will meet your towing criteria. It’s a V6 with 3500 lbs capacity and it doesn’t have a rubber band transmission. We have one. It’s ok. But it’s a swoopy vehicle, and kinda boring. But, it does the job, and it will tow.
  8. Grab end of split ring with needle nose. Press hook shank into the ring to separate. Slide hook onto ring. Walla!
  9. Looks like a ton of fun! They are really versatile machines, our neighbours down the way at the old family cottage had one for years and it saw all year use. They had a 6by with tracks. Great machine on the lake with heavy snow! I think you made the right choice. I saw that 6 wheeler loaded down many times and it just chugged along. We have a new Honda pioneer with tracks coming mid June. I am looking forward to trailering it down to Nippissing this winter to give it a whirl!
  10. You must live in the GTA. Our local store is averaging 4 hours to fill an order.
  11. If you have the paint code I’d appreciate it. It looks almost exactly like the factory paint on my old 16 foot SSV.
  12. Remove cotterpin, spin off the prop nut. Check to see if there is any crap or fishing line wrapped around the shaft, then hit it with a very light coat of marine grease and re-install. FYI there is an outfit called Citywide welding down in toronto that can fix that up good as new. I had one done there years ago and it turned out great.
  13. Any chance I could get the type of paint and paint code you used. I’d like to repaint my duck boat this season. It’s a real patchwork of paint at the moment!
  14. Will be fishing first week of June on the way up to the new Ranch!
  15. That’s one slick looking rig! You can take a 50 year old Starcraft and make it new again!
  16. LOL I have an inflatable. Maybe do a fall drift!
  17. Nice ride pal! We had coffee on the boat this morning! You should bring that sucker for a float down the grand!
  18. My buddy Mcgyver’s idea on his boat, I just followed suit!
  19. I fished the zone 16 opener with my son. The ramp was open, the fishing was decent and we came home with a nice batch of pickerel.
  20. I bent a piece of aluminum and then drilled a couple of holes and ran the tiller arm bolts through it then mounted the Atwood version of ez steer. They are about $30 on amazon. Works great.
  21. Nothing EZ about nearly dropping them to the bottom of the lake while leaning over to install either. These are hands down the better option.
  22. Garden variety coyote with mange tail or some other injury. It’s not a “coywolf”.
  23. My Wife is a teacher. It’s a disaster, anyone who thinks differently is kidding themselves. My kids aren’t learning at the rate they should be, and again my Wife is a teacher, but she’s doing her job at the same time and trying to teach our kids when she’s not working. The only one that’s doing anything is the one in University. But he’s at a whole different level in his development than the two young ones. I can’t imagine how other parents are coping with it. I have discovered I would make a very poor teacher!
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