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  1. Those "chicken balls" we get at Chinese restaurants has nothing to do with Chinese food. They are actually named " balled chicken." It's Can Am Chinese food just like spaghetti and meatballs is Italian food. I've seen some strange things served in Chinese restaurants. Like the huge live Carp cooked in smoking oil at the table. The chef poured some red sauce on it and everyone dove in. The idea is to eat the Carp before it dies. Mmmmm good. Fresh as you will ever get.
  2. It seems like I woke up one day and there are leaves on the maple trees and green buds on the rest. Gardens pop up over night too.
  3. I did get stumped on the sail boat stuff but it wasn't on the test. I do remember "Red right Return" "Green right Go"
  4. I'll pass, you can have mine M2B2. To tell you the truth I don't like Deer anymore. I did once but had some fresh last year and I didn't like it at all. Tastes change I guess. I'm even off the beef and bird lately. JD out.
  5. Good story, thanks for sharing. When I started fishing I was already married. Had to hold my reel upside down because I am left handed. No one told me you can switch handles. The in laws still laff I'm sure.
  6. If we did get those winds I would stick a sign in the lawn after the storm was over saying, "WATERFRONT LOT FOR SALE, PILE OF BUILDING MATERIALS INCLUDED"
  7. I learned a few years back that there are over 1000 different variations of Black Flies in Ontario. Some bite and leave a nasty sting, some draw blood some just bother you like the huge type I experienced on a small lake east of Parry Sound a few years ago in May. We get a type here on Erie that just swarm to the light and cover everything the next AM in dead black fly corpses. They just make a mess. Every year I found myself picking black flies off the front of our vehicles chrome and paint all summer long. I came up with a good system to help keep the front of our vehicles a fly free zone. Spray cooking oil all over the front of the cars and trucks, everywhere. When it's time to wash the vehicles the flies wipe right off. It's so simple and it works.
  8. For what it's worth. I'm told that 2 buddy's went out yesterday fishing on Erie. When they got back to the ramp an OPP ghost car and 2 constables are waiting for them. They told the Cops that they live together under the same roof. ID says either one guy is lying or one guy hasn't changed his address. No fine, just a warning. My question is it a fineable offence?
  9. If it's not far from your house we should be asking you. But let me guess. You just moved to the area, now I'm jealous. I see your a newbie J rock. On behalf of the members here on OFC welcome aboard. Please read the rules carefully. It is important that you understand them too. There are a bunch of good guys and a few gals here. Being not far from Nord Bay you are surrounded by good fishin' and a World class Musky fishery in the West Arm of Lake Nipissing. N.B. No one named me spokesman for welcoming new members
  10. I went to our TSC store to pick up a new BBQ curbside and they handed me a brochure for the Huquavarna Automower 310. Does anyone have one of the robot lawnmowers? Do they work or are they a gimmick until all the kinks are engineered. I do know Husquavarna makes quality products. This particular item is selling for $999.99 CDN. I finally after months of shopping for a new BBQ I finally found the best deal at TSC. Anyway a 6 burner, 50,000 BTU unit with the stainless steel lid on wheels for $399.99 plus HST. It is also NG convertible. A 50,000 BTU 6 burner unit from Home Depot that says WEBER on the lid is going for, ready $3500.00 plus tax. Yes the lid is heavier, the metal is heavier, a 5 year limited warranty not a 3 year but 3100 bucks heavier, not in my opinion Green font now? Thanks, Johnny D/Selkirk On.
  11. Yep, now I recall. Took the course and test at a local Marine dealer in Hagersville 10 years ago. I was told that was the last time that this Marine dealer offered the course. When someone takes the test online who issues the card? Taking the test for a 2nd time online isn't a bad idea to brush up on laws etc. Since I took the course I got a number where I could act as a moderator for someone taking the test at home online. Lord only knows where I wrote it down.
  12. I will ask my brother who does HVAC and gas fitting for a living.
  13. Does anyone know if the Port Maitland pier is open. Also the ramp there, is it opened? Our friend Huzzaba was asking me.
  14. Double standards rules the day. On a tour of a Ford plant today in Michigan guess who was the only person that refused to wear a mask?
  15. Brian is always happy to help a fellow fisherman. I have a few pals that own Princecrafts. The only thing that isn't great in my mind is that the transoms are low in some models. Water splashes into the water wells more than others. So much so that one guy I know installed a 2nd bilge pump under the water well just for that. Other than that great boats. That 91' 680T Ranger of Tomcats is a beauty. And Arts Bass boat looks showroom new, I wouldn't expect anything less.
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