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  1. No need to apologize, it's often used interchangeably so I thought is was worth pointing out. Tight lines!
  2. Regarding Pleasure Craft Licensing here is the Transport Canada link with all the gory details of 'how to' and expiry info. Just for clarity, vessel Registration is a totally separate thing normally reserved for big boats, small private craft are usually Licensed : http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/marinesafety/debs-obs-paperwork-paperwork_boat_licence-1898.htm
  3. Kind of nice to see the Bruins taking it on the chin for once (PUN intended).
  4. If you're worried about your boat catching on fire, you maybe should re-think the 'no fuse/no breaker' idea....I get the argument about the plug but this is really stretching the safety thing.
  5. I don't know what that wire is (or was) but it certainly doesn't look like marine grade wire nor does it look of adequate size but it's kind of hard to tell. There are lots of options for plugs if you want the ability to remove the motor but starting with the right materials in the first place can't be a bad thing....
  6. Even the cartoon characters are taking shots at the Sens now: https://youtu.be/Yae81MsS5-w
  7. Did find this when I was digging a bit more into this topic....It does explain the problem and gives you links to the update/patch but it seems to be the same software version so I'm not sure what's up or why they would do a patch/update with the same version numbers. Anyway, I guess I'm lucky, my gen 2 unit is still working fine but maybe others are not. Sorry to @Steve Piggott for being a non-believer....: https://assetbank.navico.com/assetbank-navico/assetfile/36949.pdf?_cldee=bWF0dEB3aW50cm9uZWxlY3Ryb25pY3MuY29t&recipientid=contact-f8932a0cf2dbe61180fd5065f38b41f1-33b189b57e95458b8196daebaf1ba929&esid=7b207d7d-1861-e911-a97c-000d3a33085c
  8. Okay thanks. Didn't come for an argument. My units are working hopefully others have no issues either.
  9. That release referenced on April 12 is the V6.0.54.2 which was released in 2016. If you didn't already have it, you may have problems but it took care of the GPS Rollover problem already. You can read more here: http://www.oceannavigator.com/Web-Exclusives-2019/Lowrance-Simrad-and-B-G-Announce-Products-Will-Not-Be-Affected-By-GPS-Week-Rollover/
  10. Where do you find these updates? They're not listed on the Lowrance site. Units are still working today as well....
  11. Last Gen 2 update listed on Lowrance website is V4.0 from Feb 2015 for non-touch & V6.0 from August 2016 for Gen 2 touch. Mine has the latest update and it's still working fine. Did you have a very old software installed maybe?
  12. 54 bucks on Amazon, 34 for the two wire model (plug and receptacle combo). They seem to work fine for me. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B002IVEFD2/ref=twister_B06Y4KF2SG?_encoding=UTF8&th=1
  13. If anyone really thinks it's up to the CO to look up your license, you might be right but I have a feeling he may charge for the service if he has to do so....also, you are still required to carry your outdoors card (assuming they have sent it to you). The electronic provision is only for your license summary.
  14. MTO does NOT collect taxes for boats or motors, only the trailers. The boat license (some incorrectly refer to it as registration which is a different thing altogether) is Federal and they are supposed to collect that tax based on the license transfer process. That said, many folks never get billed for the federal tax and some get the bill years later but it's kind of hit and miss for some reason. As many have mentioned the value of the boat claimed does not need to include the outboard motor, just the boat so get three receipts, claim the boat only and if you're lucky, you'll never get a bill anyway.
  15. I don't really get how people want to hang this slump on the goaltenders especially Sparks. He's maybe not a star but he is .500 as a backup and in the last 6 games has a way better save percentage than super Freddie. (11 goals on 114 shots vs 16 goals on 77 shots).
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