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  1. I'm not sure you're going to find the oil pump by dropping the pan anyway; is it not behind the timing cover on the Vortec"s?
  2. G.mech

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    This should answer most of the questions...: https://www.nhl.com/news/seattle-2021-nhl-expansion-draft-rules-same-as-vegas-golden-knights-followed/c-302586918
  3. G.mech

    Get ready Cormorants 😡

    I'll hold your beer while you climb up the crap covered dead tree full of angry birds to step on their nests!
  4. G.mech

    All Weather Tires

    I put Hankook Optimo's on my wife's CRV and they worked well for what they are; a compromise. They certainly aren't as good as winter tires but are far better than all seasons so for people who don't drive a lot they're a good option. They didn't last all that long (around 60k) and I just replaced them with Toyo Celsius which are far superior as far as noise and ride go but we'll have to see how long they live. I really like not having to store and change another set of tires.
  5. G.mech

    Lake Ontario Tilapia

    I asked my son who is a biologist & currently babysitting about 600,000 tilapia on a fish farm if he thought that's what this was. His reply: Hopefully he's right in the fact that they won't be able to reproduce.....
  6. We saw a huge flock like that near Port Dover last weekend too, never seen a flock that large.
  7. No would be the answer, they are protected under the Ont Fish & Wildlife Act, not sure why but that's what this article says: https://www.ofah.org/issues/cormorants/
  8. Lake Nipissing is a complicated ecosystem with a number of factors contributing to the alleged crisis in the lake, the cormorants only being one. As we can see from this thread alone, there isn't even a clear consensus that there is a crisis to begin with (I am not really convinced either based on our success on the lake in the last decade). Anyway, you may be aware of this group but here is a link to the Lake Nipissing Stakeholders Association facebook page. If you do a search on the page there are links to a few good articles from a few years ago discussing the impact of the birds on the fish populations which may be of interest. Lots of info too on the work being done with all levels of government to sort out the commercial fishing (both legal and illegal), the re-stocking programs, the cormorants and various other initiatives. https://www.facebook.com/pg/lakenipissingstakeholdersassoc/posts/
  9. G.mech

    new walleye fishing product

    These have been around for a few years. I tried them and tried every option that came with them such as the heavier weights and bigger rings and never really liked them. The concept of the Lite Bite is great but there seemed to be a lot of cut lines & lost gear and no way to tell for sure what the line got cut on, they were just gone (50# braid). I ran them for a whole season and they seemed to run okay when they worked but I never caught nearly the number of walleye on them as on the standard dipsy divers which I cannot explain either. They now occupy shelf 6-D in the room full of unused gear.
  10. G.mech


    But those street checks violated the rights of the criminals to carry illegal weapons, the rights of wanted felons to run free, and the rights of drug dealers to conduct their businesses efficiently....how could our society allow that to continue????? This thread will end up locked in 3....2.....1.......
  11. G.mech

    Can't complain about mileage

    Mine never had a wrench on it other than oil changes, a set of brakes, and regular maintenance. Fuel system & injectors had not been touched since new. Others have reported the same circumstances although some fires did occur after injector work. I find it offensive that FCA or anybody else would try to blame the end users for something as serious as this.....I guess until somebody dies, it won't ever be sorted out and they will just keep sweeping it under the rug.
  12. G.mech

    Can't complain about mileage

    No way they'll ever figure that out, the engine compartment was basically empty after the fire since all the aluminum and magnesium parts were consumed including the hood, turbo housing, rad, tranny cooler etc. It was definitely a fuel fire though, probably an injector broke or something because the entire engine compartment was covered in burning fluid when I got the hood open and the was no sign of oil anywhere and it held 15L. Thank god for replacement value insurance, they bought me a brand new, current model year truck with all the toys! It is NOT another eco-diesel however after this episode.
  13. G.mech

    Can't complain about mileage

    Can't complain about the mileage but I will be complaining about this for a while. Here's my 2015 ecodiesel on the way home from the lake last weekend. Cruising down a back road at the limit, it lost power and went up in flames in about a minute. Wasted 2 fire extinguishers but saved my boat and not much else.....130,000 easy, easy km. This is not the only one. BEWARE!! https://www.ecodieselram.com/forum/threads/anyone-had-their-ecodiesel-catch-on-fire.1363/ I loved the truck and the mileage was very good but there will not be another one in my life, that's for sure. I was lucky to save my skin and my boat. FCA is denying there's a problem but this is becoming more and more regular.....this is a fuel problem only on the ecodiesel and is not the electrical fire on the 4x2 models that was subject to a recall.
  14. G.mech

    Well this isn't something you see every day ...

    no downriggers or rod holders.....
  15. G.mech

    Lake Ontario Tilapia

    According to my son who is a resident biologist on a large commercial tilapia farm, tilapia are intolerant to cold and start to die off when the water temps drop to below 55oF. Although some could survive, it is highly unlikely they could reproduce in the temperatures found in Lake O. I suppose he should know and I can assure you that these little tidbits of relatively useless information cost me dearly so I'm going to have to go along with his answer I guess.