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  1. Old Ironmaker

    An aggressive black bear video , this hunter was lucky

    A Bear I met once wasn't bluffing. I was married to her for 10 years.
  2. Old Ironmaker

    An aggressive black bear video , this hunter was lucky

    Lucky man. I guess when you go into Bear country you might see a Bear, hunters need to watch what they wish for.
  3. Old Ironmaker

    Cappuccino for pennies a cup

    a lot more hassle than going thru Timmies drive thru!!! Yes Pics I'm sure I wouldn't recognize the place. But you guys are making a profit now, not when the plant was an employment factory with us oldtimers like Dave and I running the joint. Yes Timmies is easier, but that's 700 or so more bucks a year for tackle that I save. There were days more than 2 a day. I don't get out much these days but when I do I don't pass many Timmy's. We actually have 1 in Haldimand County now, 1. You never know, might even get a stop light some day!!
  4. Old Ironmaker

    Is this line strong enough for fishing a Jig

    Most of 180 yards of line never see the light of day when fishing the way you describe.
  5. Old Ironmaker

    Dodge XWRP warranty scam?

    Another victim. Based on this thread when my brother bought his brand new Ram last month he referred the seller to this thread based on what I have learned from Rizzo's dilemma and my recommendation. The guy at the dealership didn't have much to say other than his insurance was the best. Yea right.
  6. Old Ironmaker

    Crappie, Bacon and Avocado on Rye.....YUM!

    If I depended on someone else feeding me I would waste away to nothing. I like avocado on certain things, fried fish maybe not. Now I'm jealous, going out for dinner tonight in Port Dover, a Lake Erie fishing village. I bet my 5 finger size pieces of frozen Perch is going to set me back 25 bananas with a Ceaser. If I cleaned fish in the kitchen I would be sleeping in the truck. You are 110% right, potatoes should sit in water for a time to get most of the starch out so to crisp up but have never seen anyone wash them in a salt bath. I hardly salt the pasta water anymore and maybe once a month will I fry something, maybe, tonight is a treat. I bake everything I would normally fry from Pork Shnitzels to fish in Panko crumbs. We are getting close to our Best Before date here. By the way Simon it's a sangwitch not sammich.
  7. Old Ironmaker

    Is this line strong enough for fishing a Jig

    Depends on what you are fishing for like misfish said. I would never use 100% flouro. Why would you? Unless you are longline trolling only the length you have in the water or casting is leaving the spool anyway. You can tie 100' of flouro to whatever you use as backing, like braid or even mono, you only need a few feet of flouro, not a spool full. I actually don't like flouro as a main line. One kink, and they kink, and the line is visible and that's why one uses flouro, invisibility. .
  8. Old Ironmaker

    Checking in - NF

    I'm so busy I don't even have time to spend more than 3 hours on OFC at a time. I don't know what I would do without it. Oh, I know, do something on my list of to do's or go to iboats.com or The Bleacher Report site. I'm doing a load of laundry as I type, reading threads here, watching the TSN rerun of the outdoor NHL game plus listening to WGR radio 1 Bills Drive/Buffalo, talk about multi tasking, man I'm good. Plus pushing the button on a washing machine can be tough work I tell ya'. Gotta go, Judge Judy's on.
  9. Old Ironmaker

    Quinte in Late Jan / Early Feb

    The last time we were there I walked by a guy and he started flipping out, too close 25 ft away. The water was coming up through his hole when I walked by. 2" of ice, maybe. I headed back to the truck and went to the motel room. The temps dropped that afternoon and night. It was 4" or better the next morning. So in a few weeks I hope there is plenty of ice for you guys. It doesn't take weeks to set.
  10. Old Ironmaker

    NF NF back up camera

    The YJ's sure were fun. Had a hardtop and those little beasts were 30C in the winter after a few minutes. Top off in May and stayed off all summer, 3rd vehicle by then. Took the doors off, top down and even folded the windshield down and go on road trips. Got caught one summers night when the temp dropped, froze all the way from Port Stanly to the cottage with no windshield, doors or top, no tools to bolt the windshield back up either. 2 hour drive in shorts and T shirts. All the nieces were little tikes then and always wanted to go for a ride. I would take them along the lakeshore here. There is one spot at the end of Stoney Creek here in Selkirk that is a foot deep for a few hundred yards into the lake. I would take the thing into the lake a few hundred feet and they would loose it. Fun times we will never forget. We had all 18 over during the holidays and were reminiscing, my 91 year old Father as well, 4 generations. I told them it's time to make new fun times. My wife was looking for a new ride this past spring. Looked at newer CJ's(?) as she wanted a rag top. My back wouldn't take it and they sure hold their value. There are some serious YJ owners clubs out there. One I traded for plywood, the other I don't remember where it ended up. I traded in the Cherokee towards a used Beemer. I've never had the YJ's go much over 100KPH, at that speed it sounded like it was going to come apart. My wife has I'm sure.
  11. Old Ironmaker

    NF NF back up camera

    I wish. If you could see the rear end of my 2011 Silverado I am in need of a back up camera, badly. I'm constantly told "it's just a truck." The truck doesn't have a big built in screen, buddy's Silverado doesn't either and the little screen on the dash is almost impossible to see so no camera for me. 1 little knick on my wife's baby and it's on my list of to do's. Albert sorry but I can't help myself, since it's a Jeep who cares what damage you might do to it. I said sorry. I can see how a camera can be a safety thing so not to run something over backing up. By the way I have owner no less than 3 Jeeps, 2 old YJ's and a Cherokee. One YJ wouldn't start if it was raining 30 miles away. I carried a spare starter (3 easy to get to bolts and 3 wires) a spare battery and a few cans of WD 40.
  12. Old Ironmaker

    For you drone fliers

    I have none. It's the giving that counts for me. She's 12 years old.
  13. Old Ironmaker

    Best Pike Fishing

    Welcome to the best fishing forum anywhere. Great that you are still out and about at your age. We have caught big Pike in the Long Lac area. I have never even seen a Pike longer than 40" other than in pics. I as well as you are on a fixed pension. I have a bucket list of things I want to do but don't have a bucket full of Benjamin's to do it. Anything you have mentioned, especially an American plan will cost big time. The best advise you can give your sons is to learn how to cook. It will save you guys hundreds a week. That's where I started to learn to cook, fishing trips because I needed to, fast forward 25 years and I'm running a restaurant.
  14. Old Ironmaker

    Quinte in Late Jan / Early Feb

    Here's Sams number. 1-613-396-2160. My pal talked to him today, he said to bring the boat, zero ice.
  15. Old Ironmaker

    Cappuccino for pennies a cup

    Close ketch. Grappa in coffee is an abomination. Dad had a pal that put red wine in his coffee! Dio mio.