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  1. Also.double check gps. Had this issue few weeks ago the gen2 hds was reading 9mph slower than actual.
  2. Well first you may havr trimmed to high . Motor height may need correction go out and play with trim settings higher isnt always better you want to keep nose slightly up and boat flat as possible for speed
  3. Me too! I welded it back up filled and bleed system been good since 2009
  4. 4 stroke more.reliable and much better than a 550 fan motor resale higher as well. As for cooling i have one the harder to keep cool 4 strokes and with the addition of lots of studs can run pretty much bare lake with no overheating of engine or sliders. Regardless of engine you need snow to lube slider rails also other tricks to get ice cystals spraying such as scratchers or putting a single stud through rear of a ski
  5. After repairing a few million of these trucks it is possible that the module is bad. But more than likely its a green wire in the system check by frame.rail under drivers door couplemconnectors and an abs module look for swollen.broken.wires undo connectors check for corrosion
  6. If i recall the ABS fuse is in the Underhood fuse panel. Your problem is more than likely a front wheel bearing gone south. I had a seirra and as much as it was a comfortable truck bearings were common enough issue . Pulling the fuse will also cause other systems to work incorrectly like the auto 4wd and traction control (if equipped) even mess with integrated trailer controller (if equipped) best to get it checked and remedied
  7. Need to look at dealer support all engines are.pretty.decent butnif you need to drive 3 hours for service not a great choice pick one thats close to you and.most places you go
  8. The bigguns been on the bite till yesterday mayfly hatch slowed it down been.getting lots of 22-25inch eyes with a couple keepers little more weed growth those smaller fish will show up in better numbers
  9. Seems there's also a ban on weapons capable of 10000 Joules of energy or more so .460 Weatherby and browning .50 be on list too.
  10. Yes! I had to pee and forgot it was on mounted on talon had to edit that out! Lol
  11. Was out Monday Crappie fishing and had a honey hole all to myself and a friend and of course some happy camper came walking to his dock screaming and shouting obscenity at us about being in his area blah blah blah said he wanted to fish called me more names of course it was tough not to beat his azzz but then he cast over our lines ripped it and broke it walked to parking lot and started pitching rocks at my boat so I called opp after a bunch of Bull frpmmgiy saying we were blocking his dock and stole his bobber cops were giving me a hard time with every excuse social distance inessential travel ,, that I could go somewhere else ect I showed him the go pro and attitudes changed in hurry . So after review of video evidence person is being charged today by opp today
  12. Lucky I have a couple Shore spots I can hit
  13. Had a set of diehards last 7 years in mixed tournament pleasure fishing in my ranger. Maintaining battery's is key check water levels and charge regularly and make sure there true deep cycle batterys they can take more abuse than dual purpose and if you notice your starting to add water more often time to replace . Even the Walmart battery's been decent friend swear by them getting 350 charge cycle out of them before replacement
  14. Our bass club at this time is still going forward with our July 1st Sturgeon Lake open tournament
  15. Gone through many different brands over the years and found Deka to be most reliable lead acid battery they manufacture AGM as well. Some names like powersurge carquest diehard Mopar all Deka . I was thinking of switching to either AGM or lithium but require different chargers for both. AGM requires lower charge voltages shouldn't exceed 14.4vts or you may get reduced life span
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