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  1. Went out this morning greeted by a fierce east wind . Tryed several spots and no takers today not to waste much time switched gears to crappie and the spots were void of people and they were Hungary kept half limit for dinner .
  2. Was out Sunday as well fish were s little spooky water was in 51f area and we managed to put some good numbers together by the time noon rolled around
  3. Havnt made a report in a long time hear goes. Sunday morning Kawartha lakes was a little chilly headed out in 42-3f water temp wind outta the north in search of crappies so checked my first course spots fish were there but no takers water was 43-44f in canal try later in afternoon so onto 2nd spot no fish 3 Rd spot lots of bait again cold water no movement of anything tryed. A 4th spot water was now into 47-8f area game on immediately started sticking fish as the wind also shifted to a blow out of the west . We didn't get any giants but had great average boating over 120 crappies kept those st Croix rods bent all afternoon with strike king and Northland baits being main ticket
  4. I would try it. Lol but anything over 250hp no good for most tournaments I do
  5. Got the ranger out today . Check some spots zero action lake was 42f as well as the back canals I checked out need a day or two of sun to get the crappies moving in
  6. Sturgeon mostly open lots of ice sheets blown into goose probly be 100% free in day or two
  7. Well my 250 proxs uses less fuel in every situation then my carbed 150 evinrude
  8. They were biting on Simcoe
  9. Don't believe deisels going anywhere for some time. Deisel emissions controls are in there infancy can only improve. Gasoline engine started emissions control in 1966 with PCV systems and progressed from there took till the early 90's to start seeing performance from a smog engine. But for hybrids I thing deisel can easily be a winner (locomotive) battery technology improvements coming along but with any current motive training electric vehicles are in the mix.
  10. There was 32 carriers of marine insurance before February. Down to 5 now with lyoyds oof London being biggest to drop pleasurecraft. All rates going up substantially. My policy renewal for the z21 is $1400 a year now
  11. ecmilley


    Yup $9 a pound at Loblaws and to think when I was a teenager it was nothing to catch a green garbage bag full of smelts in Simcoe. Yummmmmmer havnt had a feed in years
  12. My next vehicle be a grand Cherokee Hemi but the newest Pentastar V6 in Cherokees and paficas with vvt and lift has been problem free since it's release in 2016 and it has surprising power over and above the Pentastar classic 3.6l . No matter whatever you chose every single brand has the known quirks to it . I see plenty in my dealership with over 200 used cars sold a month on top of new lucky me gets to see everything. I really wanted to bring that w10 Audi home 😁
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