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  1. That is going to be some blow......🙃
  2. You are getting a better deal on the launch fees at Fishmaster than most. Sign says $10, which is what I've been paying for a couple of years.
  3. Old Ironmaker is bang on with his description of the edibility of them. Smaller ones were better tasting than the big ones due to amount of dark lateral line on the big ones. Only worth eating within 24 hours.
  4. Cabelas also has their brand of bags on sale occasionally. I find the 6X10 and 8X12 to be very handy.
  5. I've got a Fenwick Boron 721. It was my favourite in the spring from the boat at Thornbury and Meaford when the splake were stocked heavy. Very sensitive !
  6. Awesome! You have set the standard for a fishing post for us all!
  7. Prices not terrible at all, if the fish was good. Here is a copy of the menu from the Erie Beach. A platter (16oz) of either Perch or Pickerel no sides is still the best around
  8. Double cotton jacket rubber lined 65mm is best. To make even more effective put a small pool noodle inside. Fasten every 2-3 feet and hide the nails in the edge above and below the noodle. No marks on the boat and safe . Some fire depts cut the couplings off the hose and give away to members for this purpose. Know any firefighters who could ask the repair guy?
  9. Being able to get out of the hole is easier with a lower number prop, and it will increase the RPMs as well,(be careful about over revs) but it won't give you an increase in speed.
  10. I'm betting that Monday will be the start of the better fishing. Was there last week, and caught a couple of cats
  11. Sorry Dave, I think that phrase is an oxymoron ! The really cheap ones leave you with an expensive fix. (Not that I have any experience with that)
  12. Honestly I’m somewhat surprised that the safety issue is not a primary concern among those that responded. Whether you are on a huge lake or a small one, big river or smaller stream. If you can’t get yourself to safety in less than five minutes then weather conditions will determine how long you will live. I confess that my cognizance of this fact didn’t hit home until I was drifting down a BC river miles from the remotest chance of help. Wake up call for sure. For me.
  13. I have fished with the same guy for 50 years! We commonly split up on the rivers to zero in on the fish. We know that if we haven't seen each other after 20-30 minutes we better find where the other is, as he's probably into fish. We never needed cell phones to communicate. The system usually works very well. When we do fish the same run/pool, we always use different baits and tactics. Beads/bags/jigs/heavy trotting/loose drift etc. It really helps to make a good day better, most of the time. The other factor is the safety issue. We fish pretty remote spots sometimes, and just knowing there is someone who can call for help, or assist in getting back to the car is great insurance.
  14. Well done! Lessons learned, Loose lips sink ships. A well known quote from WW2. Can be adapted to fishing today very easily. Great video that hides the bad stuff!
  15. Looking great Dave! A man of many talents and determination! Very well done!
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