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  1. if i'm taking bags of plastic over to the window you need to turn some lights on. Your hydro savings is costing sales.
  2. And Sail turn lights on. We have another great store here but the lights are barely on.
  3. Court not necessary. Make appointment with justice of piece. Have jacket with you or picture's. Stress that you where falling the law and was given a ticket on a technicality. Ticket will likely be tossed.
  4. You don't have a boat so what are you using this unit for. Electronics is very competitive market there are really no deals. If hummingbird has big sell off they changing the product and the new one will be much better. Same for Lowrance. So ID needs. Funny story took buddy to Angler Outfitters intro to Monty Lowrance guru . Buddy said can't decide on 7 or 9. Monty pressed power 7 and the 9. Decision made.
  5. Most boat latch are TH Marine, they are a large distributor. Any marina can order from them not sure about private guys. I think Pro J tackle are a TH Marine dealer
  6. I have the tip line in my phone and don't let me see you poaching. Boat number no help where the are launching and vehicle plate. Nothing like losing everything. I miss Mitch.
  7. All these boundaries are at the discretion of the area CO. The Lindsay locks has been the old train track for 40 years. And that means nothing a new CO can change it anytime.
  8. Kawarthas are just ok for trolling when the weeds get up you need to be precise. About mid june the early pond weeds die off then trolling for eyes really pick up.
  9. It will take a couple weeks for the outside weedlines to rev up. I fish the inside weed and threw the middle depths. Still do well on my bucktailes.
  10. Always good to no how boat is assembled.
  11. I wear my auto inflate and attach my safety cord to it. When I fish cord comes with me in my pocket. To start motor re attach safety cord and off we go.
  12. I stay away from action tails , curly and shad tails. Light braid 10lb mostly strait braid. And look for clear water.
  13. I worked the Detroit fishing show in the punk era for a salmon spoon company. Would bet % of sales to punk rockers. Just un package them insert.
  14. I'm in fall the to March break crowd . But I can't be trusted here it is April 16 and trout sticks still in truck. Fly's always half a dewy no weight and of course bags. Again I can't be trusted anything for a bite.
  15. Our sears flat top is about 8-10 years and just a piece of crap to keep clean. What I do like about it is the element at about 3/4 and lower shuts on and off making heat more even. And likely a little more efficient. I would look for something easier to clean.
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