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  1. Garnet

    Mountain Lake

    I caught my deepest walleye couple years ago 106 ft just up stream.
  2. Garnet

    Mountain Lake

    Minden Bait and Tackle is well stocked with the right stuff. The husband must know a bit. I buy minnows early and the wife pulls that shift.
  3. Garnet

    Mountain Lake

    Nice people in Minden Bait and tackle not much fishing help. Open at 7 am. If you are coming from Lindsay, Norland Bait and Tackle will work better for you. At the 4 corners NW corner Convenience Store just up the street you will see it from light.
  4. Garnet

    I know it's early but

    The ganny is a true melting pot. Cliff just got unlucky and asked the wrong people.
  5. Garnet

    Mountain Lake

    She looks sketch near Hwy 35. The Vibrato doing good job on near by lakes. White tube 3# Berkley power bait is what I use.
  6. Garnet

    I know it's early but

    I'm at the ganny almost everyday so know what's going on. I have salmon roe. When are you making the trip. You can't fish the westside anywhere. Construction And flys will dominate at times. I can help you with all of this.
  7. Took my buddy to Angler Outfitters when looking for fish finder. My buddy said to Monty "I cant decide weather to buy 7 or 9. Monty walked over turned the 7 on and turn 9 on. Pretty funny and we all know what happened.
  8. Garnet

    DIY Trading/Investing

    The good thing my portfolio is down not even close to a loss. So far this is just a little interesting noise.
  9. Garnet

    DIY Trading/Investing

    I retired April 2008 was prepared for a correction because the markets had been trying for some time. Had everything put the best stuff sold off and in cash or gic. Plus the remains from my buy out. I took the cash. I started buying the best stuff I had in Sept and buy Christmas TD,Royal was avg down to market. Then Cibc, rio can ,pwc.pwf and fortis all to market. It was a ton of money and I was scared sh....less. Near the end of Jan I added bns and bmo as new positions. March went to Vegas and missed the absolute low I had no money anyway. It all worked out.
  10. Garnet

    DIY Trading/Investing

    The bulk of my div are deployed immedaitly so very happy about that. Not sure when I will buy.
  11. I fielded 1 the other day. What's most important bass technic. I gave him my kindergarten story. Back when I was tournament guy I wouldn't explain. Must be getting weak I explained this time.
  12. Garnet

    Braided line fluro leader

    All these knots are just a misery. Because you need to practice tying them. Triple surgeon fast easy and it works.
  13. Garnet

    Fly tieing a Goby ?????????

    daiici 4660 #8,6,4 jig hooks Try Natural Sports. Mustad Ultra Point 32833BLN size 8,10. Phil &Brian Stillwater Fly Shop.
  14. Garnet

    Remote car starter

    As I sat waiting for frost to clear and the number of times I've driven with not quite clear wind shield I don't think they are a bad idea.