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  1. Congrats Dan, My good buddy retired 2 years ago. It was easier to book a day to go fishing with him when he had a regular job, now he has more things to do than ever LOL. It'll be good, my day is not too far in the future and I'll enjoy every minute!
  2. I’ve caught many musky in the river not far from the park. Buzz baits always effective
  3. My buddy had the starter on his 2012 merc 150 rebuilt and as far as I know it turned out fine.
  4. I'd look at these. I almost considered selling my superfisherman and getting the Freedom 18. It's a hella nice rig for a mid size semi utility, and I sometimes miss the tiller layout. last I checked Marsh's marine had a 16 in stock. Might be gone now.
  5. The spot lock uses very little battery unless it’s very windy. Another thing you’ll like is the autopilot feature. It will change your world if you like to troll. I’ve heard of some occasional problems with the self deploy, but I sure think I’d take my chances if I needed a new motor and it was in the budget. Talk about a nice feature to have!
  6. If you want mature fish and aren’t concerned about big silvers, the level best time is the last 2 weeks of August/ first week of September in front of rivermouths anywhere from 20fow to 120fow. Here’s a tip, at that time of year, the hooks you see hugging bottom aren’t always carp. If you want to be a salmon fisherman, set your alarm for 2am and be Setting lines by 430-5am. Your success will double if not triple. This is a direct result of water clarity and no doubt zebra muscles. Guys leaving the launch at 7:30am have missed the best fishing and should perhaps consider bass fishing as a hobby!
  7. I had one of those for a couple years and never had a problem but I’ve heard a lot of people has issues with them. I did do a warranty claim on an ice auger and they where really good about shipping the part and they did it for free even thought the breakage was due to falling off an ATV, but I had a receipt. It’s worth a call to try, if it where my $100 I’d be on the phone!
  8. Well you got the job done when you wanted to. Funny you mentioned I just looked this morning and 2x8 x12 pressure treat is down to $35 a board. I need 4 for a backyard project as 2 weeks ago they where $46 a board. I don’t need to do the job so I’m going to hang in until September and see what happens. It allows me to be two of my favourite things with household projects. Frugal and lazy lol.
  9. I just saw that price quoted on another post somewhere.... who is selling worms for $6 a dozen? I’ve seen them for $3 a doz but $6??? That price is madness. I just bought 4 dozen for $10 at the variety store in Field the other day.
  10. Cheap. Regular was 1.42 per litre in north bay yesterday
  11. If you want to fish just the river, just stick with the bottom bouncers. You can put them off planer boards if that floats your boat!
  12. Bottom bouncer selection between 1 and 2 ounces and some worm harnesses should get you down and get you fishing at dunnville if it’s pickerel your after.
  13. We could all still be lighting fires by rubbing 2 sticks together, but things have evolved to where there is a better way. It’s nice to have the ability to catch fish with a worm and a hook. But given my options, I’ll take my GPS, sonar and ipilot every day thanks!
  14. My boat is full until it’s on a quarter tank LOL, and it’s a 2009.
  15. The boat in my driveway currently is the longest I’ve ever owned one other than my old Lund SSV. Trucks and cars I keep a long time but boats I seem to like horse trading for some reason. Sure enough I just got this one exactly where I want it and I started thinking about making some corona money and ordering a new one from the dealer. Fact is I need my boat as we have too much going on this summer for me to sell it, but the thought lingers LOL. Enjoy the new boat, it’s always a nice feeling!
  16. We are looking at the Toro timecutter with suspension and a commercial motor and fabricated deck. I’ve had some positive feedback from a few people online, and it turns out a carpenter friend has owned one for the last 4 years and apparently it’s been flawless for him. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s actually in stock at Hamelins in North Bay. Most used commercial I’ve been looking at has been in the same price range if it isn’t entirely beaten on. Anyway, if it’s anything like my 20 year old Toro self propelled it should do the trick. I have not been able to kill that thing and believe me I have tried!
  17. Thanks for the input. I like the idea of buying a used pro unit and I’m mechanically handy enough to deal with a number of issues. That said it seems like just about everyone wants drug money for anything used at the moment, from boats to ATV’s to mowers.... anyway, something will come up!
  18. I need advice on whats the best homeowner grade zero turn mower available at the moment. I’d like to do a pro grade but they seem to start at 7k which is a bit above the budget. Need to do a hair under 3 acres of mowing weekly, all flat ground. Thanks for your input. Also if you have a good dealer recommendation in the North Bay, Sturgeon Falls or Sudbury area I’d appreciate the name.
  19. 250lbs is nothing. I solo launch and fish a 3K pound boat on my own all the time. In that size class you’ll never have a problem. That said, either one is a great boat and the Lund will take some pretty sporty water. Tough choice!
  20. I have done this first hand with a 16 Lund, external tank, 50hp Honda. No problem you’ll run all day on that tank.
  21. All good pal, I’m just having fun with ya! I seldom fish for the green carp either!
  22. I was not a big fan of the earlier Mercs. The Johhnyrudes are a different story, An early 80's to early 90's era Johnson or Evinrude 4-6hp would make a great addition to an inflatable boat. Probably one of the most reliable small motors of the time. Tons of them out there as well if you needed to find parts. That's just my opinion having owned a 4, a 6 and a 15hp Johnnyrudes over the years. I also owned a 9.8hp merc on a duck boat way back. It was a pile of junk and broke down constantly.
  23. Chrysler outboard’s have had a very poor reputation from the outset. Parts are quite difficult to find. I would not spend my hard earned money on one. I think it will lead you to regret the purchase. If your looking to buy a used 2 stroke I would keep my eye open for a Nissan 9.8hp 2 stroke from the early 2000’s. Japanese made motors that are super reliable and only weigh about 60lbs. I sold one this spring when I replaced the motor on my tin boat with a four stroke. I had it for about 15 years and it was an excellent motor!
  24. I hear you, its sort of like reeling in a 45 inch musky on 80lb test. 49 seconds from hooked to in the net. I tell ya, fun times. Makes for a better photo though 😂
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