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  1. I’ve got a 2017 90hp on my 1650 Rebel Love it so far ! Hole shot is great and can also attest to Amazing fuel consumption . Also love the self winterizing feature . Only 25hrs on it but no complaints . Buddies also run them with very few issues .
  2. Oh man , what is happening up there LOL!
  3. We’ve had a ton of them out here (Northumberland) pulled two off my body last week checking deer stands and blinds Tick tools are worth their weight in gold . Antibiotics right away , no messing around with Lyme disease. Last year though .... I was unfortunate enough to get one right on my ............ Yup , picture the “stand by me “ movie scene but switch the leech to a tick . Not good lol, the jokes were priceless though . Would not wish that on my worst enemy ! Check yourselfs fellas !
  4. Tell me you smoked that fish using the SS whisker lol!!!
  5. I have a few reels i won't part with ... My Stradics , my 9 year old pounds them and the keep going !(10 years now) and my favourite is my good ole Diawa whisker lol, may be a nostalgia thing though lol. I also own pflueger presidents , decent reel and when i worked at BPS back in the day we sold a TON!
  6. Thanks guys , Garage kept , and for now just washed with a mild marine soap, purchased at the local marina. cheers , Ry
  7. Hey guys , I picked up a 2017 1650 Lund Rebel this week , boat is like new and id like to keep it like that . Any recomendations on products for hull care and the vinyl protection . Thanks for any feedback , R
  8. Im 5 min North of Cobourg, I can spare some . cheers Ryan
  9. yup , forgot about premium fuel and also agree they are gas pigs!
  10. Ive had a bunch of 4x4s and AWD vechicles over the years Jeep Rubicons ,Xterra, ,RAMS , and Subarus. Like Sinker i Currently own a 2017 RAM tweaked out for all my offload lake adventures , Lift ,skid plates , wheels ..the list goes on . BUT i gotta say I have taken the Subaru Outback 3.6 L through some sketchy stuff . I was amazed at how well it did with only the AWD. We'll always have a Subaru parked in the driveway (on our 3rd) but for working and towing its the RAM hands down . Now the jeep Rubicon was a different creature all together lol .
  11. Nice , just sold ours to make room for kids toys and sports equipment lol. i do however Have a Billiards type light that hung over the table . Three lamps . yours for free if you want it ?
  12. Great Topic!! When my son was 4 , we fished a well known community hole on the Notty , I drifted with my centre pin , and the boy was set up with a dead sticked 7 ' light rod for those scrappy 1-2 lb fall rainbows . Simple split shot and roe bag and forked stick stuck in the sand , his eyes were absolutely glued to the rod tip for any twitch or bounce. A couple bounces and a few twitches later ... the kid had tied into what i believed to be a Salmon . I wrapped my arms around him and helped him with the rod and the reeling process , as many fathers have done with their kids . I'll never forget the sound of that Stradic screaming and the the glimmer of the giant rainbow as it broke the water . We landed that giant bow together , he still talks about it to this day ! I've yet to tell him that was the biggest Bow I'd ever been part of catching on that river , he'd chirp the crap outta me lol. Definitely an unexpected catch !!!!
  13. All good points , I will say one positive thing , I am noticing far less trash in Port Hope , could be the town is all over it as there are a few movies being filmed in town, so that a plus for everyone .
  14. Not sure where it took a turn , just asking if other experinced anglers feel the same. So far its pretty civil . Agree?
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