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  1. Battery charger is something you may be able to move. Does your rear storage boxes come out. Maybe enough room under deck. My Procraft does and most Skeeters do.
  2. I was running a 27. 2 graphs ,talon, pumps lights and starting. Lucky to have friend changing battery's . Only 1 of his battery's bad so I took a 31 Deka for start battery. When I was serous tourney guy nothing but 31.
  3. The battery charger is individual chargers so don't care what the other chargers is doing.
  4. Nobody hit on the big problem No Washrooms. I can guarantee if there is 4-5 Tim's between here and Lake of Bays I'm stopping at everyone to leave deposit and buy something. It's really bad for truck drivers. Guess when I get my boat out it will be 5 gallon pail and bio garbage bags. I require no help to launch and load boats and have no problem telling people.
  5. you can substitute indicator for float just watch the real fly guys die 100 deaths. Tie a balanced fly (YouTube balanced fly) and your indicator success will go up.
  6. I tie balanced fly's for float fishing. My fun is taking idea and developing something new. The funny things is when I was happy to get thread feathers on a hook they still worked. Most of my early attempts looked like a horse walked on them and a dog pooped them out still worked.
  7. You can think of blades on prop as grip, 3 blade less grip little faster, 4 blade more grip slightly less speed ,5 way more grip than 3 . What will grip do for you . For hole shot more grip will get you on plane quicker but you can over do it and bog motor. When on plane like erie and Ont that grip will help when you need to go (mountain of water). If your prop blows on holeshot it will defiantly blowout in big waves. I don't know 50 hp market all my experience is 150 up . to prop a boat you need your standard load 2 people downriggers drink cooler rods tackle everything that you take on lake. Then you need good holeshot and at max throttle to be just under the max rpm for your motor. If you have it right you can never over drive your motor.
  8. it takes work to get a boat propped correctly.
  9. I told you Dollar stores off limit to fly tiers. Will just drive us to poverty.
  10. Surge brakes you can see the slot on side of trailer touge. Electric brakes are activated by brake lights. If you look under where cable safety cable goes theirs a little C clip with metal ball , if this is intact just lengthen cable and attach to safety chain. Your cable needs to be shorter than safety chains.
  11. Ark fuse panel won't require inline fuses. And if you decide on Hummingbird spec wiring it should be good. I would look for same fuse panel with larger connectors for increased wire gauge . The panels I've bought are likely 2 sizes bigger screws. I don't know your area but around here Whitby Marine Supply is 1 stop shop. To me if you think your trying to get the most out these units it's easy.
  12. What forgot to mention this boat was marina tech wired to spec Hummingbird recommendations. Almost all problems with fishfinders are poor installation. I like the panel Ark has shown except the contact screws are to small, because it's dedicated to finders only and fused shouldn't need another fuse, I wouldn't remove factory installed inline fuse but it's 2 connects to add it. I buy just a panel maybe 1 size larger screw and run in line fuses on units. Another point is the TV host guy and the next owner are not electronics guys. My buddy was pushing everything he could get out of them.
  13. Just to give you a little story. A friend bought his boat from a TV host. Had Hummingbird 1190 front and back he added another 1190 to console. Complained constantly about interference from other graghs, livewell, pumps , trolling motor. Tried all those half ass solution for 2 years then went and got 6 gauge proper connectors and a good stainless panel. Took care on where wires went and problems solved. Send your money now or spend more later.
  14. You should use 6 gauge wire with proper connectors from your cranking battery to a stainless steel buse as close to finders as possible and avoiding as much other wiring as possible. That means don't take electrical tape and ball all wires together with finder wire, don't run to your fuse box ,to small gauge wire and things like pumps lights ,stereo make ghost problems. Whitby Marine has all this stuff in my area. The right connectors are hard to find. You also will have to much transducer wire don't ball up with electrical tape this makes a coil . You can buy plastic panels to wrap and keep separated. I take plastic inserts for spinnerbaits 1 side will have notches just make notches on other side. You could make from plywood. Now from buse to fish finders I use the thicker bulk spool wire from CTC. I also wrap wire with electrical tape if it's going threw areas with many other wires. I've been told this is minimal but so what. Almost all high end bassboat installs are 5 battery setups 3 for trolling motor and 2 cranking / accessory. You just spent thousands on finders spend couple hundred on good install.
  15. Mine a replacement when I changed hoses. Just undo clamp good to go.
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