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  1. Thanks for the ideas! after careful thought .. I bailed on it . Figure I'll just save the $$$ and continue to feed my new Muskie obsession lol. No riggers this year .
  2. Running a G3 177 Outfitter , Tiller . Thinking of mounting a cannon track system on the gunnel, it’ll be tight …. Has anyone mounted a track sys on narrow gunnels ? was gonna reinforce under the gunnel where the track sys goes .
  3. We’re 10 min North of you Ron , unfortunately the same thing has happened out this way , houses and cars on multiple occasions. We had the house broken into , Lotta lowlifes out there , I’ll keep my eyes open for your rig on the local tribs
  4. NICE!!! those singles look deadly!
  5. Thx …. We were much further East , glad to hear other kids are into them also . I don’t fish for them much anymore once they enter the rivers or mouths BUT love seeing how amped up my son gets fishing for them !
  6. After a week of hockey tryouts and stress for the young fella , sometimes the best therapy is forgetting about everything and just chucking lures off a cement pier, left the boat at home … grabbed 3 lures and just went. Cast … retrieve …reflect and then cast again . The fish are truly a bonus!
  7. Looks like an Amazing morning out! even better you shared it with your son . Miss that creek !!
  8. We were on Buckhorn first week of Aug , kids destryed the Crappie of the dock @ around 10 pm nightly , shinners they had caught through out the day and glow in the dark slip floats did the most damage .Water was 5' .Glad you got into a few fish .
  9. Great pics , Shinner fly ... well done it looks great ! and it worked !
  10. Thanks for the advice and tips , fishing did pick up, we got em in the thick slop . Punching jigs through the thick mats produced lots of 1.5-2lbers . Kid had a blast .
  11. Hoping that’s the case BillM And agree GBW , I’ve marked em deep and no takers , We've downsized everything , flipping Bitzy bugs , and tossing 3” yammy senkos LOL, that’s what the big guys have slammed .
  12. Up here on a Kawartha lake , grinding it out . Bites been pretty slow , did mange one beauty LM and a few smallies but it’s a grind . Deep weed edge , pads , grass , rocks ... been all over it and not hitting many. it’s bitter sweet , the ones we do get are big , but my son needs a few smaller ones in between to keep him occupied lol. Any tips ?
  13. Nice work !! Wish I had the patience to tie some of those creations !
  14. Awsome tips , appreciated since posting I ve realized i could justify snagging a little honda generator for 101 reasons other than fishing LOL lol .
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