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  1. And Durham Region said come fish here. We will take your money.
  2. I blame Marinas they sell boats and then provide no help on launching or loading boats. Most sales people likely can't do the job, they could provide some You tube.
  3. Here in Ontario you can have a sign on your boat for $50 at the sign shop. Doesn't mean you can launch or load boat. Does not mean you can find or catch fish. It just means you have $50.
  4. Just because you have CHARTER on your boat means nothing. I had a couple in front of me at Rosedale launch struggling. 25 ft boat they just picked up at second marina to east of Rosedale launch. I'm in hurry to get home and to work but I wait a bit. They had the worst loading condition heavy current and howling wind and trailer way to far in water. So I go over ask if they need help. Husband driving boat little reluctant but agrees. I get wife to pull truck ahead get boat loaded all good. By the time he got back to launch I had my boat load and just climbing out. He was amazed and want explanation , I told him about my work thing and that I would be back tomorrow the time I would be launching and time I would be loading. Next day he was waiting for me went threw the full deal. Ran into from time to time for few years. Always said thank you just a great guy that need a little help.
  5. Mono is just a starting point. You have a life time to try other lines. And lb test. Have fun and judge it on smiles after you get threw the misery.
  6. I would get mono 17lb. And cheap the Zebco OmniFlex at Wal Mart will work. About $3. Change baits or weights of often. Get all the cast in. When your thumb gets educated start backing the controls off.
  7. I went the other way and leave battery's in the boat. It's all setup to plug in easily. And I don't do that roughen job take battery's out and putting them back in.
  8. The most important thing is to find that sweet spot for your trailer and boat. If you don't launch enough then start buying the gadgets.
  9. The thing is you can do this.
  10. Bill Norman and a salt version .
  11. Adjust reel for every bait in the beginning. As your thumb gets educated this is less important. Yard practice hard so fishing days less frustrating. As stated when you get threw the first part you will never go back.
  12. But you are thinking of installing a bolt and covering it with rudder. Now the only way to test connection is forcing hole in cable leaving a source for moister. That you installed plug badly previously means you won't do that again. And the the hubble plug few screws and all fixed up. And it is funny you spend thousands of dollars on trolling motor and draw the line at $110.
  13. You can return to feeling normal. There's video of Tom Monsoor tackle collection. He is a FLW tour pro.
  14. I've been reading this thread and wondering what's the point. Why the push to remove plug, any problems with the plug you are just moving to a suspect connection. And strollers break unplug remove from boat and get repair.
  15. Well it won't cost much to experiment. I think it will be total disaster. Hot water might relax the coils. Flouro is stiff line I don't even like using fresh spoiled flouro. I ussally let sit for week or so.
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