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  1. Will see you at bowmanville!
  2. Blew my back out afew weeks ago so haven’t been on the ice and had to put my 13 yr old lab down on Friday. So this put quite the smile on my face this morning. Turns out the guys were fishing off Johnson beach this morning and I’m literally 2 min away so I made sure to get them a proper shirt!
  3. Had a customer send this to me earlier today. Take down and delete if not allowed but I thought it was hilarious!
  4. Went back to one of my favourite splake lakes yesterday. Always nice to take a break from simcoe and do some relaxing fishing with no one else but buddies around! Been a fantastic season so far catching some good numbers of some really quality fish! First few pics were yesterday and rest are from January this year! Just love how much fun the kids have had on some of these day trips!
  5. Was zero fight really. Didn’t think it was a big fish at all. It it was a stocked fish from 2004! Is what we figured!
  6. Got this one afew weeks ago. Measured in at 31.1/4” long and weighed in at 9.8 lbs bled out the day after. Going to be my first whitefish on the wall. Have caught them bigger years ago but haven’t got one close to this in quite some time! You can probably guess what it was caught on lol. Goby color!
  7. Thanks man! I think so aswell! Pretty pumped!
  8. I do quite abit of everything from blades to musky baits. If I cant do it I know another couple that can!
  9. Just drove past little lake.. half froze over!
  10. Looking forward to the show! Been getting ready for months! Make sure you stop and say hi
  11. Meegs

    G'Bye Mate

    He was a stand up guy! Very sad news, condolences to the family
  12. Nope.. the I'll take the guys on any simcoe weekend. The sound is easily 10x worse than the busiest day on simcoe.
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