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  1. Lew, not Lou. Great to hear some positive feedback for customer service these days. The bad ones get all the ink and those that are good don't. Enjoy the rest of your trip. I don't know if you are going to or have been to Nova Scotia yet. Remember to get out by Thanksgiving. I visited once at that time and found myself on the business end of a snow plow working for free for my BIL! Took an early flight home.
  2. Your baitcaster most likely is a far better quality rod and reel.
  3. The near province wide power outage in Nova Scotia recently was caused by the remnants of that Hurricane dropped a land shark on the power plant!
  4. Hey Paul. Maybe that's why I haven't caught a fish with 1 for a while!!! Haaa. We all get sucked in to the new and improved hardware, each and every year. Rappala's are so expensive now, starting at $12.99 for a small F6, Canadian Tire keeps them locked up in a jewelry case.
  5. Fished there more than a few times in Sept and Oct. and 2 of my fishing buddies go there every year for a week at the end of Sept. with the wives. Like any other fishing trip some good fishing and some poor fishing. The go to was Shad Raps. When we found the fish trolling we would drift Lindy Rigs tipped with black leather imitation Leeches or black twister tails. 12 to 20 feet of H2O.
  6. I have few Hot n Tot's in the treasure chest. I like them because of the metal lip. Easy to change depths just by simply bending the lip up or down. Never had 1 break.
  7. Dunnville has been known to harbour a criminal element. If the authorities really want to enforce the law they don't have to go far from the dam to nab a few dealers of illicit drugs and stolen property to purchase said illicit drugs.
  8. Stopped and had lunch on the Grand River just North of the Dunnville dam. 2 guys fishing from the east shore close to the dam hauled 2 nice unidentified fish within the 25 mins. I was there. Could have been Rainbows.
  9. Glad to hear G. Mech. I actually never use that ramp. If the wind is up from the south it is unprotected and boats can get damaged. I use Fishmasters up river a bit. 5 bucks and a huge parking lot. The ramp is steep so I can drive the boat right onto the trailer because the base is solid too. Don't go in to far, there is a drop off.
  10. Believe me I have tried. Some are so light they can go backwards when I tried to throw them out there into a light wind. No matter how much weight is added they just seem to act stupid going through the air. Often the heavy weight would pass the spoon in the air and make a mess of the line. Get out there and give it a try. Why do you want to reinvent the wheel Huzz? Cost? One reason fishin' ain't cheap. The orange J-13 was our lake O Rappala way back when. 12 guys on the Hamilton pier and 10 are throwing J-13's. And they casted like turd too into the wind.
  11. Oh it's allowed Leaf but by the time liability and Comp.insurance is paid and all the volunteers have been trained in the use of power tools, have JSP's developed, reviewed then the volunteers have them read and fully explained to them as well as the required WHIMIS classes it would be less cost to have the Township workers do the repairs after a committee is set up to review the sealed bids from sub contractors then and only then the capital has to be approved by Town Council unless it is close to an election then the matter will be held over until the new council may review the project. So we can expect the ramp to be down until 2024, maybe 2026. Or we can sneak in under the cover of a low Moon and then we can get er done well before last call at the hotel.
  12. Marinas will sell lines and all fittings etc. with the manufacturers name on it. i.e. Merc, Yamaha, Johnson etc. I bought Mercury for my Mariner. Then it wouldn't start. Make sure the arrow is pointing towards the engine, yep I man enough to admit it. And all this time I thought I was perfect!
  13. I liked it Popo. Keep them coming. You keep them under 3 minutes, perfect, not many will watch a 25 minute video of someone reeling in a fish with no audio other than unique music. It certainly shows the variety of species that can come out of that river. Everyone reading this please don't keep any to eat. That river can be a toilet when the sanitation systems in the bigger towns along it get stressed and often overflow into it. I have seen pics of toilet paper flowing down river. My favorite on the video is the fish that flies out of your hand at the 1 minute mark. Is that a Moon Eye? I have never even seen one. Looks similar to a Walleye in shape.
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