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  1. Never buy plugs from a marina they buy plugs from nappa/carquest and so should you. Never buy plugs on line. Go to Nappa/CARQUEST. I do agree buy the correct plug.
  2. NGK spark plugs are NGK spark plugs if you buy at nappa/CARQUEST ect. And fakes are available on line. Just don't buy from boat dealer. They go to the local nappa and just double trible price for you.
  3. In the OV Pro Bass days a couple brought there lawn chairs to Orillia to see 150 boats launch. They where disappointed .
  4. With well over a million Km of trailering boats I've had every problem you can think of in every location. I changed a hub on a interstate in Chicago. Because I had the right parts to do the job and the boat was 4 months old. John you are over your head take this to a pro have them look at your stuff. If your axles are good move to your hubs ect. get this fixed right.
  5. Yes John you need to buy the right hub with the right bearings in it. Sounds like you have smoked theses hubs a couple times so hubs most likely garbage. And as stated bearing need to seat easily . Your axle's are much tougher material but still need inspection.
  6. Car Quest can get you any bearings. If you had the original bearings any number can be cross reference and then the rest is standard. In your situation I would go to a bearing place with your measurements. Ours is called Oshawa Bearing. Another option would be just buy the whole hub complete with bearings.
  7. The live release boat has 1 or maybe 2 people working on it. There limit would be 6 bass each or in an walleye tournament 4 each. So the permit allows them to posses all the fish for live release purposes. That maybe 100's of fish. I will not comment on what happen this time except it's fixable.
  8. The typical dead fish penalty is 4oz/per fish so if all your fish where " fish care penalty's" (dead Fish) that's 1.4 lbs. You are not winning any tournaments with that loss.
  9. Those permits are why angler responsibility end at your weight in, most tournament. Now the classics where we put them back into livewell and transport them to Memorial Park in Peterbourgh are a little grey area because I remember the legality's being talked about and the 10 boats where under the permit. And the permit is to posses more than a limit. Even in a live release boat the operators might have 100's of fish.
  10. Bassmasters doesn't have on site weight they do have a person look in livewells so they can coordinate the weight in show. The last few years they bring the leader up on hot seat and weight fisherman 9-2 much more realistic. In most tournaments the anglers are responsible for the fish until the are weight in. From that point on, if the angler got no penalty's the promoter has the reasonability. Stopping to refill livewells is common with all bassboats they all lose water. It's just another thing you take into account. I also carried the wife's pee bucket so when I stop pumps on max and manual bucket. Most big water guys have those sponge matts cut so the float on top of livewell water to stop sloshing. What I'm saying is angler will do what ever necessary to get fish in alive. Unfortunately all these little things are learned usually the hard way. My 30 years of tournament fishing I can remember about 5 dead fish penalty's.
  11. Well I don't have Basmasters Classic experience. I was part of both Bassmania Classics that we trailered to Memorial Park in Peterbourgh. We weight our fish at Bensfort Bridge and then top 10 trailered to arena for the big show. Most boats where provide a Rapala portable air . I always carried one with clips to run off battery's. I was last boat to trailer both years and don't remember being offered the rapala one. So my boat had the recuirc and my Mr Bubbles plus ice and cosser salt. Both years my fish where in good shape but the fish where already weight so my big worry was over. You don't win tournaments with dead fish penalties.
  12. Almost on weekly bases somebody shows up and says I've not been here in a long time. That means they went to facebook and like listening to drivellers. And now they need information and they go where they can get it.
  13. you need to talk to different people
  14. If in boat be very very carefull. And the maps don't trust them.
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