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    fishing fly,spin,cast, fresh & salt water,ice 10 months of the year!
    Hunter bigame, small game, upland game, water fowl.
    Wildlife photographer, artist, Taxidermist,Trapper
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  1. I love the look you get from wildlife when you close the distance and then they notice you. It's like wow where did you come from. I'm an avid hunter but getting the shot with a camera is a very special feeling all it's own.
  2. your going to love that 100-400 best thing since they invented sex , it lasts longer!
  3. thanks cliff i spend a couple weeks every spring casting the surf from New Smyrna up to Marineland FL, quite familiar with the fishbites have been using it in SK for walleye works quite well enjoy catching sand fleas and using them off the beaches
  4. BIg Cliff Whats your goto bait of choice off the pier Do you fish the beach at all Also wondering if the pompano make it up your way Bill
  5. only thing i can add is if you get to the coast fish the troughs even the one right close to shore its amazing how many fish cruise past the people standing on the 1st sand bar! My go to bait now are fish bite strips have brought them back and have used the on walleye and salmon
  6. this is one i caught first week of may, Coral Springs area in the C14 canal there were hundreds of them like bluegill along the shore just finished spawning
  7. just got back from Fort Lauderdale area and they are all an absolute hoot on spinning and fly rod tackle caught cichlids, oscars, peacocks. all public all diy. I could get hooked on them pretty quick pun intended sorry!
  8. Nice snapper there LA not sure one guy should say that to another! Any way where abouts are you and what resort are you staying at? Bill
  9. this is what I found on Lure King of Mississauga its all very dated Maybe Blaney Mcmurtry coukld help Registrant LURE-KING INC. Box 894 Streetsville Postal Station Mississauga L5M 2G4 ONTARIO Current owner L.K. SPECIALTIES INC., UNIT 36, 1435 BONHILL ROAD, MISSISSAUGA, L5T 1V2 ONTARIO Representative for service BLANEY MCMURTRY LLP Suite 1500 2 Queen Street East Toronto ONTARIO M5C 3G5
  10. Aldolfo, Alberto and Juan on the ensenachos beach were really helpful to me I left them each a bag of tackle , wish I had taken more but ran out of weight limit! start off by catching small bait fish with same tackle you would use to catch panfish up here keep increasing the size until your onto really big fish is the only other thing I can think of that I didn't do! Saw most of my fish at the north end of the Megano beach
  11. Well heres my report I really would have liked to fish the #9 bridge but virtually everybody I talked to at the Ensenachos resort told me not to do it as the fines were 4800$ and loss of tackle. I even had a local taxi booked to take me out tues mar 3/15 in the evening but when he got to the resort he refused to take me when he heard I didn't have a permit to fish there!? Don't have a clue what permit to fish he was talking about. my english and his spanish didn't help comunications whish to heck I could pick up this language. Anyway I fished every morning from 4 am to 9am( This put me in the flooding high tide) off the point at the north end of ensenachos beach I saw shark, sting rays, cravalley, baracuda and bone fish but i could not get anything to bite what I had with me. the locals told me to goto live bait but all the live bait tackle I had taken with me I had given away on the first day never thought to keep any for myself. wind s were constant and high in the area I was fishing so I didn't even try my fly rods stuck with a 30lb rod rigged with 30lb power pro and used rapallas,3/4 oz jigs with grubs in white and red, and topwater plugs Thoruoghly enjoyed the area though can't wait to go back. Most of my problems were not being able to leave my wife alone for the time it would take to get to the best spots to fish. Heard from a couple of fellows at the Ensenachos that also went to the bridge that had caught 20-40lb Cubera snapper during the week and had 15-20lb baracuda on the charter boats so obviously I can't blame the fish. I'm already back at work! Enjoy your day! Bill
  12. we'll be at iberostar on ensenachos so hopefully its with in walking distance
  13. Located in Saskatchewan we are drilling through 30-40 inches on -20 days right now with 8 inch Ions Keep the batteries in a small cooler with a heat pack wouldn't go back to gas for anything the most holes Ive drilled has been 25 but there was still battery left I just got tired of drilling instead of fishing
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