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  1. I and many others likely agree??? your making assumptions that are in conflict with many successful Kayak tournament anglers. I have obviously joined the wrong forum. Thanx but I'm outa here!!
  2. your obvious inexperienced opinion is in sharp contrast to the many experienced achievements of those who employ the "nuts" utilization of such power available to Kayak fisherman. "I think your nuts", is flagrant name calling and detrimental to the purpose of fishing forums that purport a healthy and experienced sharing of the love of fishing. Is your last name Trump??
  3. Reported to Moderators!! Have a nice life and good luck in your fishing endevours
  4. Thanx for your honest opinion. What I asked didn't require a response of name calling, IMHO! Without good moderation of these types of sites, people quickly leave due to TROLLS with more keyboard strength than fishing skills and honest, respectful advice. Appreciate you Porkpie!!!
  5. Dude, really!!?? Any man worth his salt does not ever respond to a general inquiry from experienced individuals with name calling!! I've fished pro circuit Bass tournaments for 15 years with above average success out of a 20' Ranger. I just asked for experienced opinions regarding Kayak fishing. I've, as always, researched on the internet/YouTube extensively and only reached out to those with experienced opinions regarding electric power on a Kayak situation. I'm 62 years old and your response was ....................................................unacceptable in any forum of real people asking realistic questions from those of experience and integrity. It is response like yours that turn good people away from using forums such as this as places of education and camaraderie I can only hope the moderators of this site judge your response as inappropriate, demeaning and not in it's best interest. Think before you type and consider if your moving things forward or creating a toxic environment for anyone asking honest and legitimate questions. Hook sets are free Being a judgmental a$$hole aint!! Time for you to reconsider your approach/response. My achievements speak for themselves.
  6. Appreciate you taking the time to respond with an experienced opinion. Thanx man
  7. Nuts!!?? Not the first time I've heard that reference. Lol Was just looking for experienced opinions/options. Have you any experience with electric power on a Kayak, be it stern or bowmount?? Have you fished from a Kayak??? I've researched YouTube and many other sources regarding and was curious of others on the water experience. Thanx for taking the time to respond
  8. Looking for experienced opinions on the better choice for Kayaks. Boat control, ease of control, efficiency of power, windy day response, etc, etc I'm looking at installing some electric power on a Bonafide SS127. Appreciate any wisdom shared.
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