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  1. Never thought about reversing the bow mount. Feeling much better about the troll control option. I owe ya one!
  2. Yes on the I pilot here too. Do you remember the difference the troll control made? Or Your minimum speed without troll control enabled? Thanks again for your input!
  3. Hello All, First post in a long time. I have a new Lund 1675 Impact full windshield, with a 90hp 4 stroke Mercury. Idle’s as low as 2 mph and as fast as 2.8 mph. Will adding the troll control feature get me down to the low 1.somethings? Will the 150 RPM drop make that much of a difference? Trying to avoid a kicker motor situation for a few personal reasons, and the trolling plate idea seems a bit amateur for a brand new boat. Any help or shared experience would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. Is this still available? Any idea if it has the ability to charge a battery? Could be interested Thanks, Pete
  5. Looks sweet, changes the whole complex of the room, great job! Hate too see the new gas bill though. none-the-less
  6. Removing shingles is a piece of mind sort of thing. If you can inspect underside of roof from attic for water damage, do it. If there is no to little damage strap'er to the shingles. Comparing it to a moldy bathroom/shower, once it dries out and is not used mold ceases to multiply. Metal Roofing will ensure this does not get wet - further ensuring no mold growth. We are talking a camp, not a home nor a cottage? Structure is enhanced with a metal roof. Visiting the Caribbean this metal roofing is used quite often and seems to be holding structure together. Pricing, the Mennonite's seem to control the pricing. Forcing local business to compete in Mennonite regions. can't remember exact $ figures though but way cheaper then Toronto prices. Price in the snow guards! That single peak is going to make for a slow install. Make sure you have your spider legs when walking on a metal roof.
  7. Wishing people would think, before typing so fast

  8. How does this become "their" fish stocks? Hit the seal on the head Wayne!
  9. Wab is the kind of inspiration the next generation needs to succeed. It would be nice to see that happen without people telling them how much of a disgrace to society they are, In their inherited opinions from hundreds of years ago, defending themselves with guns like the ol' Western's. Not sure what it is they fear in all this is?
  10. The breed makes it that much more enjoyable! Thanks for sharing!
  11. An Icon for all Native kids - People often ask "what the movement wants to accomplish"? A generation full of Wab Kinew's.
  12. Some of the common misconceptions I seen from a previous post we know which one...... Never got my chance to speak...... short and sweet clip below <iframe width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/GlkuRCXdu5A" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  13. Thanks again for putting in the effort you always do to plan these trips, figure out those fish, and best of all share with us - these reports must take hours to put together! Much appreciated!!!!
  14. My first pot stir on the board... Sorry to the mods in advance... http://www.fieldandstream.com/photos/gallery/fishing/2012/10/pending-michigan-state-record-muskie?photo=0#node-1001478815 Look at the second page of the story, there is a video of the fish. 2 hours after the fight and who knows how long after that - the fish still struggling for a breath. They took a legal fish, Great! They killed it, they're entitled too.... But kill it humanly.
  15. Sweet camera work! Great post, thanks for sharing
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