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  1. Was there this past weekend. Didn't even get a follow, but nephew landed a nice 20".
  2. There's a guy I work with who has a picture of him holding a 53" on his office wall. First and only time muskie fishing for him. He's a nice guy, but I think I hate him.
  3. When I see leaves turn this colour the one thing that pops in my mind first is Muskie Time. Nice pics
  4. Ouch. That actually makes me feel not so bad. When your losing on some money that’s a different kind of blow. Like those guys on Wicked Tuna losing out on a $10000 fish. First time on HH so I really changed it up with trolling, jigging, and casting around spots that might produce. Lost that smallie just using the trolling motor around a small rock sticking out. Bombed a white spinner bait with pink tail to the edge and it was on. Been doing really good with pink this year.
  5. That will be my game plan next time. I was going to bring up a beach ball next time so he could practice. I’m actually serious. I know your a HH guy and I tell you I have never seen such a crap show with the amount of boats going through the channel. My buddy says you should see it in mid summer lol. Like the 401 he says.
  6. This past weekend I missed out on a possible new pb smallie. Was out on Honey Harbour with a buddy who doesn’t really fish and when it came time to net it my buddy made an attempt, but missed horribly and the smallie was gone. I was so caught up with the size of this football that I didn’t even notice that he didn’t even stand to net it. I take a bit of blame cause I should of gave him a few lessons first. Oh well. My point is guys if your out with someone that you know doesn’t fish best to give him a few pointers when using the net. You never know what type or size of fish might show up. I’m sure many of you have gone through something similar.
  7. Bottom left side of Big Island. Saw a couple get caught there this year.
  8. One of these days Dave I'm going to go through this thread right from the beginning lol. Longest and most interesting post of all time.
  9. Wow and congrats. You put your time into getting that one in no doubt. Probably equilivant to landing a 60" musky. Hey if you caught that one a few years later we might of seen your name in the record books.
  10. That wasn't caught in Ontario was it Dave?
  11. Definitely back in the days it was different. Nice that you donated your fish to a lodge. Was thinking about donating my grama's bass somewhere, but would hate to donate somewhere and then they go out of business and the mount gets tossed. Was planning on starting a thread one day to get some ideas on where to take it.
  12. If I could tell you who put together my grama's bass 40 years ago I would bud. No replica here and still in mint condition.
  13. Will try that. Any change from how I fish the Kawartha's will be beneficial. I usually use big spinner baits and did well casting with them the last few years. Not so much with the bucktails anymore. Was looking for something I could troll deeper water with and hopefully that lure recommendation works. Tried several different large cranks over the years but no success.
  14. That lure will now be in my tackle box soon. Thanks Lew
  15. Every time I fish Pigeon I always watch the other person with me catch one. I know going in that I’m the net guy lol.
  16. I’m sure Pigeons gonna be busy this weekend after this report lol.
  17. Pigeon is my least productive lake in the Kawartha's. Super jealous. Well done
  18. Anyone know what this lure is called and where I can get one. Will purchase off a member here if someone has an extra one. Thanks
  19. Exactly Glen. That's was another thing I found odd. They kept going and didn't stop. Maybe they didn't want to screw up there 10 lines out.
  20. Was on St.Clair yesterday and while trolling I saw something in the water a distance away so I checked it out. As I got closer it was one of the biggest muskies I have ever seen. Probably somewhere between 45"-50". I grabbed it by the tail and tried to revive it for 30 minutes with zero success. It's belly seemed bloated and it couldn't keep itself straight. Also it was bleeding from the mouth as I'm thinking it was just caught. Didn't see any issues with the gills. Had to let it go as the wind changed direction and I was heading out further in my 14 footer. It sucked. Anyways I find it odd that Glen posted a trip last week there and he had to do the same thing. There was probably 20 boats trolling out there. It was a zoo. Not sure what happened to it, but there's one thing I found interesting. While I was following a charter I saw that they caught a little guy and brought him in the boat. They took a few pics and threw him back. They didn't revive it they just tossed it back. Not blaming them cause it could of been many things that could of happened. I just always thought that people who fish for muskies do there best to keep it alive and have it swim off.
  21. Finally applied the sealant for the boat. Had it on Erie on Saturday and just a little is coming in not like before. Going to apply what I have left of the sealant in the area I think is still leaking. Thanks for the advice guys.
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