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  1. It is a reality that we will have to constantly fight. People give millions of dollars to organizations like P3TA thinking the money will be used to save kitty cats and puppy dogs. Unfortunately the money is used to fund these crazy Bills and to pay off members of parliament to also support them and try to weasel them through to law.
  2. Wow! That was a big read. I felt the exhaustion of you fellas fishing in those relentless conditions. Having been up in those parts with you before I can appreciate how much grueling hard work it is to stay out fishing where the fish are rather than just staying in sheltered areas where the fish are not. Great report.
  3. It looks like it would fit a 6 pack of Tall boys perfectly
  4. My son is asking when the next trip with your son will be. He is ready for the next one. Great video!
  5. You just need the right "go to lure" if you want to catch musky in Balsam. Let me know when you are going, I might come and wash lures with you.
  6. The canoe is 15' long x 35' wide
  7. The blue outer shell is canvas and was done about 6 years ago.
  8. The dark material at each end of the canoe is actually some sort of soft, flexible cloth material. The metal (brass) strip on each end continues down to the bottom of the canoe for a couple of feet to protect from rock damage I presume. The wood has no rot what so ever, solid as a rock. It does have an outer coating of fiberglass I think that is not original. I will find out how long ago it was done but the canoe has barely been used since. I will post more pics tonight.
  9. No evidence of an old plaque.
  10. I would think that somewhere on the inside of the canoe there would be an engraving or something for identification. I can't find a damn thing. As for price I am not sure. Finding out who made it will help with knowing it's worth.
  11. I bought a canoe in a package deal with some fishing equipment and furniture. I will be selling the canoe but I don't know who the manufacture is because there are no tags or labels on the hull. Does anybody recognize the craftmanship? Any help is appreciated.
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