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Found 14 results

  1. Was 30 minutes into my trip this morning to HH and unfortunately I had to call CAA to bring in the flatbed. The trailer is a 94 so I’m not looking to repair it, but to purchase a brand new one come March. The trailer is severely damaged and won’t be leaving my property. So I’m wondering what’s the best way to move my 14’ onto another brand new trailer once I purchase it? Thanks I’m advance
  2. well..its that time of year. After some unforseen circumstances with my intended location of storing, I am stuck (although somewhat willingly because i can get my boat out of storage in march now to go fishing in the south carolina) using a navigloo to put the baby away for winter. I am also probably going to take some extra care and wrap the baby up in extra tarps around the trailer, jack up the trailer onto blocks to keep it off of the ground etc etc. Its my first time winterizing a boat! Bass Boat Central has a great guide on winterizing your boat. found here http://www.bassboatcentral.com/winterizing.htm Ive got the fogging oil, the lower end oil, the marine fuel stabilizer, the premium ethanol free gas to top the tanks up, the marine oil to top that tank up as well. Im ready to pull all of the batteries out and store them on wood somewhere warm, and ive got some plumbing antifreeze to dump down the livewell drains and pumps. One common theme of concern though that I keep coming across is moisture and mice. the last thing i need is some damn vermin chewing through my fibreglass. Does anyone have any tips for keeping the moisture and mice out? I have heard of "buckets of moisture manager" being placed inside the boat...what products are you using? Ive also heard of using mothballs to keep mice away...but is it effective? Anyone have any tips?
  3. I am heading to Brighton Presqu'ile park area of Lake Ontario for a day on the water. Does anybody have any local insight into species, lures or techniques for the area?? I will be in a 14ft boat, which means sheltered fishing within the bay and canal from a local marina launch. We will have a fish finder and broad selection of equipment to combine with 40 years of fishing experience for bass, walleye, lake trout etc.
  4. Hey guys. Just moved into my new house a month ago. Last week I had over 10 shingles land on the ground after a crazy wind storm. Not too sure how old roof is, but if I had to guess probably 10-15 years old. Had a guy come out yesterday and for $100 he put the old shingles back up for me. I don't have a ladder that goes high enough. Today we had wind gust of almost 70km and another 8 has fallen down. I live out in the country so the wind is just picking them right up cause the part of the roof that has them falling off has an angle of like 10 degrees so its pretty flat. Going to purchase a ladder tomorrow and going to do it myself. Just a few questions. Should I even attempt to inform my insurance broker and see what he says? Should I use the same shingles that blew off or should I buy new ones? When nailing the new shingles in should I apply a roofing cement under it first? Any info would be great guys. Thanks
  5. Hey guys. For about a week I have had a strong skunk smell coming from under my deck. Currently I do not possess nothing that could possibly get rid of him such as a shotgun or hand grenade. We are looking for a new house out in the country so we could be putting our house up anytime. Just don't want any skunk smell being around when people are looking at our house. Any ideas guys on how to get rid of it. Not looking to spend a ton of cash so wildlife tech is out of the question. Thanks
  6. Planning on purchasing a home out in the country and there is a house that we want to look at, but it runs on propane. Don't know too much about maintenance and cost to fill one up so if anyone can give me any info that would be great. Thanks
  7. Just wondering guys what the process is when buying your first boat. I'm looking for a 14' aluminum with maybe a 9.9 on the back. I may finance it, but if there's a place I could get a decent one used I will go for that. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey guys. Just wondering what you do when it comes to fishing in unfamiliar waters. Do you rely heavily on your fish finder? Do you look at charts or do you talk to a local bait store? I usually look at a hydrographic map if I can get one and scout out the possible areas, but that doesn't always work.
  9. This year I was planning on starting to build a garden in my backyard. Have no experience besides shovelling out an area in my parents backyard so my mom can start doing it. Looking to grow 2-5 different vegetables. I know it's the middle of March so not too sure when to start. Any advice would help tons guys. Thanks
  10. Hey guys. Just like a lot of you I was always a sports card collector when I was younger. I stuck with collecting mostly hockey cards. I have a few stored away and was wondering what's the best way of getting rid of them to make a few dollars. Looking to get maximum amount for every card. I heard a good starting point is to send them to Beckett to get them graded then sell them. Thanks
  11. i have a question. i had my fishing and hunting license for over 20 year continuously. Every three years they send me a letter that states i need to renew my licence. last year i didn't receive a letter reminding me of my renewal. the very first time i went ice fishing this year, i got checked by an environmental officer, i found out my licence isn't valid. i forgot to check my license and i got a fine of $155. im wondering is there anything i could do or just pay my fine. if i go to court will they lower the fine? can you give me some advise on what i can do at this point.
  12. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help me figure out when the steelhead will be comming into any of the rivers. I am looking to fish the credit, saugeen, beaver, and bighead river as well as possibly the grand river. I really want to catch some and also just see the runs of fish to learn more. Any help on timing and possibly locations would be great. I cant wait to giver a go. Thanks so much
  13. Hey everyone. I usually start out with flouro leaders on a lot of my setups but I've had problems with the connections breaking just enough to make me wonder if I'm doing something wrong. What ends up happening is that any sort of break - be it a snag or a large fish catching me with badly set drag - it breaks off at the braid to flouro knot. I've noticed it most on the lighter lines (say 10lb power pro to 8-12 lb flouro). I use that fishing rivers a lot, dragging tubes and craws along the rocky bottoms and jigging for 'eyes - both of those result in a decent amount of snags and it's really annoying to loose 2-3' of leader and have to do a new uni to uni on the spot. I generally just swear and then fish straight braid the rest of the day. So... what does every one else use? Any tips?
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