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  1. Thanks, interesting read. I've seen "coyotes" with floppy ears, short hair and large sized. Maybe more feral dog but acted like a coyote nose down on the trail running in to my turkey call. Checked to see if it had a collar one. I see coyote variation in north Durham region, some are the typical smaller shaggy fur grey color with pointy noses. A few were large german shepherd sized more wolf like, one of the large ones was jet black. All stayed away but none ran away like their life depended on it.
  2. Drove up Saturday and came back today. Lakes were snow covered Saturday with open areas around dams. A few people out on Cedar, Miners Bay and Grass. Today looked worse with wet gray areas. Few people out on Grass and Cedar. Larger lakes don't look ready. Ice on bay in front of cottage was 6-8 inches but mostly white ice with top part soft. Surprised not that much snow.
  3. I've run the channel between Mountain and Horseshoe a few times in my tin boat & 20 HP outboard when my mother had a cottage on 12 mile lake. I don't recall any problem in high water (now) but recall trimming the motor all the way, seeing lots of rocks and my wife freaking out in low water (late July-September when Trent system draw down lowers the water level). Usually water is highest just about now and lowest in September but I don't know current conditions as last time I was at my cottage further north on same watershed there was ice on the lake.
  4. I was also thinking lake trout and he would not be able to stop it and get it turned around on well worn 4 pound mono and a UL perch rod. On the perch gear in shallow water I've landed a few 2-4 pound white fish and have been broken off by all but one trout. I was lucky that trout hit on a 6 pound line medium light rod set up and got his head stuck in the 3 foot hole and couldn't go backwards. I cut the line once when I had something on for quite sometime that I couldn't move off the bottom and kept swimming around in circles.
  5. I fished Friday and Saturday with 3 buddies at Tim Hales. Also stayed in one of his cottages. Good times as usual. Lots of fish under us Friday and Saturday more off and on. Most of Friday sonar looked like a Christmas tree from half way down to the bottom. Unfortunately 98% small perch and herring. Friday were in 30 FOW and could see a layer of herring and underneath the perch. Something hit buddy`s line, bent the rod double, pulled 20-30 feet of line off the drag then broke off. Based on what I saw if it didn`t break off he would have been spooled. Real windy Friday then Saturday more reasonable weather but water on top of ice made for slippery conditions. The pressure ridge-crack running out from near Beaverton harbour is impassable and traffic is forced to crossing close to shore.
  6. Thanks for the input. Now I have to recruit a 10 year old child to help me set up my phone. Never really embraced technology apart from relying on my flasher for catching perch.
  7. I'm a new "smart" phone user and looking to put Navionics on my iphone. I mostly fish Simcoe and Haliburton lakes and looking for good contour lines. Is the Boating USA & Canada app the one I should put on the phone? Thanks.
  8. I got it running fairly easily and it didn't look too bad apart from the gas cap. Funny how some small engines start up after sitting for two years with zero maintenance (I have a snow blower like that) and some like to be difficult (one of my two Stihl chain saws). Maybe just a new gas cap. Looks like I'll be needing the gas auger this year.
  9. I have a probably 15 year old Jiffy model 3o that ran OK last time used (2015) but is beat up & could use service & replacement parts like the gas tank cap. Is there a repair shop/dealer that you could recommend? I am north east of the GTA. Thank-you.
  10. If the hunt was legal, it was legal. Anything else is opinion based on personal ethics. I hunt deer because I like to hunt and to eat venison. I am OK with someone killing a big cat in a legal hunt even though it doesn't really interest me. Social media gives the opportunity to express opinion without having any personal knowledge.
  11. I've fished on the east side with both Hales and on K-Bay with an operator since passed away. Agree with either dead or exciting. Could do better if mobile rather than the operator's hut. Definitely trout chase both up & down, I had them come up and grab spreaders on the way down.
  12. I also recommend Tim Hales, well run, organized, well maintained equipment & huts. Plus his office has a collection of spears & decoys from the old days and fish & game mounts.
  13. I cook the front end low & slow and the loin chops/back straps fast & medium rare. The inside tenderloins fast fried or fast on the BBQ. I like any cut and any way prepared unless overcooked and too dry. I like stews with tomato, garlic, onion, rosemary, thyme & dark beer and mashed potatoes of course . One cut I like but usually ends up as stew or ground is a neck roast also low & slow. Moose is also great but I haven't hunted moose (successfully) for some time and very little has been gifted to me.
  14. I'm waiting for colder temps & some snow on the ground to get out again with the bow or the end of the controlled hunt. I do these hunts alone & snow makes everything better with easier tracking, better last light & hopefully more daylight deer movement. I did the first week of rifle this year in Haliburton & it was the best year in the last five (slow) years. Seeing more moose every year and this fall more bears. Rare to see a bear in November where we hunt & this year my group alone saw three adults. The does I've seen are usually 100-125 dressed. A 200 lb. dressed buck is a large deer in my experience. I dragged one out of the bush solo last December. I've heard of 250-260 lb. dressed weight bucks that would be 300 lbs. live but never seen one.
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