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  1. NICE!!! those singles look deadly!
  2. Thx …. We were much further East , glad to hear other kids are into them also . I don’t fish for them much anymore once they enter the rivers or mouths BUT love seeing how amped up my son gets fishing for them !
  3. C9A64ADF-4DFA-4A47-B26C-3670FB51E6D4.jpeg
    After a week of hockey tryouts and stress for the young fella , sometimes the best therapy is forgetting about everything and just chucking lures off a cement pier, left the boat at home … grabbed 3 lures and just went. Cast … retrieve …reflect and then cast again . The fish are truly a bonus!
  4. Looks like an Amazing morning out! even better you shared it with your son . Miss that creek !!
  5. We were on Buckhorn first week of Aug , kids destryed the Crappie of the dock @ around 10 pm nightly , shinners they had caught through out the day and glow in the dark slip floats did the most damage .Water was 5' .Glad you got into a few fish .
  6. Great pics , Shinner fly ... well done it looks great ! and it worked !
  7. DAFF35EA-592D-4C2D-8DC0-8B2D84F11801.jpeg
    Thanks for the advice and tips , fishing did pick up, we got em in the thick slop . Punching jigs through the thick mats produced lots of 1.5-2lbers . Kid had a blast .
  8. Hoping that’s the case BillM And agree GBW , I’ve marked em deep and no takers , We've downsized everything , flipping Bitzy bugs , and tossing 3” yammy senkos LOL, that’s what the big guys have slammed .
  9. E1E9F6A8-60CB-48FA-8181-639D412FE762.jpeg
    Up here on a Kawartha lake , grinding it out . Bites been pretty slow , did mange one beauty LM and a few smallies but it’s a grind . Deep weed edge , pads , grass , rocks ... been all over it and not hitting many. it’s bitter sweet , the ones we do get are big , but my son needs a few smaller ones in between to keep him occupied lol. Any tips ?
  10. Nice work !! Wish I had the patience to tie some of those creations !
  11. Awsome tips , appreciated since posting I ve realized i could justify snagging a little honda generator for 101 reasons other than fishing LOL lol .
  12. 91DB585A-798E-4E1F-8421-5F1C4B75BDC6.jpeg
    Back from our annual camping trip , fishing was amazing , higher water levels made a huge difference on this lake . Despite the crazy weather all the gear held up perfectly. Snagged a Marmot Limestone tent a few years back on clearance and it really hadn’t been tested with weather yet , passed with flying colors and kept us dry all week ! Another surprise was how well the a Walmart “lifetime” cooler performed on our trip , absolutely destroyed the YETI we bring as well and is a fraction of the price . Area we camp at every year is boat access only, previous years I’d carefully glide my Lund up on to the shoreline while losing my mind hearing the scratching on the red hull, no worries about that with the G3 outfitter , couple scratches on her actually suit it lol. Fishing was great , tons of decent smallies, and a bunch of walleye and pike with a few fallfish . Smoke colored red flick tubes produced best with perch colored jerk baits a close second . Walleye came on mostly 1/4 oz jig heads tipped with shiners the kids netted through out the day . Typical walleye bite was fast and furious for 45min before sunset , through out the day I’d mark them off structure in 30’-40’ though and we got a few spot locking the trolling motor right over top of them . Would of loved to fish them like this for longer but with no power sources had to baby the batteries , Anyone run a small Honda generator to charge their boat? That may be the next purchase . No other sites anywhere near ours so noise won’t be an issue . Here’s a few pics from the trip
  13. Great to read your back at it again !!!!!!
  14. I personally would go with the Crestliner due to the built in gas tank and extra horse power , you'll never regret more horses. Both nice rigs though . Traded my 2017 Lund rebel for a G3 177 Outfitter , with a 70 tiller this year and absolutely love extra space a tiller provides .
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