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  1. I was tooling around here yesterday and had Jerry Agar CBC radio on. The subject was the price of weed, legal and illegal. Many folks that know the prices all said illegal weed is 1/2 or less the price of the legal stuff. The gov would have us believe all the illegal stuff is laced with Fentanyl and other deadly substances. I don't smoke but if I did I certainly wouldn't be paying double. There are enough home growers I know that don't lace the stuff.
  2. If I had the money the Judge awarded her I could have a great big boat, and a cottage. That was then and this is now and I couldn't be happier.
  3. If there isn't any visible OPP or CO's conducting safety checks someone would complain. Go down to some US states and if there isn't beer on a boat it's abnormal. I remember one gas station in Florida, if you got more than 30 bucks in gas and you got a can of beer free. Guys filling up at a pre pay and chugging a cold can of Bud. You don't see that everyday.
  4. 1/2 Ukrainian and 1/2 Polish, that's some good stock you have there. I know many friends who's Mom's and Pop's were exactly that. Come to think of it my SIL. If I had the $$ I wouldn't lift a finger either. Maybe to polish one of my Ferrari's, maybe. Let's hope all that American money keeps coming here. A pal has a property with 2 nice cottages on it on a small lake somewhere near Point Au Baril. They slam the Walleye, Smallmouth and big Pike. All they do is fish, they never fished until they bought there. It's an adventure just to get to the place on the path they call a road. Then down the 45 degree hill to the cottages precariously perched on the hill. The 1st time my brother went he tore the exhaust system off his new Beemer. I thought I knew what bad black flies were. That is until I had to wear a face net to eat dinner, in the cottage. That is just crazy. I have politely declined an invitation a few times now. I will never disclose where, it could be fished out by a few boats that know how to.
  5. I once had my middle finger of my right hand amputated at the top knuckle in a industrial accident. Comp awarded me 3 grand in a payout, I'm left handed. I wanted to buy a 14' tinny and a 9.9. Before I found the boat she spent it on drapes and vertical blinds. I went fishing a few months later and never came home. That was exactly 30 years ago and my finger still hurts.
  6. Henry told me he was Ukrainian. He wanted to be Italian! Toughest 240 lb lineman ever, and fittest. The old timers I fished with in the 80's went through the depression and WW2. They kept everything they caught and you caught as well. I remember Ozzie telling us whoever caught a big Pike keep it. He would stuff it with OOS Bass and Pikereye fillets and freeze it. I've seen him keep 10" Largemouth Bass. If we had to eat meat from a bloated rotting dead horse on the side of the road as a Nazi POW we might keep each and every fish we caught too. They lived in a time we just cannot fathom. Dad was the last of the oldtimers in our Family, he passed this passed April just 4 days after his 92nd birthday. Reposo en Pacce Pa. Young fellas out here on Erie couldn't care if they caught a 8 pound Smallie, it's all Walleye and it all goes on the table. Never less than as many keepers in the freezer along with the Moose, Deer and Rabbit as allowed at any given time. Maybe less young Walleye anglers where you are Akri, not down here.
  7. More like everything Tom. They could make a replica of a turd and we will buy it because it's new.
  8. The Apple don't fall far from the tree. Dat der fish could pull you and your toon around all day and not break a sweat. Do fish sweat? That there is one nice Salmon and kudo's to the offspring. The very 1st absolute first Salmon I caught on a charter years ago, in the early 80's was on a charter out of LaSalle Marina in Burlington. It was my turn so I took the rod. 32 lb. King. I was on the board for a few days for the old Salmon Hunt, I think it was the TO Star. No weekly 10G's then, just your name n the paper. I did get a small prize for being in 1st for a while, I believe I ended up 40th or so. The winner was a 40 some pounder, new truck and boat was 1st prize. My former spouse would have made me trade it in for new furniture or stuff. The guys that had been Salmon guys for years weren't to impressed with my luck and it was sheer luck but I landed her. It felt like reeling in a VW Beetle that was in reverse gear. I remember my Uncle telling me once that when you think when a Salmon is off reel like a bugger, they will run towards you, he was right.
  9. Remember the T shirts ? "Blast Furnace Pure Hell." They don't give you a 25 years and out pension for nothing. The place should be open September 1st which means some time in November based on the speed the contractors go. I am completely hands off on this one. James N. is changing everyday not for the better in some cases. Rents have gone sky high. Those apartments above the store fronts went for 500 bucks or less a month. Now a grand or more. Our social club has been offered several million to sell. Then where do we go? Tony Creek?
  10. Spiel, I just invested in a new Bistro on James N. Looking for a great chef. You want a job? Best thing is you won't have to work for me.
  11. Some beauty eaters there.
  12. Another one wooshed over my head.
  13. She's a beauty, way to go. I guess I cheat sometimes. Is it cheatin' using Emerald Shinners for Jack Perch?
  14. I guess I own Steve a few bucks. Come to think about it I haven't launched there for a few years. 10 bucks is still a great deal. I don't know what Hoover Marina at Nanticoke charges, some one said a few years back it was $25.00. And not the best docks, actually crap, only 1 place to tie off last time we were there for dinner. A few members here refuse to use it. The steel on their docks can leave a mark that can't be buffed out. That could be improved with a few old tires. It can be entertaining watching guys launch and retrieve their boats on weekends there. Potahawk weekend is a Gong show there. Beware launching at Fishmasters. There is a drop off that will hang up your trailer if you go back too far. With high water levels it shouldn't be a problem.
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