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  1. when I used to fish a lot of back lakes up north we did a couple nights in the back of a pick up using a Napier truck tent. It's very useful when backroading and flat camp ground areas are non existent. We just parked at the end of the road, launched the canoe and set the tent up on the truck bed. My buddy paid under $200 if I remember for his tent I think he bought his off Amazon. It was a bit better sleeping up off the ground especially in bear country.
  2. Field and stream in Erie , mill creek mall. In same complex there is a dicks sporting goods. Only 10 mins from I90 I did some damage on hunting and fishing clothing there. Just passed Erie is a fishusa warehouse and I had heard a while back you could order and possibly pick up if you made it there during open hours
  3. An older back up that I know longer use 30x zoom, 16MP, comes with strap and whatever life left in AA batteries very little use, specs pics and manual all available on line great condition, good outdoor point and shoot zoom camera first $100 takes it, pick up in Oakville only
  4. That sweet chili sauce is a staple in my house. I put that on everything top uses as helping binder when making homemade burgers 1:1 As base brine for when I smoke trout Topping on scrambled eggs/ bacon weekend breakfast is absolute heaven
  5. Check out SAIL as well. They have some decent pricing on Humminbird units Helix 7 straight fish finder is $314 right now and decent price on lowrance hook 7 and 9 I’ve used both lowrance and hb units and one important thing is to get the right power level. If you want to fish deep make sure you get something with 4000 Watts peak to peak. GPS is a must for me know, let’s you save waypoints for future use and you can get navigation cards to plug in
  6. Most now float fish along seams close to shoreline breaks but be prepared for both. I prefer rigging more like west coast drifting with slip floats and the larger sizes that will handle enough lead to get those deeper +15 ft drifts haven't been down this year but plan on soon as I like it in December better. I stopped hauling waders down a while ago, small back pack with extra gear and dress light for the walk especially quality boots. The staircase has some pretty big steps designed for 7 ft'rs take a mix of buck tails and plastic worms too.
  7. Try the mr. Clean white sponges from dollarama. They did a decent job on a few spots I picked up
  8. Still using my Home Hardware charcoal grill for $70 as my weekender unit and my broil king natural gas for rush home BBQ Monday to Friday cooking. 8 pork burgers and 2 sirloins cooked last night Nothing beats charcoal but most days after work I just don't have it in me to do the set up and clean up after. Give me a nice quiet Saturday, cold beer in the garage fridge, blue jays on the radio and bam! I'm in charcoal mode For anyone one in Mississauga you gotta check out Nations Fresh foods at Winston Churchill and 403 I just got 5 lbs of the best pork belly I've ever seen. Tons of different cuts and meats at great everyday prices
  9. Same directions as GBW but I go over board on the Thai sauce (No Frills) and brown sugar plus extra habanero I like my smoked fish sweet with a bite on a cracker with some great wine and cheese. I bought lots of trout fillets on sale at metro to help with the experiment brines
  10. I've had Walleye Central Classified page bookmarked on my pc for about 10 years. Love seeing some of the older glass boats we never get up here like Warrior and my bucket list has a Ranger 619 or 620 on it one day. It's been mentioned before but the value of used boats has risen significantly in the last 3-4 years. Partly due to exchange rate but also due to ever increasing $ of a brand new boat. I bought my crestliner 1 year old used in 2002 and the resale value on that boat today is around 2-3K less than I paid back then. My boat has basically depreciated about $200 a year - not bad!
  11. A fun sight to watch is Walleye Central classifieds. get to see a lot of nice used boats on there and a fair bit in that aluminum 17ft range If you will have 4 people I'd forget about a bass boat style. That layout is typically 2 seaters with front and back casting deck. Smaller boats in the 17ft range are very tight with 2 adults up on the deck You will get more bang for your buck with a tiller model too. very nice crestliner fishhawk 1750 w/90Hp on Walleye Central for $11.5K USD- It's a 2001 in Wisconsin and comes with all electronics, trolling motor and a 9.9 kicker. I know a few guys who have done this and it's pretty simple with crossing back over the border, Correct paper work, pay your taxes and it's done
  12. A big part of it is pure marketing and advertisement. NWO has to be up there as one of the top TV destinations for all those fishing shows. Muskie hunter, Linders, Nipigon, Lake of the woods - you can't sit down for an evening of fishing shows without bumping into some segment from up there. Plus with lodges it's so much easier to cross the border and attend some of the big fishing outdoor shows in the US. Can't say I see a ton of NWO lodges down in Toronto for the spring shows anymore
  13. A long time ago I used to make that drive to Owen Sound and Wiarton to ice fish. There was a decent group of guys up there and ice fishing in Owen Sound was done along side the breakwall by the grain silos and from just off Kelso Park pretty much out to the marina in the main channel. Also fished right out in front of the east boat launch. the old Goodyear plant was across the road No defined shoals or structure - it was more intercepting roaming fish. Way more steelhead were caught but a fair number of smaller coho's from what I remember as well as some brown and lakers. Fished them just like on Simcoe for lakers with jigging spoons and minnows. About 50% of set lines would use roe bags under a float or tip up/strike indicator (willow branch) That was when fish runs up on Georgian Bay were at their peak though. As Bill said when there's ice you'll see the guys out there in the proven spots
  14. How does a full day in cold affect the battery, Do you carry back up battery and/or can you easily convert back to manual by carrying top handle piece anyone running these with the older standard 18V Dewalt battery
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