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  1. Stainless doesn't improve performance as told by someone that doesn't sell stainless props.
  2. It's the fall off I don't like. Load the boat she just lays in the water.
  3. The thing with aluminum props is they flex . And your performance suffers. It's work to get your boat prop correctly and worth every second.
  4. You could try some of the walleye site might be some with your combination
  5. It's clear your boat could be prop better. To start put everything in boat you would have, buddy,livewells full,battery's,rod reel tackle. From what you say 30 mph unacceptable. A 4 blade prop and stainless will carry the weight better. Can you borrow a prop or goto Prop Guy in Buckhorn you can try props until you find the right one. You don't really want top speed. Acceptable hole shot and reasonable speed. Then think about your use Lake O or Simcoe you need grip. So when faced with mountain of water you can go.
  6. The Benos are incredible baits. They run right threw standing weeds.
  7. I to love eating pike. Easy to clean 5 fillet method. A youtube vid that was 3.26 minutes and I was good. Balsam is the only regular stop with pike for me. Heard Rice has them but haven't caught any yet.
  8. Instead of having a well thought out plan the mayor and town counsel let out of control situation. Then they did knee jerk reaction and followed it up with more stupidity in this latest.
  9. Trim your motor up when trolling to slow it down. Keep eye on water pressure. My old Mariner turned pee'r upside down getting a little height on water so I could hear it and see with sideways glance. Had a 175 Rude same thing.
  10. can only look at my area. Almost everyday we have 1 new case of covid in Durham Region think active cases down to 27. Probably 3-4 million people . I get to see my dad and spend time with. This is not NY, Texas I don't even know why you are asking.
  11. You could run your trolling motor off other side.
  12. 4 days of my life watching live tournament fishing. It was great now all the work I didn't do !
  13. Lets see we move the positive covid test from 100's/day in Durham Region to between 1 and 10 per day with no face covering bylaw. Suddenly we need face covering.
  14. I go out of my way to embarrass slobs. People fishing at ganny bunch Timmy's garbage I just scoop them up with my net and drop in trash can . never say a word. In all my fishing club conservation project picking up others trash was lowest project. Telling people to pick up there trash (signs) a #2 project. #1 Conservation project are things that wok for life, spawning shoals and fishways.
  15. Ray Marina looks like a great unit. Just a case of ID how you fish and get the unit that assist you the most.
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