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Has anyone heard of, seen or owned an amphicat? My dad and I almost bought on when they first came out but thought we would wait until the bugs were ironed out if there were any. We didn't buy one after all but at least they sent me this badge, crest or what ever it's called. Still like new. Here's an interesting article . Computer is acting up so so I had to take a picture of the monitor and a not so good pic of a 35mm pic which is crystal clear on photo paper of my boys having fun with my first Argo, late 1980s.  





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The old ARGO's were a far cry from the newer ones.  I remembered having to change roll pins on  the axles and when the newer splined drive shaft ones came out, oh joy.  But you still have to do due diligence and make sure everything is oiled/greased and adjusted.  Newer fuel injected motors are much better too.

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Had a ride in one as a kid, probably in the late 1960’s. The dealer was trying to promote a sale to my father. 
We drove it into a pond and out again, my first thought was how rough it was to ride in but also thought it was a really cool machine. Nothing else like it back then. 

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My son and I  bought new 650s in 2021, we have had several wonderful experiences with them. It has sure made life easier for me, I  can just hop in it and go fishing. No heavy motors to lift, no need to flip boats or haul gear. My son is a marine mechanic, I supply the materials, he supplies the labour so the machines are always in top shape and ready to go. 


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4 hours ago, icefisherman said:

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Why would you post that 

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