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  1. If my card and 3 year isn't here by J1 I'm still going fishing. I have done my part. Dec 3 the first available I bought and paid for licence. If I get caught I will start with Justice of Piece. Like I said CO can lay any charge.
  2. I agree just care your licence at all times. Still have pic in my phone.
  3. The first thing is I have something to talk about a CO can write any ticket they want. I would visit justice of peace and have ticket thrown out. If CO had to many tickets thrown out the boss would notice.
  4. I have pic of my card on my phone.
  5. That's just a little CSI have good look at head bolts another major bolts under cowl. You can't put wrench on bolts without leaving marks. Listen to the story and look for proof.
  6. Mmm nice to know wonder what was going on in 2007. I don't follow BDR just they have a very checkered financial history. Mercury XRI XR6 no parts available. This is for Goose"I have a buddy sent his computer for XRI to states for $800 re program" It worked.
  7. Good piece of mind. If I remember correctly 2007 was when BDR took over OMC. Before Georges Soros Canadian investor and Roger Penske owned OMC in the late 90's. They bought a bunch of boat companies mostly a flop.
  8. Parts for older Etec not available. I know a guy that sold very nice bass boat because no Etec parts.
  9. Even scarier I've checked my boat at motels and threw conversion ended up checking every boat in lot finding most with loose bolts. Guys that should know. I carried a Detroit ratchet and a load tester every tournament.
  10. This is for all boats messing with big water Get yourself a set 3/4 wrenches and carry them with you. Make it habit to check 6 bolts holding motor to transom. There is a torque spec but tight saves lives.
  11. You need to install that 3 step ladder from trailer to boat . The other option is step ladder PIB. Start immedaitly after every trip with screwdriver and check for loose. Don't just tighten take them out to be sure they are broke in half. Take crazy glue coat screw and tighten in. Watch your rub rail for little bulges that's loose screws and most likely to break. There's more but i'm going swimming.
  12. I've been to Cape Cod fishing Stripers 6 times. Started out trying use my regular bass gear, that lasted about 1.5 days . Now have 4 salt outfits cover most anything plus about 20 wooden plugs custom made for Stripers plus 3-6 oz bucktails and spoons. Stripers are a total blast and hard on pocket book.
  13. Do you have cable steering. That's a big one for stiff boat steering it will be cable replace in time. The bearings could be shot. Take your motor down by prop and pull up and down look right where that grease comes out top and bottom bearing. Some movement is normal problem if excess. Hugh repair cost.
  14. Tried to find Nats around Oshawa no luck. Pro Max Range Extremely Light Wieght, -74C/-94 F at Royal Distributing for $100. Same deal couldn't get my foot in 10 to narrow at ankle ended up with 13. Can't say it's for Chinese market they are made in Poland.
  15. I check the 50% off area at Sail regular. Was a couple nice Columbia coats at Oshawa.
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