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  1. It makes no sense and is ridiculous . I'm a 10 min drive to the Ganny , on this drive i pass 3 golf courses ,parking lots full. Was the closure designed to limit people region hoping ? likely, does that mean the golf courses are only allowing municipality residents ? In our house its my son that suffers the most from this decision , at age 11 with all sports cancelled and living rural the kid loved fishing the river 2-3 times a week , and was looking forward to launching the boat for some crappies this week. Its what he looks forward to all week. Rant over LOL, its my first one during this pandemic. Now to tell him the bad news .
  2. Awesome work !!! shhhhh!!! on those Bloodworms lol
  3. Tough fish for those stocked bows LOL !!so needed a confidence boost closer to home. Headed out for some eyes and connected with some beauty’s Rippin rattle spoons and minnow heads . Aggressive jigging .... Mark a fish ..... slow it right down . Kept a smaller one for the pan .The Big girls went back down the hole . Let’s hope the ice starts tightening up with some cold temps , spud bars really getting a workout !
  4. I hear ya man!! Sight fishing Gbay Bows when conditions are right is amazing and heart stopping .
  5. Hit a Lake in the North Kawartha area today that's stocked with bows . It humbled us LOL. I'm curious to hear what anyone uses and some of the depths they fish. Ice conditions for the lake were 5"-6" everywhere we drilled , and we drilled alot LOL. Any Intel\ opinion is much appreciated . R
  6. No matter the PFD you choose, pair it with a Water rescue throw rope bag , light weight and will save a life down there . Though we never wore pfds at the whirlpool we always carried a throw bag .
  7. Listed my Lund at the start of summer , powered by a 90 ETEC. A TON of guys were after the two stroke because they had been discontinued . Boat sold within 2 hours , unfortunately so did its replacement .
  8. Center pins are up on the shelf for this fall season , My 20 yr old Diawa Whisker AND this tank of a reel my father-in-law found in his basement are up first . A vivid memory of mine from 30 years ago was watching an older gentleman absolutely smash rainbows on the Ganny with a Mitchell 300 and kwikfish . Anyone ever use one ?
  9. That area will be shut down shortly , amount of garbage laying around is ridiculous . No parking signs are in the works , from what i've heard .
  10. Hey Lew, No That is the prop the boat came with .
  11. Lund Rebel 1650 with a 2017 90 etec , stainless prop , seems to max out anywhere from 37 to 40 at max rpm with various weight scenarios .
  12. My Opinion ... This is great news ! we're 10 min N of the town , so were kind of local. Every year since we've lived here (4yrs) i 've taken my now 10 year old down to fish for Salmon . THIS year it was insane !!! crazier than other years . Great chance to teach a new angler about ethics ...........
  13. Bought these 2 weeks ago , not needed anymore . No drilling needed . 150$ firm
  14. Love it ! Cant wait to see the mods !
  15. Best thing you could do is Book a day with a smaller charter/guide. It'll take years off the learning curve . Buddy of mine started 5 years ago , invested in a few trips with a Legit guide and so far this year he's cashed a few cheques in the Silver Salmon series .
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