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  1. Just completed my biggest project to date. It was planned to be a 2 year project, but with being out of work for 3 months I was able to get it done. The wife has a degenerative back condition and it's very hard for her to get out of bed and head downstairs in the middle of the night so I had to fast forward things. She did all the designing which was great so I could focus on the tasks on hand. Luckily through my work I call in plumbers and electricians on a regular basis so I was able to get all the info I needed from them. The only thing that was in the room was 2 receptacles so I was able to connect from there to get lighting. Surprisingly zero issues when I flipped the switch for the first time. Zero plumbing upstairs too so I was starting from scratch. Biggest issue was connecting the 3" toilet pipe into the main pipe. Took 5 hours and 3 trips to the plumbing store. Called a plumber after the second try, but they were so crazy busy it would of been over a week until they would come. I'm sweating cause the wife is going to be home soon and I have like a 12" gap in the main line. I went back and got a flexible coupler and that did the job. First 2 tries I used a abs coupler and glued it, but just didn't work out. One plumber told me it's against code and another said he would use a flexible coupler if your new to it. Anyways I refused any hands on help from people except the wife as this is something I wanted to do myself. Cost around $3500 for everything. Now I have 2 washrooms in the house so hopefully the value has gone up. The vanity was custom made. Wife built it.
  2. Any Muskies in there? I hunt for them on the Upper Niagara in the fall.
  3. Trolling threw there has always been something I've wanted to do. I see so many birds feeding on bait fish. There is a launch by where the Maid of the Mist docks. Will have to be a night launch thou lol.
  4. Nice fish. Taking a pic of a big fish by yourself is not the easiest lol. At least you had the big net.
  5. Growing up I spent my summers bud on Little Lake in Port Severn. Trust me it's far from incredible. Probably landed over 500 pike with the biggest being 30 inches. Still shake my head knowing my grandparents sold there trailer on Honey Harbour and headed to Dink Pike Lake.
  6. Will look into the transom saver thanks. I went from 96' 25 Yamaha to a new 20hp Yamaha. Just gonna apply the sealant and see how it goes. Just gonna treat it like a roof leak. Apply and apply until she's sealed. If it costs me $100 in sealant so be it. I did look into Flex seal lol. After reading reviews that's not the way to go. Will have to redo every few years.
  7. I remember being at the local bait store with her and her saying that this pink lure looked cute. Picked it up and put it in her stocking at Christmas not knowing what would happen. She hit on the first shoal (15') of my trolling route.
  8. 5200 was the one I ordered. Thanks Not sure what caused it. I take it out on day trips all the time, but never noticed anything odd. It was just this past week on Nipissing that I had it in the water all week. After a few days you would see the water slowly building up again. I should of emptied everything in the boat and see exactly where it was coming from. Will be on Erie in a few days so I will check and hopefully pinpoint it. I just put a new motor on, but I doubt the vibrations from a different motor caused it. Thanks for your input. Off topic here, but the wife caught a 47" pike up there earlier this week. Will post it when she emails me the pic. Set a new family record that I doubt anyone will beat.
  9. Will do. Thank you very much for your input.
  10. Just went outside and checked and you are correct. Good eye Fisherman. Just ordered 2 tubes (3oz each) of 3M boat sealant so hopefully I can fix this issue.
  11. Thanks for the advice guys. Unfortunately I already filled it up and drained it. Two small leaks coming out back. Not sure if getting new motor last week is related to it leaking. Anyways I marked both and will find a good quality sealant.
  12. Hi guys, Just had my boat in the water for a week straight and noticed there is a small amount of water coming in. Bailed out a few times and also pulled the plug while driving to make sure everything was out. It's a 96 aluminum 14' Lund. I was planning on filling up the boat today in the driveway to see if I can see anything come out underneath. Thanks
  13. Anybody remember the cop tapping out after the first night. It was a few seasons ago. Hilarious
  14. Just got her today. Brand new 20hp at a decent price tag of $3500 including tax. Looking forward to a nice quiet troll now.
  15. That would be a nightmare for me. I've luckily never had that feeling yet of losing a big one right before my eyes. My brother lost a 50" plus muskie beside the boat. Having someone who can work a net is super important. Actually almost lost my muskie in my avatar pic. Jumped right out of the cradle. Luckily there was still one hook in her so I just grabbed her and lifted it up. Surprisingly that fish was super calm and had her back in the water in no time. After that I invested $200 on a net that takes up half my boat lol.
  16. Nice report bud. Nice pb pike through the ice. How big was the one you lost? Must of been big or maybe you just snagged a sheepshead on the tale lol. Good job
  17. Thanks for the report. Nice walleye
  18. Well looks like my vacation is back on unfortunately the new Yamaha motor I ordered 3 weeks ago isn't in yet. Now I got to get a rental.
  19. A few years ago I posted the same topic and luckily someone was able to point me in the right direction. Good luck
  20. 80 year old guy today called me out for not wearing a mask while waiting in line to get into BPS. God bless him.
  21. No surprise here. I worked maintenance in LTC for 10 years and wife's been a nurse working in LTC for 20 years. Before covid the ratio for a PSW is around 1 per 10 residents. No doubt it's way higher now. I feel for the staff at all levels cause not only has their workload possibly tripled, but you have this covid thing to worry about plus now you have the military in with possibly zero experience looking over your shoulder. It's good the military is reporting and hopefully changes happen in the near future not just recommendations or more paperwork.
  22. Too funny. My favourite is at the Hortons drive thru when some people keep 10 feet from the car in front of them.
  23. Only if I had one back in the day with all the guys screaming at me cause I was flipping between there dock and boat. "Get off my dock or else I'm calling the cops". I got pretty good at not hitting there boat with my jig over time, but once I did I would always look over my shoulder.
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