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  1. I pretty much fish everything with good boat launches within 2-2.5 hours from home . Not really interested wilderness easy fishing. Got into canal fishing Cape Cod and surf fishing. When I travel Nashville last year I hired guide on Kentucky knowing the fishing mostly sucks. But fishing a ledge lake with no weeds very interesting and Chickamga was just to far for 1 day. When we get back to Cuba I found a guy to take me Cuba style fishing that will be fun.
  2. jacking boat off trailer no problem. Lower tough jack to bottom. Now block the back with appropriate wood like 6x6 and 2 pieces cut 45. Now crank jack up to top block same. Roll trailer out. Remember you will be under this thing.
  3. I have a story like yours. My buddy sent his bassboat into factory for repair. It was total brand new and the few things factory didn't replace he did. First trip with the new outfitted boat I said you catch the first wally so I waited like 5-6 cast maybe 10. You need to understand we new where the fish where and he is not catching. I make a weak cast telling him it's to long. Got the greats bucktail jig crack from a wally I set hook and land a 8ib wally. We still laugh about me steal first fish.
  4. It's important for larger boats . For a bassboat maybe not, but lot's of people would learn a ton watching survey. If they paid attention.
  5. I told you Dollar stores and fly tying bad. Poverty for life.
  6. Think a 12 volt 55 is little light. You can turn trolling motors down when maxed you are done. Good fish finders are huge help takes a bit to use them. How you fish at present would help.
  7. I get CAA RV Plus so I can deal with crap at home.
  8. You should make a habit to look in rear view mirror constantly. Any side to side movement is bad. Any excessive lean to tire when making you turns bad. With a new axle and hub you should jack up after 500 k and wiggle tire hand at 12 and 6 any slop adjust bearing. If you tow a lot this is never ending .
  9. I agree some small lakers should be caught same as small walleyes both Rice and Balsam I've caught some 12 inch walleye. The clear water makes all specie sight feeding but also makes them every transit so variable results. With the size of Simcoe you start driving to find better conditions you can easily just go the wrong way.
  10. The 1 thing I've noticed it's harder to find that green color clear water. Threw the 90's and until gobies effect showed up you could fish any area and find this water. The last 5-6 years of tournament fishing I would drive the whole lake looking for water color then start my practice. Even my perchn I prefer greenish color water and it gets harder and harder to find. Also makes catch results variable. Might be why people complain about know big perch.
  11. I'm not the Avg fisherman. Balsam walleye where self protected before the slot. The reason they hardly ever went shallower than 12ft and spent most of there time 18ft and over. That's why local cottagers couldn't catch walleye. This is also why Kawratha assessment couldn't get them in there trap nets . I seen there data from early 90's they would trap 2-3 walleyes. Most of there traps sat in 10 ft of water and the net went to shore. 3 of there location where perfect spot just needed to be deeper. Now the extreme large walleye specimen's before slot where much much deeper , so self protecting. I had doz spots where 6-9 lb walleye lived in the 22-26 ft, they are gone died off. We are stuck with this slot. I liked the old Balsam better but can live with the new Balsam. I've even learned to love eating pike.
  12. The Balsam slot was 5 years before the over all slot for Kawrarthas started. If they changed the Balsam slot to general Kawratha slot the lake would be devastated as the throw back Balsam slot is the Kawrartha keep slot. Still fun to go wachm.
  13. A over keeper will be just over 3 ib on Balsam . Balsam never really needed a slot, some locals got on a focus group and said the couldn't catch walleye. The truth was they couldn't fish. MNR did't a short study and found this slot was best. And the first slot was on the Kawrathas. Now the true giants are almost non existent. 8-10lb Walleye. This slot has been 15 years or more and they can't change it now.
  14. These last 2 years have been fabulous most run off chase bass and I keep pounding on the wally's.
  15. You have 3 options Don't replace . Pay the price. DIY Think I would go fishing worry about that next year.
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