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  1. Seems there's also a ban on weapons capable of 10000 Joules of energy or more so .460 Weatherby and browning .50 be on list too.
  2. Yes! I had to pee and forgot it was on mounted on talon had to edit that out! Lol
  3. Was out Monday Crappie fishing and had a honey hole all to myself and a friend and of course some happy camper came walking to his dock screaming and shouting obscenity at us about being in his area blah blah blah said he wanted to fish called me more names of course it was tough not to beat his azzz but then he cast over our lines ripped it and broke it walked to parking lot and started pitching rocks at my boat so I called opp after a bunch of Bull frpmmgiy saying we were blocking his dock and stole his bobber cops were giving me a hard time with every excuse social distance inessential travel ,, that I could go somewhere else ect I showed him the go pro and attitudes changed in hurry . So after review of video evidence person is being charged today by opp today
  4. Lucky I have a couple Shore spots I can hit
  5. Had a set of diehards last 7 years in mixed tournament pleasure fishing in my ranger. Maintaining battery's is key check water levels and charge regularly and make sure there true deep cycle batterys they can take more abuse than dual purpose and if you notice your starting to add water more often time to replace . Even the Walmart battery's been decent friend swear by them getting 350 charge cycle out of them before replacement
  6. Our bass club at this time is still going forward with our July 1st Sturgeon Lake open tournament
  7. Gone through many different brands over the years and found Deka to be most reliable lead acid battery they manufacture AGM as well. Some names like powersurge carquest diehard Mopar all Deka . I was thinking of switching to either AGM or lithium but require different chargers for both. AGM requires lower charge voltages shouldn't exceed 14.4vts or you may get reduced life span
  8. My girlfriend is a ICU nurse in Minnesota and current models for that area are showing their peak late May to early June. It really looks like the spread more easily controlled in less densly populated areas
  9. That's how far I need to travel to the lake lol and it's calling my.name even bet the crappies miss me right now
  10. Due to resident complaints at a private launch the opp visited and convinced the owner to gate the launch so no one can access the lake. Guess this means I'll be breaking the law lol. 2 man operation can have the ranger off the trailer on 30 seconds and drive truck back to house
  11. Nope was on private property. All is good there. But finding it odd people calling the cops everywhere about fishing and the opp showing up . Seen someone deciding a private launch was off limits and made a sign of closed ramp lol. This pandemic bringing the pettiness and racism out fairly good
  12. So out doing some crappie fishing today. Few boats out there guess the people in the canals and back bays been calling g the opp for fishing . As it turns out they can't stop me but with the Kawartha lakes closing the parks and all municipal launches and you decide to park there they will tow your vehicle and trailer be warned friends.
  13. So most launches now posted as closed in my area but thankfully know a few people. Hit the lake 9 am hit 4 of my spots managed around 60 crappies today withn23 keeper water still cold at mid to high 40s and seen 4 other boats all day it was great
  14. Launched boat this morning went for tour around lake stopped at a few spots loaded boat back on trailer. People seen zero stores stopped at zero since boat has about 140 lts of fuel in it and have 20 litres of Merc oil I can pretty much fish till walleye opener on my lake
  15. I hooked it up to truck checked fuel oil levels and strapped a few rods on the deck
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