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  1. Love it ! Cant wait to see the mods !
  2. Best thing you could do is Book a day with a smaller charter/guide. It'll take years off the learning curve . Buddy of mine started 5 years ago , invested in a few trips with a Legit guide and so far this year he's cashed a few cheques in the Silver Salmon series .
  3. Did a quick backcountry camp with the family , great times and fishing . Started with utilizing a launch point a little sketchy with low water levels , first time the lifted truck was useful lol. No pics as the stress levels were high on this particular launch . With the Boat loaded , two kids (10and 7) two dogs wife and myself we began the crawl to camp through the rock invested prop killing lake . Again no pics , to much going on . Landed at a site we’ve visited for years and within an 30 min my son was walking the islands steep shoreline casting 3” tubes for smallies and connecting ! Once camp was set up I joined him casting a larger 4” smoke color tube hoping to get in on the action ..... picked up the odd one but kid destroyed me , downsizing was key. Fishing was great , we pounded all the rocky shoals and weed edges , classic ambush points . Seems smaller tubes in natural colors and reaction strikes with jerk/twitch baits in a perch pattern were the ticket . Both The Smallies and walleye (evening bite) we were crushing them . I didn’t have a chance to take fish pics , I apologize. No giants but steady 1-3 lb fish . Also found a beauty sandy beach area , on a small island SCORE ! Cool note !!My kids were wading the rocky area of the island looking for minnows and crayfish and my son found what looks to be a legit carved arrow head, you can only imagine their imaginations running wild over at the camp fire that night over this discovery. Great trip , family loved it, everyone is gassed Including both dogs , and trust me ...it’s an extreme challenge to tire out a Belgian Malinois working dog lol.
  4. We we're a little deeper in . But yep same general area .
  5. Thanks !! tried heading in last week and was meet by road closure signs on the East side of Pine Springs. We've been washed out there before , not fun and thank god active logging was going on or my jeep may still be back there.
  6. Just wondering if anyone could tell me if the road has reopened . Thanks for any info R
  7. All week my son has been amped about a fun 30 spot (boat) bass tourney , on fri came home after a nightshift to find a pile of lumber stacked on the lawn that he had been practicing his jig flipping on lol. Today the Kid grinded it out in the heat , we got a five fish bag for weigh in ,culled one . The boy had his heart broke when he lost an honest 4lber ... amazing life lesson lol. We both loved every sec of the day and look forward to a doing a few more .
  8. 2017 etec , not sure about the pitch though .
  9. An Honest 38mph... fully loaded 2ppl . I believe I could of pushed out 40mph but I baby her LOL. Spit fire prop upgrade , and the hole shot is great !!
  10. 1650 Lund Rebel , great size for myself and son , Love the ETEC s RIP ... lol
  11. It's this that is concerning , AND why were being asked to stay home. Asymptomatic carriers , you could easily be one . Be Careful !
  12. I’ve got a 2017 90hp on my 1650 Rebel Love it so far ! Hole shot is great and can also attest to Amazing fuel consumption . Also love the self winterizing feature . Only 25hrs on it but no complaints . Buddies also run them with very few issues .
  13. Oh man , what is happening up there LOL!
  14. We’ve had a ton of them out here (Northumberland) pulled two off my body last week checking deer stands and blinds Tick tools are worth their weight in gold . Antibiotics right away , no messing around with Lyme disease. Last year though .... I was unfortunate enough to get one right on my ............ Yup , picture the “stand by me “ movie scene but switch the leech to a tick . Not good lol, the jokes were priceless though . Would not wish that on my worst enemy ! Check yourselfs fellas !
  15. Tell me you smoked that fish using the SS whisker lol!!!
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