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  1. We always shot for April 1st for our first game of Golf, snow in the shadows of the Pines many times. If I tee up a ball and don't need to wear long John's it's spring. More than a few times we fished open water of the outflow at Nanticoke in March. I don't care what the calendar says if I can fish or golf then and only then it's spring. Or I should say we used to fish and golf. Open water here on Erie a few hundred yards from shore. A week ago it was solid to the horizon. I wonder how many are going through the ice this weekend? Hopefully zero but I doubt it.
  2. Don't eat this, you're gonna die, don't drink that, you're gonna die, don't go there, you're gonna die, don't fly in this plane, you're gonna die, don't go into the water you're gonna die, don't drive this you're gonna die and for God's sake don't breath the air you are going to die, for sure. I think you get my point. Basically fake news bought and paid for by the sellers of Ford F-150's and Dodge Ram with Honda chipping in a few bucks. If I was ever in the passengers seat who was driving? A Cop.
  3. Yes ec it can get confusing. I have no idea what you are saying but that's on me. Drifter I guess not AWD vehicles are equal. It's not fair to compare a Honda to a GM. Maybe a Vette but they can't pull a bicycle out of a ditch. It's strange that as humans we know more about what makes our vehicles run than we do our own bodies.
  4. I've had both. My vote is 4X4 by far for what I need it for. Snow and ice road conditions, the occasional steep slippery boat ramp and driving a farms back 40 once in a while. I have had to pull a few folks from the ditch or stuck in a snow drift and I know that the AWD wouldn't do the job 4 low will. Last winter during a bad storm here along the lakeshore I came across a AWD vehicle in a ditch. The driver passed me doing about 80KPH and we were doing about 40 to 50KPH. The young lady in the AWD something or other was surprised she lost control because after all it was an AWD vehicle. I could have pulled her out but was dressed in my Sunday best and didn't have any "pull a AWD out of the ditch" clothing with me. I gave her the number for CAA.
  5. That's a good one AKA Doug. More like 3 life sentences for murder with parole in Ontario. As far as Venison it tasted just like a lean, very lean beef as I said.
  6. For some reason I posted a few things about onions of course and they didn't show up here. I am sure it's me or my PC. Most likely me. I was told by my brother that shot Bambi, just like fishing it isn't the destination it is the journey. I would say a pound of Walleye catching them in the boat 10 miles off shore I could buy it in Dover at 1/2 price. or less, that's no fun. That's no fun. Does anyone have a good corned beef recipe using brisket? That brisket you made Speil made looks phenomenal. St. Paddy's day is today so I'm a bit late. Today is our 26th anniversary. Some day she might Marry me. A 24 year engagement is well past the statutory limitation for a Diamond she says. Actually the stone fell out last Fall. I told her to take it in for a tune up every year. So now a months salary is 1/2 of what it was 25 years ago, Giant Tiger has nice rings. No one listened to me at the Steel plant for 30 years so what else is new? Lets see if this posts.
  7. A good friend is here for a few days helping me out as I am 10 months into a 7 week reno. He made a tomato pasta sauce with Venison back strap today. He actually put an onion in it !!!!!!!! He was born in Italy. Man that was good, still is because there's enough for 5 more meals. To be totally honest I don't know what the big thing Venison is, don't get me wrong it was good but not anything different than lean beef to me, my wife didn't know she ate Bambi. He marinated it over night. It was served with Pennini Regatta (mini Penne with ridges. That stuff is lean. He put a piece of pork fat in the succo.
  8. Onions!! Onions you say. If you like onions in clam sauce you put in as many as you wish. My wife made her creamy Clam chowduh today. It has green onions in it. Nothing wrong with Spaghettini or even Angel Hair for a seafood dish. Many restaurants serve Brodetto which is a seafood stew over Angel hair in a bowl. It's like a bouillabaisse. When I make a pot it costs $100.00 for the seafood, from lobster to crab legs , huge Scampi to Skate. When it's done a large piece of a hard flesh fish is placed on top and covered and it is basically steamed such as Cod or Marlutzzo (sic), Italian for something I can't remember. It is traditionally served over Polenta spread out on a large board on the table or as I said Angel hair in a bowl and then covered in the Brodetto. Well worth it.
  9. How true. As far as relaxing that depends. Try trolling with 6 lines and the other 2 guests don't know how to change a lure let alone set a downrigger, not relaxing at all. Lew, is that you smiling? Can't be. Great photo.
  10. A poorly written article. We usually feed the guts to a buddies 3 Huskies, they will eat anything. I have no problem leaving the guts from a few fish on our land a hundred feet from the cottage. Yes they attract critters, better than putting it in the garbage in the shed and stinking to high Heaven. They will rip the door up trying to get to it.
  11. I'm jealous. Hope you got skunked but see you didn't.
  12. This is going to be a tough one for the Crown to get a conviction for all the points mentioned above. Did he kidnap the person that unfortunately was killed, was that person aware they were on the ice? The 1st time I drove on the ice I didn't know, It isn't illegal to drive on a frozen body of water. Only illegal if the vehicle breaks through the ice, I think. I don't practice Law or Medicine online. We have had this discussion many, many times before here on OFC. Is a vehicle insured if it goes through the ice? My agent says no, good enough foe me. Some ice fishing pals say "yes" they are insured. My licenced vehicle is insured to travel on roadways and private property provided to the public, if I go off roading in my 4X4 and I damage it or harm a passenger, my insurance will NOT cover my collision or liability, I have that in wrighting. Seldom do we get the details of our policies other than the invoices, we don't have insurance during times of war, riot as well as trying to cross a picket line. Who knew? I did because my car was damaged during the Stelco 81' strike and my windshield was busted out with a brick and zero insurance Recreational vehicles maybe if insured, he hasn't got back to me about that scenario for 3 years, I don't have a sled or off road 4X4 any longer but wanted to know. That's why we have a Google page (used to be Yellow Pages) full of Lawyers for a county of 45,000 citizens. Condolences to the Family of the deceased. Let us not forget this is about a loved one that has passed.
  13. We tossed a few hundred pounds of dictionary's when we cleaned out the house. Google then was to look up what we needed to know all through grade and high school. Mom was a hard headed American slash Calabrese, what a combo. If the answer in the Encyclopedia Britannica wasn't what she said the answer was the book was wrong. Then when the grand kids showed her Google, Google answers as well were wrong. She was most likely right. I found an old Galazatier that showed maps of countries pre 1st World War, it was my Great Grand Fathers who was still alive when I was a kid. Not many can say they knew their Great Grand Parents, I was blessed to know them. My Great Grand Father scared the bejeezus out of me. It is priceless to me. My Noni gave me the galazatier that my Nono went through with me before Kindergarten for hours at a time that was pre WW2. I could draw a map of North America and most states and all the provinces before I got to grade school. Some of Europe and Asia too. My teachers thought I was a geographical savant in grade 2. Nope, just taught early and well. Now my 5 year old great niece can draw the galaxy and the constellations. Get this. My great grandfather and my grand father were best friends. My Nono was 32 when he married my Noni, she was 16, maybe. Today he would be sent to prison. They were married for 50 years and had 7 kids. What was this thread about again? Tech stuff. Books are techie too, no?
  14. We must share some DNA. My father collected old phones amongst other things not because he was interested in the things, you just don't throw anything away, ever. He had a 12" diameter ball of string, I swear. Dozens of KFC bags all neatly bundled in twine, a box of assorted nails that were straitened out by hand. When we moved them into their retirement residence I scooped all his phones and actually had an old rotary phone that is 60's turquoise until we dumped the land line. We kept him away from the house we grew up in as we filled a large dumpster full of stuff, he would cry if he saw what we had to toss. The Sally Ann wanted us to deliver it all to them. I bet more than a few here will have to Google Funk and Wagnall's.
  15. I get it now, thanks. I'll be turning the lights on the old fashion way. Same with TV and stereo. I love having 6 controllers next to my recliner. I have a drawer full of them and don't know which one works with what. We don't even have Data Usage on the not so smart phones. I can wait until I get home if I need a computer. I'm told I am a weirdo because I use the phone to talk to people, I refuse to text. Car radios still broadcast the local weather reports, on both AM and FM.
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