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  1. Almost all field crops are still sprayed as well, millions of acres with both herbicides and pesticides. The only spraying that was stopped was for residential ornamental use but that made people feel good...I guess it worked.
  2. I pick it up at Aircraft spruce in Brantford. They have Stainless and aluminum in various lengths, widths, and thicknesses. https://www.aircraftspruce.ca/catalog/mepages/pianohinge.php?clickkey=15883
  3. This new regulation is under the "Possession and Use of Bait" section of the regulation so I can't see how it would preclude you from disposing of 'offal' into the lake as it was done in the past.
  4. I just look at it like sand traps and water hazards on the golf course....it kind of helps. I don't even go near the place on weekends though,
  5. IMG_20201106_0838035.jpg
    Got one last kick at the can for musky this week after a poor outing last week and managed to get both Alex and Bruce their first ever muskies. Bruce's was a 47" fatty and Alex's fish was 44". Got one more 37" as well. All were caught early in the day and things died off after about 10:30. Fish were all caught in the lake but we took a couple of river runs as well without success. Fantastic weather for November but I think that will be it for my season.
  6. IMG_20201012_0830364.jpg
    That is definitely a 'no-go' zone along the wall for sure! I always try to leave them lots of room since we have the whole rest of the river but sometimes traffic forces you within range and then you best keep your head up (or down maybe is more accurate).
  7. Nice fish Dan! Ian at http://www.fishlsc.com is a great operator and has been extremely helpful in getting us on fish and also getting me pointed in the right direction setting up my boat and tackle. We have fished musky with him the last two years on St.Clair & the Thames and are now doing fairly well on our own but we still plan to do more with him next year. He does Detroit River in the spring for walleye as well so we're planning on a 'refresher' day with him then too.
  8. If you're stuck at home and want use power during the peak hours, you're saving 8 cents/ kwh.....all depends on your situation I guess.
  9. Where did you get your old rates? Nov 2019 rates were 10.1/14.4/20.8 respectively. If you do the time weighted math, it works out to 12.8 c/kwh. Not sure how this really helps but anyway.....
  10. I guess that's understandable....we are a motley bunch down here. Maybe an airdrop from the Beaver would work once the ice is out??
  11. Ya sorry, I didn't see that.....my bad. I owe you a beer I guess. If I leave Brantford now, what time do I get to your place?
  12. No, that wasn't my point, I want you to post the picture you sent me with the 3 Rugers....LOL!
  13. image.png
    I was just doing some more reading on this and see the list includes a toy air soft gun!! I didn't believe it until I looked it up for myself: http://www.kingarms.com/productpage.asp?prodid=2021 Better let your kids know they are felons if the go outside to play....I think there's lots of loopholes, misses, and mistakes in this regulation change that will need to be revisited.
  14. Okay maybe that is a bad example then but there are others that this situation still applies to.....I think you realize that too Dave. I want @AKRISONERto post the one he has.....go ahead, I double dog dare ya!
  15. image000000.png
    This may help clarify the clear functional differences between assault rifles and other semi auto rifles that remain legal:
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