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  1. 24 volt trolling motor will 100% less amps. So your 12 volt on 6 a little over half your 24 will be on 3. If the wind blows your 12 volt will quickly be on 10. The 24 comes with larger prop so will handle the wind much better. So 100% more efficient use of battery power and larger prop to handle conditions.
  2. Hooking 2 battery's in parallel doesn't make 24 volts. It's still 12 volt system and runs out of stuffing quick. A 24 volt system you will run your troller on a lower setting and still have plenty of up power when wind gets mean. 24 volt system is worth every dime.
  3. 24 volt troller is the way to go. You have the battery's . If you buy quick connects to change battery's and the cables for parallel would be cost of the 24 volt troller plus your 12 volt.
  4. Adjusting the new trailer for your boat is another engineering feat. Once boat is on the trailer and adjustments needed lower tongue jack completely then crib back of boat. Raise tongue jack. Taking boat off rails make adjustments and lower boat back on trailer.
  5. I also seen it on tri lakes couple times and a gaint pike on Bay of Quinte close to Lake Ontario. Seems random different weather and water conditions.
  6. I,ve seen this several times the first time was at Moon River Basin. I was casting a shoreline and got this Erie feeling. Looked behind and here's my target just watching me, when I moved trolling motor it moved to watch me. Really spooky, fish that area everyday trying to raise the fish just didn't happen.
  7. Both got less than 1 hour with me. Bloodline 3 days when the coating wore off and sunk just like every other mono. Been using Co Polamar for 40 years, still try the next greatest line every time, guess I like throwing money away.
  8. It's huge wiring your troller correctly and even more so for electronics.o
  9. To run 80% constant you will need the best connections possible. I would take top off the head 4 screws from underneath. The first thing is your nose take a good sniff. If it smells burnt it likely is. You will also see a connection if that looks burnt it is. Really you should never run a trolling motor on 80 ,think it even states in manual only for short periods . You might need a 36 volt system.
  10. A little different got a phone call many years ago from Durham Region police. Do you own a 1989 Corsica. AW yes, could you check a see if the licence sticker is on this vehicle. Yes sir it,s in the driveway. Nope sticker gone. Cop said these guy in a lot of trouble. Well this car is parked at Teddy's in Oshawa 5 days a week. That fits these guys are just down the street. The moral of the story. Cost us $35 to get new sticker.o
  11. Getting over border is big issue. The easy way is duel citizenship or US citizen . Thats why you fish tournament with proper letter you get over border.
  12. I've heard guys get letter to fish tourney stateside. Go over border. Then pick up there boat, and. Say they bought boat at tournament.
  13. I step on my shimano symmetry back in 1999. Won that tourney then won some small stuff . The next year won a tourney then won CSFL Classic plus some small stuff. The next 2001 same thing won some tourneys and the CSFL Classic. Won few more more tourneys over next few years until I retired from big tourneys. To this day I haven't fix the reel, it's bend so bad it speeds up when it goes by the bend. The reel is cheap so never worried about it.
  14. It would be a miracle to get a verbal hassement charge lay , proably bigger miracle to get police to show up at a fishing spot to witness verbal harrasment. Think you need to stranded up for your self.
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