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  1. 2019 Hunting seasons added. Note: MNRF has changed the official regulations format this year. Game order and seasons tables were re-arranged. We have re-formatted SmartOut to align with these changes. If you see any discrepancies please notify us. Use Contact->Email button at the bottom of main screen to email us.
  2. Added 2019 Fishing Regulations. Happy New Year! :)
  3. Added migratory birds hunting seasons for 2018-2019.
  4. Happy New Year! Fishing regulations 2018 are added. Only few minor changes in Exceptions and Additional Fishing Opportunities. You can see differences in on-line version of regulations (highlighted in bold red font) https://www.ontario.ca/document/ontario-fishing-regulations-summary
  5. Finally, new version with User Marks is available to download on Google Play. For some reason I cannot add post to this topic. Yes, it's my strong position to stay ad-free.
  6. For hunters - added Sunday gun hunting map and .275 caliber map. About offline - hunting and fishing seasons (tables) will work offline 100%. The maps will show whatever was last viewed when connection was available and maybe some cashed areas. But if you zoom into some new area details will probably be missing, the base map will be blurry. Nevertheless you should be able to see your GPS location, click near it and see what WMU/FMZ you are in and look up the seasons.
  7. Apple wants me to buy Apple PC to develop for I-Phone. I simply cannot afford it..
  8. Seasons and dates are stored on the phone. You can browse them as tables in the app anywhere even without cell phone connection. Background map data comes from Google Maps. So you need internet connection (data or WiFi) to open maps and locate where you are going. There is a good chance however that map fragment will be cashed (partially stored) on your phone and you would see that particular map area even without any cell connection. And of course GPS does not need cell connection. You should see your location on the map.
  9. Hi everybody. I've created a smart phone app (Android only) to help with fishing and hunting seasons and maps. Basically it has: - Map of Fisheries Management Zones (FMZ) - Fishing Seasons by Zone (FMZ) - Additional Fishing Opportunities (locations displayed on the map where known) - Exceptions to zone regulations (locations displayed on the map where known) - Map of Wildlife Management Units (WMU) - Hunting seasons by game category (Migratory Birds, Deer e.t.c.) - Hunting seasons by WMU - all seasons for all game in a given WMU Long click anywhere on the map allows to open seasons for this location. Hunting and fishing seasons are presented in familiar format, as in official regulation summaries, but at the same time much easier to look up. Ontario residents hunting seasons are shown by default (can be changed to non-residents in Settings). The app is about 10 MB download (from Google Play) and it's free! Check it out - maybe you will find it useful. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.p4rp.smartout&hl=en
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