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  1. Adjust reel for every bait in the beginning. As your thumb gets educated this is less important. Yard practice hard so fishing days less frustrating. As stated when you get threw the first part you will never go back.
  2. But you are thinking of installing a bolt and covering it with rudder. Now the only way to test connection is forcing hole in cable leaving a source for moister. That you installed plug badly previously means you won't do that again. And the the hubble plug few screws and all fixed up. And it is funny you spend thousands of dollars on trolling motor and draw the line at $110.
  3. You can return to feeling normal. There's video of Tom Monsoor tackle collection. He is a FLW tour pro.
  4. I've been reading this thread and wondering what's the point. Why the push to remove plug, any problems with the plug you are just moving to a suspect connection. And strollers break unplug remove from boat and get repair.
  5. Well it won't cost much to experiment. I think it will be total disaster. Hot water might relax the coils. Flouro is stiff line I don't even like using fresh spoiled flouro. I ussally let sit for week or so.
  6. Marsh has been a Suzuki guys for 2 decades to far for me. Lakeview Marina is absolute no for me. I have a Merc 200 Opti so not in market now but I listen when people talk.
  7. Suzuki would interest me but no local dealers would likely kill the idea.
  8. Those Fich are great example. 1st year a giant binder of up dates like 300 you couldn't keep them out of the shop. When all the crap was sorted out fabulous motors guys ran great.
  9. So a Merc story a buddy bought a 1999 225 EFI Merc. First year good. Then problems cutting cylinders back wouldn't run. Trip after trip to dealer they changed everything I made sure he got a binder and kept all info. Had the factory tech from Merc Mississauga out 3 times. Thing wouldn't work. I told him I would take it to Merc Mississauga un bolt and leave it there. He did 1 better went in and ask to borrow wrenches. Had a meeting with the #1 Merc guy in Ontario. They went all threw ever attempt to fix. The exec said he estimated 200K man hours and parts. Sent it for 1 last attempt. They found factory parts mix up and some damage in trying to repair it. About 3 years.. They all have problems.
  10. My last Merc 13 years of hard tournament fishing hardly seen a mechanic. It's just luck. Bill is 15 years on 115 yammy, I have a buddy with 115 Yammy blew up got in the US Yammy Canada Yammy crap. Factory re build and grenade on start up . Complete block replace got it going. They all have problems. Check your available repair shops. The most important thing to remember there's 2 motors 1 is blown up and 2 is going to blow up.
  11. Livewell fish care is learned and with constant angler turn over is a problem. With no fish care penalty's the fish where good when handed to organizer. So the organizer had a weak plan. Likely not what was on his permit. All dead fish should be handed back to anglers and penalty's applyed.
  12. I can think of 5-7 guys that couldn't get rid of there Yammaha fast enough. Can also think of same number Merc owners . Rudes same . Suzuki same. Should I go on. They all have problems. They all need Mechanics. Merc dealer every town and many many Merc mechanics. What ever you choose hope for good motor.
  13. That's a good winter project for dealership. Remove foot and dropoff at dealership. Do the full job inner and outer seals. 10 minute install in spring.
  14. Just a new revenue stream. Surprised it took this long.
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