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  1. This is a life long learning curve. The idea of making investment and waking up 30 years later rich is a dream. Unless it's banks. Fees are very important. The hardest thing is selling for profit. Start with a small amount1k-5k . Buy a bank , buy something in your field, and buy something your brothers uncles best friend recommends. Now see how you react to stock movement. Un bridle fear is bad, can't sleep bad. in a few months you study read . Now you are ready. Everybody thinks buy something sell for profit invest in dividend aristocrats. Don't do that. Canadian Dividend Aristocrats goggle it. Build a rock solid base keep eye on fees. Then take 5-10 % no try to making some money.
  2. My weed money is in BNS. How are the weed stock doing.
  3. My cousin takes fishing rods and hooks to give to locals. Also reading glasses. This is life changing stuff for locals.
  4. Pugwash pier mackerel on high tide. Just a 6-6 spinning rod and those flea flicer flys with a bell sinker. Worked on most creeks couple years ago. The Pugwash pier has a live camera on it so you can watch for action.
  5. To help keep your septic system happy. If your are cleaning trout and the blood along backbone great to keep septic percolating. Little bits of blood from a steak all good. That crap you buy for septic is mostly dried blood. The weak point on your well is the foot valve. Either style submerged pump (pump at bottom of well) or pump at the top means you take cover of well and pump will be on a platform 4 ft down. Then long pipe to bottom where theirs a foot valve. With both system we always bought a second foot valve when the old one screwed up. Of course there are people that do this work but pretty straight forward.
  6. Watched Chris Johnston switch hands all day. Didn't seem disadvantaged . Does it completely different than me.
  7. And if your tire will not perform at OME tire pressure would you put the correct pressure in itsy bitsy print.
  8. Still would like to if air pressure is so important why is it the most itsy bitsy print on the whole tire.
  9. Michelins even my tire guy said they are the best.
  10. I was sight casting to them. Seem important to bring the bait from tail towards nose about 8-10 inches away . When the bait got to there eye they would snap at it. Was a blast only landed a couple.
  11. I always changed hands, witch forced me to have rod in both hands when my bait hit the water. Far more secure hook sets this way.
  12. Huge Congrats! Just a little advice from a life long competitive angler. "QUIT NOW" This is the last time you will be profitable.
  13. Pretty much all will do whole water column on whole screen or split up different views on multiple screens.
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