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  1. How do you feel about going out with a guide? We went out with one when we were in Destin a few years back. Had an amazing time in-shore catching Reds, Sea Trout and Drum. I remember it being quite reasonable as far as the price goes... Having said that, majority of the fish were caught on circle hook and live shrimp. You could probably get a few starting spots by chatting up the local tackle shops.
  2. Angling Outfitters in Woodstock? personally havent used them for an install, but see lots of guys there getting work done to their boats....
  3. 214429366_moresilda1.jpg
    Brand new Blue Fox More Silda series lures for sale. Weights are from 1/4oz up to 1oz. Multiple colours available in glow or silver. $3 each I currently have a good selection at JJ's Convenience on Highland Road in Kitchener for easy pick up. Shipping available at buyers expense. Thanks for looking!
  4. 515005701_rapalashiftice1.jpg
    i have brand new Rapala Shift Ice fishing combos for sale. They are available in Ultra-lite and Lite models. Both are 24" rods and come pre-spooled with Suffix Ice Magic line. I have them listed on FB for $50, but i will sell at $40 to OFC members. Thanks for looking!
  5. We use spinning outfits to cast out shrimp(we got from our resort kitchen). We did very well. Like the guys above said, locals are very appreciative of anything you can give. I left everything but my rod and reel for them. We used braided line, egg sinker, then Fluro leader to a circle hook. I had no idea what the fish were, but our little buddy from the resort kitchen sure was happy to keep them!
  6. I agree with GBW. I have a BPS one (got on sale) and its lite and comfortable in the summer, but adjusts big enough to accommodate bulky fall/winter jackets. Self inflating is the way to go imo...
  7. I picked up universal ones from Zehrs about a week ago. On sale as they are clearing out BBQ items. Haven't installed them yet, but seem ok. I believe they are ceramic coated?
  8. We just got back from a Fly-In with Air Dale last week. We slow troll worm harness to find them, throw out the orange marker buoy, and get on them with jigs. Impulse paddle tails worked great, but Z-man easily out lasted them. Not sure what they are made of, but they hold up way better! (we prefer the "H" shape marker buoys. Lighter and easier to pack) Clown finish body bait trolled also found some active fish. Mosquitoes were intense on this trip. Fly strips by the cabin lights helped. also picked up a small rechargeable bug zapper from basspro last year. it worked surprisingly well. I also install a bug net over my bunk. nothing worse than those blood suckers keeping you awake all night. It was mentioned to take tylenol/advil. i would also suggest a few antihistamines. We figure my buddy got bit by something on our trip. One morning he woke up and his finger was swollen to twice its size. Swelling got worse and started in his hand as well. 2 antihistamines and an ice pack seemed to do the trick. Took a full day for the swelling to go down. We aslo throw in some muscle relaxers, immodium, pepto tablets, and tums into our first aid kit. Hope you guys have a great trip!
  9. i grabbed this one (abu garcia maintenance kit) in spring, haven't used the grease yet tho... https://www.cabelas.ca/product/84838/abu-garcia-maintenance-kit
  10. Just a reminder as the boats start to get put away for the season. I am still honoring this price for members
  11. I still have an R-Type baitcast rod. No issues, but like Cosmos said, probably not worth the original list price. Some independent shops still have them around, but have been discontinued at large retailers. From what i have heard, they are streamlining all of their rod and reel lines. love their walleye series spinning rods though. super sensitive and great backbone.
  12. I've sold a few of these ones (link below), haven't heard of any issues. They do have local auth repair centers through Ontario. You can get different brands that still use a Honda engine. I have also heard TSC has good deals on them every so often. https://xstreamwashers.com/Products?Category=Generators
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