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  1. Have a rally STX Jiffy in great shape little use looking for $325. https://photos.app.goo.gl/4PHJGDKsf6CGT3JK7
  2. I usually grease them.untill all water is squeezed out. As for steering mine now hydraulic don't miss cables
  3. eco-diesel was and still is a turd, putting an engine in one as I type. as for oil burning usually lack of maintainence chep oil filters have all kinds of high mileage hemis coming through the shop with as much as 550000km with no real issues
  4. have 17000 km on truck now been good so far fuell mileage after not towing boat has dropped to 10.7 l p 100k mostlyb 90% secondary highways decent v8 mileage for a 395hp engine. 5.7l hemi v8 8 sp zf transmission 3:21 gears
  5. they do out the feed bag on my lake, just some minor adjustments in fish location, bait tends to get washed out of creeks and rivers also moves to pints and drop areas in lakes some fish will move into river areas but fish are moe concentrated as well so covering a variety of water is key
  6. They all have there moments Ive seen more.problems in Merc mostly because there's more of them. Most issues I've had over years weren't manufacturing issues but rather operator has a screw loose
  7. All my batteries always on charge. My portable FF battery I put on charge once a month
  8. Handling centre of gravity stability may have to back in further to launch
  9. Nice whip Lew. Just got a 19 ram myself
  10. Preliminary report I got was oxygen levels were to low in release tanks. . One thing I can say for Andy pollata of the csfl he really cares about the fish and image of tournements and will reschedule if it looks like a highmortality rate or dangerous weather
  11. As a apex predator lakers pretty much eat anything. We had lakers puking up gobys 20 years ago in port hope
  12. Simcoe has to be the toughest lake to pattern some.days just make no sense when you can drag a laker and a smallie off the same baitfish cloud in July in 35 ft of water
  13. My way of thinking is all my bacon chicken and steaks are already made from plant based foods
  14. If it was in my budget would have 4 16 Lowrance graphs . Don't knock it till you try it ! Currently run a 10 and a 8 not bad then used a boat recently with 12s HDS live iam sold old eyes.see it better lol. As for the 20ft deep remark maybe here in Ontario over 20 ft bass fishing isn't overly common but try staying on ledges and sunken timber in 60-80 ft of water in southern USA reservoirs all this technology gets developed in conjunction with pro s and then it's a trickle down effect to us weekend warriors
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