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  1. Tough fish for those stocked bows LOL !!so needed a confidence boost closer to home. Headed out for some eyes and connected with some beauty’s Rippin rattle spoons and minnow heads . Aggressive jigging .... Mark a fish ..... slow it right down . Kept a smaller one for the pan .The Big girls went back down the hole . Let’s hope the ice starts tightening up with some cold temps , spud bars really getting a workout !
  2. I hear ya man!! Sight fishing Gbay Bows when conditions are right is amazing and heart stopping .
  3. Hit a Lake in the North Kawartha area today that's stocked with bows . It humbled us LOL. I'm curious to hear what anyone uses and some of the depths they fish. Ice conditions for the lake were 5"-6" everywhere we drilled , and we drilled alot LOL. Any Intel\ opinion is much appreciated . R
  4. No matter the PFD you choose, pair it with a Water rescue throw rope bag , light weight and will save a life down there . Though we never wore pfds at the whirlpool we always carried a throw bag .
  5. Listed my Lund at the start of summer , powered by a 90 ETEC. A TON of guys were after the two stroke because they had been discontinued . Boat sold within 2 hours , unfortunately so did its replacement .
  6. Center pins are up on the shelf for this fall season , My 20 yr old Diawa Whisker AND this tank of a reel my father-in-law found in his basement are up first . A vivid memory of mine from 30 years ago was watching an older gentleman absolutely smash rainbows on the Ganny with a Mitchell 300 and kwikfish . Anyone ever use one ?
  7. That area will be shut down shortly , amount of garbage laying around is ridiculous . No parking signs are in the works , from what i've heard .
  8. Hey Lew, No That is the prop the boat came with .
  9. Lund Rebel 1650 with a 2017 90 etec , stainless prop , seems to max out anywhere from 37 to 40 at max rpm with various weight scenarios .
  10. My Opinion ... This is great news ! we're 10 min N of the town , so were kind of local. Every year since we've lived here (4yrs) i 've taken my now 10 year old down to fish for Salmon . THIS year it was insane !!! crazier than other years . Great chance to teach a new angler about ethics ...........
  11. Bought these 2 weeks ago , not needed anymore . No drilling needed . 150$ firm
  12. Love it ! Cant wait to see the mods !
  13. Best thing you could do is Book a day with a smaller charter/guide. It'll take years off the learning curve . Buddy of mine started 5 years ago , invested in a few trips with a Legit guide and so far this year he's cashed a few cheques in the Silver Salmon series .
  14. Did a quick backcountry camp with the family , great times and fishing . Started with utilizing a launch point a little sketchy with low water levels , first time the lifted truck was useful lol. No pics as the stress levels were high on this particular launch . With the Boat loaded , two kids (10and 7) two dogs wife and myself we began the crawl to camp through the rock invested prop killing lake . Again no pics , to much going on . Landed at a site we’ve visited for years and within an 30 min my son was walking the islands steep shoreline casting 3” tubes for smallies and connecting ! Once camp was set up I joined him casting a larger 4” smoke color tube hoping to get in on the action ..... picked up the odd one but kid destroyed me , downsizing was key. Fishing was great , we pounded all the rocky shoals and weed edges , classic ambush points . Seems smaller tubes in natural colors and reaction strikes with jerk/twitch baits in a perch pattern were the ticket . Both The Smallies and walleye (evening bite) we were crushing them . I didn’t have a chance to take fish pics , I apologize. No giants but steady 1-3 lb fish . Also found a beauty sandy beach area , on a small island SCORE ! Cool note !!My kids were wading the rocky area of the island looking for minnows and crayfish and my son found what looks to be a legit carved arrow head, you can only imagine their imaginations running wild over at the camp fire that night over this discovery. Great trip , family loved it, everyone is gassed Including both dogs , and trust me ...it’s an extreme challenge to tire out a Belgian Malinois working dog lol.
  15. We we're a little deeper in . But yep same general area .
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