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  1. no pike on sturgeon lake. only lakes in kawarthas with pike is balsam and west of that.
  2. Cottage is up for rent for the summer. As fishermen the best time is June. Weekend and full week rates available. Frenchrivercottagerental.ca or 416-500-8296. June weekend (3 days) - $600 regular $850 June week (Saturday to Saturday) - $1250 regular $1550 July/August week (Saturday to Saturday) - $1500 regular $1850
  3. yes Mark still makes the product but he doesn't own it. i imagine majority of the specialty shops will be carrying the product as they were before.
  4. i have only seen up to 10% ethanol in Ontario so far but correct me if i am wrong.
  5. absolutely amazing. met Lawrence and his dog a few times both at shows and on the water. Pretty amazing.
  6. bananas were always big for me. add me to that list
  7. my place is up on the french river, water levels have been nice and high but the fishing has been pretty amazing so far this year.
  8. i cant see a picture, not sure if you posted one or not. i collect quite a bit. depending on its condition it can be worth from $100 to $400 for the 25 cent note. gold coins ar only worth whatever it weighs in gold unless its extremely rare which isnt often.
  9. Very impressive when are you going into production and what are retails going to be set at?
  10. Any suggestions on where to go for big eyes on the weekend? Haven't wet a line this year as yet due to a hectic work schedule.
  11. Still make a hell of a unit but I agree customer service went down he toilet. Might be better off seeing the guys at radioworld. They should have more pull.
  12. That place in Woodbridge is really good. Many local dealers use that guy. Does quality work with a significant savings to what the factory charges.
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