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  1. We’re you out on the grand yesterday? Could have sworn I saw this boat there. Nice looking rig.
  2. I recommend checking the Ontario DooTalk subforum for for updates. Lots of guys asking and lots of locals or guys who've been up for a tour answering. Seems like if you don't want to go too far north, staging from Dwight puts you into the best conditions right now. Hali forest is an option, but they only let 100 sleds a day in, and you have to reserve early.
  3. My ice fishing partner and I went from a finder to a Humminbird ICE 55 flasher last year. It was almost immediately noticable we were hooking up with more fish. Anyone who says movable zoom is overrated obviously hasn't saved a day of fishing by using it on light biting suspending walleye on Quinte.
  4. You should take a look at the Bilstein 5100 series shock absorbers. They offer a 2.5" adjustable front shock for your coilover and a rear shock that will give you a couple inches. To lift the front: http://www.bilsteinus.com/products/truck-off-road/5100-series-ride-height-adjustable/ and to bring the back up: http://www.bilsteinus.com/products/truck-off-road/5100-series-lifted-light-trucksuv/ Unless you've got a spring compressor you'll have to get the front shocks taken out and the springs switched between old and new shocks, but the rear you can do yourself with a jack and ratchet.
  5. So, does that mean you won't be taking Mike D. From Lunkerville back there again?
  6. Smoke's Poutinerie http://smokespoutinerie.com/Locations.aspx
  7. You only have to pay for Dr. Depth if you've got a guilty conscience
  8. You've been able to do this for years with an ethernet cable and a laptop, for free.
  9. You can paint it any way you want, it's still spam. You receive a discount on their products with the understanding that you promote them.
  10. I believe this is what you're after, if you haven't already read it...
  11. When a transmission is "searching" for gears, it's because the RPMs are too low for the current gear and road speed, so it downshifts looking for higher RPMs. Putting it into D (also known as OD, the highest gear, lowest RPMs while cruising) doesn't solve that, it causes it.
  12. Unless you're on flat terrain at highway speeds, it's best to keep it out of OD. Not sure if you have a tow/haul button, but if you do and you're exceeding 50% of the GCWR it helps to use it, otherwise the longer shifts are annoying.
  13. If water temps are still in the 60s there will be bass in all different modes of spawn
  14. According to the MNR site http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/en/Business/LetsFish/2ColumnSubPage/STEL02_165904.html
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