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  1. G.mech

    Needed items for atv?

    Spare mattress is always handy...queen size is best just in case you find a friend in the bush.
  2. G.mech

    Needed items for atv?

    I carry a compass and a mini air compressor. We travel some pretty rough, rocky trails into the hunt camp and it's not unusual to knock a tire off a rim from time to time so if you have the compressor, you can usually get rolling again.
  3. G.mech

    Clam replacment parts..N/F sort of

    The shipping was about $40US, and taxes/duty was 23%. It arrived quick, around a week as I recall. The tent for my Denali was about $225 and the thermal was $250 US last year. I ordered some poles a couple of years ago too and they came quickly with no issues.
  4. G.mech

    Clam replacment parts..N/F sort of

    I went through the same process and ended up ordering direct. They do return e-mails but sometimes take quite a while so you're best to just call. Their customer service is really good but not on this side of the border.
  5. G.mech

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Maybe they can re-program Hutchinson to play D.....
  6. G.mech

    For you drone fliers

    New regulations finally to be announced....no more 'Hold my beer while I fly this drone mission' it appears. Lots of rules that don't really appear too enforcable. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/drones-aviation-garneau-regulations-1.4970750
  7. G.mech

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    He played 90 NHL games before the leafs got him....
  8. G.mech

    Cordless drill for 8" Auger set up?

    Lots of input from last year on the topic here: https://ontariofishingcommunity.com/topic/85612-will-an-18v-drill-turn-an-8-auger/?page=3
  9. I'm not sure you're going to find the oil pump by dropping the pan anyway; is it not behind the timing cover on the Vortec"s?
  10. G.mech

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    This should answer most of the questions...: https://www.nhl.com/news/seattle-2021-nhl-expansion-draft-rules-same-as-vegas-golden-knights-followed/c-302586918
  11. G.mech

    Get ready Cormorants 😡

    I'll hold your beer while you climb up the crap covered dead tree full of angry birds to step on their nests!
  12. G.mech

    All Weather Tires

    I put Hankook Optimo's on my wife's CRV and they worked well for what they are; a compromise. They certainly aren't as good as winter tires but are far better than all seasons so for people who don't drive a lot they're a good option. They didn't last all that long (around 60k) and I just replaced them with Toyo Celsius which are far superior as far as noise and ride go but we'll have to see how long they live. I really like not having to store and change another set of tires.
  13. G.mech

    Lake Ontario Tilapia

    I asked my son who is a biologist & currently babysitting about 600,000 tilapia on a fish farm if he thought that's what this was. His reply: Hopefully he's right in the fact that they won't be able to reproduce.....
  14. We saw a huge flock like that near Port Dover last weekend too, never seen a flock that large.
  15. No would be the answer, they are protected under the Ont Fish & Wildlife Act, not sure why but that's what this article says: https://www.ofah.org/issues/cormorants/