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  1. How did it come out? Did you carpet the steps?
  2. How about a couple oldies: Chubs Hub Rattalure Heddon Tiny Torpedo U-20 Flatfish ( coachdog) Rebel Wee Crawfish Mr Twister
  3. That is a classic. Great Movie too. Who didn't jump in that one scene?
  4. It's hard to believe my favorite movie of all time was released 50 years ago. "The Godfather" starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. I had worked in a small fastfood restaurant run by two Italian brothers. One of them was really interested in the Mafia and couldn't wait for the release of the movie. He talked it up and I ended up going to see it with one of my co-workers, a nice. pretty, redhead. But the movie was great too. Intrigue, parts that made you cringe. Parts that made you laugh. For you, younger people watch the unedited version on DVD. Great Film! Little known fact - the horse head was real not a prop....They got it from a dog food factory in New Jersey. Second favorite is probably "Animal House". More recent might be a John Wick or Die Hard. Maybe an Indiana Jones... What is on your list of favorite movies?
  5. Welcome! I am rather new myself but a longtime stalker.
  6. Do you still have that projector? My brother gave me for Xmas, 3 of those movie reels with film similar to what you have stacked up. I am going to use them to decorate the man cave.
  7. That was from my 1st trip (so far) to Kauai Hawaii. Beautiful Island to visit.
  8. Funny you should ask..... I do have a box full. What style/ color are you looking for? I'll take a photo or two tomorrow. Ever come to Cleveland? If the border gets back to normal, I may be able to send some back with one of my cousins in Toronto or Barrie.
  9. I found 2 - Mepps style gold blade with a purple marabou tail (MT215) and Green/Orange/Chartreuse Tandem (MT113)
  10. Yea I need to dig deeper into my storage crates. I think I have a couple.
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