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Found 3 results

  1. I finally had a window of decent weather to take my daughter, her pup as well as my pup. This was my boys first time in the boat and he enjoyed it thoroughly. The target, big Channel Cats. Sadly the big girls didn't come out to play. We weren't fishing 5 minutes when we were into a double header, my daughter's was a Cat and mine a was Bowfin. The next 30 minutes was constant action but few fish over the gunnels. The end result for a few hours of fishing was, 1 Cat, 2 Bowfin, 1 Pumpkinseed and a scruffy Northern.
  2. I just noticed something. 54 members and close to 300 guests on the site a few minutes ago. The more people here the better for marketing. I've noticed more details in a few ice reports. I might be off here, just sayin'.
  3. By Mickey Gilleys standards, the meaning of this phrase is obvious. But to a Brook Trout fisherman, closing time is the last few days of the open season, when both males and females look their best. Males are the real trophys at this time of year with their deep orange polka dotted flanks, hooked jaws, and humped backs, but they were few and far between for my Buds and I this time. So we had to put up with the girls. They too color up nicely in the fall as they look for a mate to spawn. It was far from our best closure in recent years, but despite the high winds and occasional down pour, we did ok while tenting in the middle of Heaven. We had to work hard for our 20 or so fish that we caught over 3 days. Not a lot of pics, but these are the best. We did get a couple of nice males. Lousy shot in the low light, but this was the nicest. Can't wait until May..
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