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  1. I played with the grinder lots of fun. Makes those yardsale buys vaulable . I bought half doz striper wigs added to yarn was very interesting. Missing tying all packed up for a move.
  2. I don't think you could ever get enough people to sit in a boat all day and weight fish. Maybe if you paid a living wage to weight masters. MLF and this system is owned by a billionaire tournament fisherman. The second he loses interest it's over.
  3. I use cue tip and those alcohol packets . And some how have never ran out of little oil tubes from Shamano. At less 30 years ago my mom got on me hard for number of fishing rods I owned. She though I was compromising our future. So the count began at Sunday dinner. At 75 rods I lied to my mom and said that's all. The truth I could have got to 100. All those are gone and replacements plus I added salt water. This maybe a problem.
  4. I order from all these and a couple more, maybe I have the problem!
  5. I did my smelt fishing on Whitby pier. Bushel baskets full of smelt. Seen odd rainbow or brown trout show up in the net. They did a fast disappearing act. It's also involve a lot of home made wine and food.
  6. Couldn't sell my Baffins fast enough.
  7. It really means nothing that the tech kids didn't catch this day. The soon to be good anglers will figure it out. And 100 ft away that's 3 moves. In perchn 100 ft is the moon. Most of my buddy's take units off boat for there ice fishing so 12 month use tempers the cost.
  8. You need to spend to get those skills, 20-30-40 years of time and money or speed up the process .
  9. The steadier the weather the better the bite? On Simcoe the bite would normally get into a every 3 days it's very good. This Year that hasn't happen yet . And like always just go the days you have time.
  10. For us it was just funny. On Quinte in the 80's you still had to run and gun.
  11. I.ve made decent money drilling holes for the hand crank crowd. $2 per hole paid in advance.
  12. I have done my own thing for 40 years. Walk drill stand on ice. A floater suit will keep you warm standing on ice along with 100 below boots ,head gear. The truth about ice fishing is -25 The fishing sucks unless it's been -25 for a week or so. I also did the big league heart surgery and have sold all walk out ,drill holes. i've always rented huts every now and then. It's nothing like the do it yourself thing . Youcan spend 20k in a heart beat on do it yourself so 20,0000 / 125 per day (gas money to get to Lake) hut rental looks cheat. And the best thing if fishing sucks you just wave the white flag buddy comes takes you off lake. You should never judge fishing on cost, judge on smiles only.
  13. There's very little water in your area not considered big water that pounds the crap out of tin boats. I would be very carefull buying local. Google Tracker warranty issues. Learn to spot boat show models under horse power half size trailer tiny trolling motor and don't even consider these models.
  14. And you haven't seen these Loughborough lakers for 10-12 years? I don't see why lakers can't pass plastic worm. I do want anglers to be more aware when they discard plastic. Out right ban is just stupid and just what the a n t I s want. Keep asking f or a n t I agenta you will get it.
  15. I see a walleye looks in good shape and a petrified plactic worm that has not harmed this fish. I,ve also seen bass and walleye with plastic bait hanging out ass. Haven't seen a distressed fish. I'm very carefull to reuse most plastic and despoist of heavily scent plastic. This still looks like P3TA garbage Post.
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