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  1. Well the title says it all. Bought it new last year and I was hoping to get a few years out of it before making any repairs, but sometimes I underestimate my judgement lol. I filed all the blades down so they are kinda sorta smooth now. Anyways I’ve never changed a prop before (it’s a 2020 Yamaha) and was wondering if there’s anything I should know before taking it apart and installing a new one. I watched a few vids so it doesn’t look too difficult.
  2. Just read an article today about the demand for lumber. I remember a couple of months ago when I first started the deck I came home from work and the wife said while doing the dishes a pickup stopped in front of our driveway and 2 guys were looking at something and drove away. No doubt it was all that wood that was sitting there. Into the garage it went.
  3. Looks good Lew. Definitely the brown treated looks nicer then the green. Just finished building my first deck last week and it was a little costly. $1500 for everything. That’s it for home projects this year.
  4. With my usual spring time launches now closed I have found 2 that are better maintained and a little cheaper.
  5. It’s definitely picked up on a scent
  6. Thanks for sharing. Love these posts. Just hope this thread doesn't turn into something that involves Covid haha.
  7. 9 times out of 10 for me muskies suck. There’s always that 1 trip where it pays off. Surprisingly if I land a little 30” it’s ends up being 40” somehow by the end of my drive home.
  8. Golf courses are no way super spreaders. Just couldn't understand last weekend trying to find a launch cause a bunch that I use were closed down, but golf courses were allowed open. Both are similar to eachother I think and don't cause much of a threat. As with being pulled over is the OPP still following through with issuing tickets? I may be wrong
  9. I honestly was planning on going this morning, but decided I just can’t take that risk. One of those tickets would crush me now. Glad they closed the golf courses thou.
  10. Good idea until a guy shows up with his boat on top of his roof haha. Actually saw 2 guys last year do that with there 12 footer.
  11. Well after a few calls I found a launch that's open. I love my cats in the spring, but dink pike tomorrow it is.
  12. I used this template a few years ago with the one I purchased
  13. Just shows how much effort a mother bear puts into taking care of her young. The fact that there’s four lol. Thanks for posting.
  14. This last Saturday. Wife doesn’t play around when it comes to masks lol
  15. So guys what are some things that drive you crazy about people launching their boat? I'm hoping I get some good responses from the seasoned guys so the newbies can take note.
  16. Whatever your comfortable with. I use mono, but my bro uses braid. It's a never ending argument. Grab some cheap line with your first spool up and practice in your backyard or an open field. If your practicing for the first time on water we'll have fun lol.
  17. I would have to see a picture first to give you a better idea of how I would do it. Like to know how thick the carpet is and how far up it goes on the baseboard. Don’t use a trowel. Made that mistake once. You have to be careful not to place stuff under the baseboard and paint away cause paint will find a way through. White paint on coloured carpet will show and if not cleaned up right away we’ll you better get the scissors out. If you can’t remove the baseboard like you said I would just eye ball it and do your best. No heavy paint on the brush and have a few spare wet clothes on standby. I use a good quality latex acrylic semi gloss on the jobs I do. Good luck
  18. It's itching closer to the finish. Just a thought Drifter you could always rent the place out to people when finished. I'm sure a few members including myself wouldn't mind spending a week up there.
  19. If it was me I would offer him $50 for the line and weights and see what he says. Looks like there are a few more spools on the bottom left of the board.
  20. I saw him once in the Walmart plaza in Brantford. We nodded at eachother while we passed one another. He just seemed to have this energy about him. He's an icon here in Brantford and no doubt the town is mourning as well as the nation.
  21. I picked up one of those last July. Brand new 2020. I’m really glad I choose the V6 over the Hemi. Zero issues towing my 14’ boat or flatbed.
  22. I wonder how crowded the lakes would be now without technology. Every kid now seems stuck inside playing vids. I cant even remember the last time seeing kids playing hockey outside. Good times for sure. I might be off on this one, but I always thought that some of these smaller lakes where back in the day got overfished and everything was kept are starting to make a comeback.
  23. Quick question guys. Currently the wife is looking to get rid of some channels through Bell as the bill is ridiculous. We do have the fire stick. I told her I don't care what channels she gets rid of as long as I get my Leafs and SportsCenter. Can she get rid of Bell altogether and get those two somewhere else? Thanks
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