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  1. The oil filter housing is integral with the pan lots of oil pressure goes through that gasket area I would heavily suggest a new gasket
  2. You just unbolt a few bolts and hang it no need to completely remove
  3. Easy enough to drop the pan in driveway done it.for several friends 1 bad o ring 2 sludged pick ups . And usually.all the.additives just reliquify sludge and move it into pick up
  4. ecmilley

    And it has started

    2 guys ice fishing on sturgeon near Emily creek. On.Saturday
  5. ecmilley

    Fall Largemouth Question

    everyday can be different as water temps get below 50f greens will move up into shallows again to feed get many a November largie jerk baiting shallow water over 50 there usually 8-12 feet weedlines run cranks or spinner baits over 50 then slow it down flippin or throwing neko rigs
  6. ecmilley

    Missing Angler on Scugog Lake

    once your into lake turnover chances are be spring before body is found
  7. ecmilley

    Rod and reel i use the most

    4 rods that never leave the deck 6 8 legend with stella dropshot 511 legend with ci4 skippin 68 mxf avid ipc with core 50 tube/jig 7 6 legend core 100 mv pitchen
  8. ecmilley

    Hours On Outboards

    It can.be a crap shoot seen opti with 5000 hrs without being touched and Yamaha sho with 20 hrs grenaded . Inspection is key
  9. ecmilley


    Rip my friend
  10. ecmilley


    UGreat.boating.shoes and.real.crocs float big. Plus when.it Flys out a 70mph. I use em keep regulnar shoes in truck.
  11. ecmilley

    Can't complain about mileage

    No that's a lazy tech issue and.not properly addressing a repair
  12. ecmilley

    Can't complain about mileage

    I am reporting what's been found so far if that's offensive to bad . I don't build them only fix them to suggest were all hiding a issue is ludicrous.
  13. ecmilley

    Can't complain about mileage

    No fires yet on any of our ecodeisel but FCA does know about some.and so far it's in proper service methods. Fuel lines cannot be reused all tube lines must be replaced when loosened and.noretorquing of lines or a leak will occur. Still a turd wouldn't take an free one
  14. ecmilley

    What oil for 25 hp yamaha 2 stroke

    I don't like playing with mix to much. People.like adding oil to make it rich but actually. . are. Making it fuel lean seen lots engines go south doing that.