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  1. Couldn't of said it better myself. Waiting for the release of the Tesla model 3 here in Canada.
  2. I just installed google photo. It has unlimited photo backup for free. That way you can delete your pics every now and then when memory is nearing capacity.
  3. Minn Kota 2 bank 10 amp charger (5 amps per bank) works mint. You can tell when you install these things they are quality. solid hefty unit.
  4. I've bought bearing snap swivels and they were a bargain. Caught numerous salmon and they're flawless.
  5. I use google photos. Free and I'm betting Goggle isn't going anywhere for the forseable future
  6. Got tossed around pretty good on Lake Ontario this weekend.
  7. Pex and shark bite fittings are a newb's best friend.
  8. You gotta be a villain for those guys !!
  9. have had the Weber Summit 620 for the last 12 years and still like new. It has the built in smoker box for smoking purposes. Love it.
  10. I have this reoccuring nightmare where I'm dead and my wife has a garage sale and sells my fishing stuff for what she THINKS I paid
  11. Not sure what ol' Bill was thinking? http://www.wwnytv.com/story/35549995/hunting-guide-pleads-guilty-in-deaths-of-protected-birds
  12. RIP. These guys brought the slide guitar sound to the next level.
  13. Hence why the fiberals got in again !!
  14. OMG I'm so anal about babying my rig !! I'd be livid. ??Maybe he's right about the owner being a crackhead lol
  15. Just installed a board this weekend with 3m 5200. That crap is a nightmare. It was so damn runny....i read where Premium PL is better. Last time i use the 5200 stuff.
  16. Amen to that. Staff knows way more than the Cabela's in Ottawa. That store is run by morons.
  17. I've fished with Taro and he's exactly like the shows. Contagious laughter for sure.
  18. Nice catch! Wait till you hammer the salmon......welcome to the addiction $$
  19. I have a Shorelander trailer and you can look up your trailer and all schematics (bearing sizes included ) on their website by simply putting in your VIN. Ordered my bearings and worked like a charm,
  20. I've had my Legend 18 Xtreme for 3 years now and it's been great. I'm using it out of lake Ontario about 90% of the time and it performs well with a 115 Merc 4 stroke and 9.9 kicker. Only regret I have is not going with the 20' model.
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