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  1. Was in the one in Burlington, Yes all offshore looking products from clothing to work out gear Fishing and Hunting sections remind me of what old department stores like Sears and Target in the US would stock I did find 2 things - a very reasonably priced and comfortable fold up carp fishing chair that will double as my turkey chair and a pair of brush pants for $50. Wore them all week up in temagami bush whacking portage trails with chain saws and they held up quite well, lightweight and quick dry
  2. IMG_0429.JPG
    Package 1 - XNT 9 Transducer on wood board(used for back lakes), works with a ton of models including Helix 5,7. XI 9 Ice fishing transducer Dash mount for 787Ci,should fit all 5 and 7 series, includes power cable Sold as a bundle $80 firm Package 2 - Dash mount for 787 Ci with power cable, screen protector and XNT transducer (no mounting hardware) Sold as bundle $50 firm Older Attwood 500 GL/Hr Aeration pump, never used $25 pick up only QEW/Oakville
  3. IMG_0432.JPG
    Older Lowrance X55 in working order with a load of extra goodies Ice fishing portable pack, extra power cable, dash mount and transducer mount. Comes with 2 transducers, one set up with trolling motor bracket. home made ice fishing float Powers up and screen light still works, both transducers when plugged in click strong $75 steal of a price, bundle price all included. Pick up only QEW/Oakville area
  4. IMG_0441.JPG
    Princess Auto sku 2922045 Reg $ 39.99 OFC $ $20, pick up QEW/Oakville area
  5. IMG_0427.JPG
    Fluke 87 III True RMS Multimeter New in box never used, compare to $475 dealer selling on marketplace still has plastic on display and manual never opened, comes with CD (manuals, instruction) OFC special before I post on marketplace $300 firm, pick up only QEW/Oakville area
  6. On board Minn Kota charging system for 24 volt. Religiously drain and recharge as best I can but have to admit don’t get out as much as I used to. pull batteries and keep indoors all winter off concrete. My dad told me this and will forever keep the faith. Two Canadian tire 27 705 cranking amps. These are now 4 years old and hooked up to winter battery tenders noco genius 2 battery chargers/desulfator. fingers crossed for season 5 and more
  7. The bottom looks like natural hair but the top two looks synthetic, reminds me of polar fur/ hair or some name similar. Still great stuff for streamers and walleye jigs
  8. Nice, where did you pick up that mepps glow spoons. Lost track of them and have several holes in my spoon tray for river mouth hardware. Also look for braid fishing line at Dollarama as they start to pull out there summer stuff. I found it in 15 and 20 lb 150m spools I bought a few spools last summer to check it out and it worked fine. I think it was $4 and grey colour.
  9. I have a Clam nanook as well as a single Frabill recon. Over the years have been able to fish in and around a multitude of other makes with buddies and the lightest and easiest I've ever come across was the Clam 5600. My buddy popped his on top a smitty and it pulled like a dream in all kinds of conditions even with a hand auger and gear strapped on. He used to fasten the clam on the smitty with bungee cords and then a couple gear bags and auger on top. I've been looking for one used for a few years but never really found one in good condition or close by. They get bought up fast. It's still around 70lbs in weight but it was way easy to handle than my nanook for 2 people and worth the extra room over a single to fish 2 lines
  10. Very similar set up here, 2 batteries up front, starter batter in back. 2001 -1750 Crestliner Fishhawk, 115HP 2 stroke Merc I ran a 17P Aluminum 3 blade prop and with pretty much exactly the same load got 37-38 MPH at just over 5000 rpm. switch up to a 19P Aluminum 3 blade prop when I need to get somewhere fast and can WOT hit 42-43, same load in the boat. Everyday runs are around 3800 RPM at 23-25 MPH on the 19P as I'm not in a rush anymore Borrowed a 19 SS 3 blade prop a few years ago and saw 2-3 extra MPH, thought I might have gotten more going to a 21 everything falls apart for performance, sweet spot for me is 19
  11. Best line up around me is Sail, can't say exactly what they had Although my last buys were the clone spoon from Bass pro - Cabelas Fishermen series The Cabelas ones certainly worked for me this year on Niagara area Lakers and spring time casting for steelhead. They have that exact color I really like the wonderbread and metallic colors, Purple-Blue was good
  12. Just back from Lake Temagami and didn’t have time to post this. Local Dollarama had a full peg hook of 150 yard braid fishing line in 15 & 20 lb grey color, MAKO brand in red packaging. $4 a spool so I bought a couple of spools and threw them in for back up. Sure enough 1 rod needs to get respooled on day 1 so what the heck I threw on the Dollarama line and used with a flour leader to throw X-raps and crankbaits all week. Would never know it was dollar store line. Worked perfect and no line wear or color fade. Too good of a deal
  13. Look for Suffix 832, it's denser and gets down faster than regular. Lead core excels in long trolling runs kind of like a planer board works out to the side, it get's deep (like wire) and gets your bait away from the back of the boat. In Temagami if I'm not running riggers I go with the heavy drop weight as there's way more turning to our trolling runs
  14. start with a gold on gold version and go to Deserres art store for permanent waterproof markers. They usually run about $3-4 each I have a bunch from there to recolor spoons, body baits and such. works well
  15. I just ordered a 25 pack unpainted 5mm of amazon.ca. They were $26.23 plus shipping. search tungsten shelt as that is the brand name of the jig Figured it would be a decent painting experiment and keep me busy over the holidays waiting for some ice. Last year I bought a few packs of tungsten fly beads from Sail, Cost me a bout $10 a pack for 25 beads. These can slip over the hook and are easy to epoxy to the back of the jig body so I just upgraded a bunch of the old lead heads I had already. Bought the 1/8 and 1/32 size to play with. Both seemed to work fine
  16. Still got my 2001 Crestliner Fish Hawk 1750 w/115HP Merc Haven't used it much in the last 2 years but don't think I could ever part with it Fun place to window shop for boats, preety much all US listings and you see some very nice boats on here. Fished a few years ago out of a 21ft TUFFY - what a dream!!! https://www.walleyecentral.com/classified/searchresults
  17. I’ve been there twice in the last few years and hooked up with a fly fishing guide service bonefishcozumel.com. I now have him as a friend on Facebook and we keep in touch regularly. Alberto is top notch. Fantastic trips on the north end of the island with miles of skinny water and tons of fish. Three days in total and double digit bonefish everyday. You don’t need to fly fish at all either. They do spinning outfits too and I pack my own travel rod with 2500 series reel. Bonefish love small bucktails and swim jigs. He ties his own and they work incredible. The Berkeley swim jigs in 3” were killer too with bright colour jig heads. Never really used anything else. loads of barracuda, jacks and snapper around too. I stayed at the north end resorts and each day walked the beach and cast the surf. Lots of little jacks
  18. when I used to fish a lot of back lakes up north we did a couple nights in the back of a pick up using a Napier truck tent. It's very useful when backroading and flat camp ground areas are non existent. We just parked at the end of the road, launched the canoe and set the tent up on the truck bed. My buddy paid under $200 if I remember for his tent I think he bought his off Amazon. It was a bit better sleeping up off the ground especially in bear country.
  19. Field and stream in Erie , mill creek mall. In same complex there is a dicks sporting goods. Only 10 mins from I90 I did some damage on hunting and fishing clothing there. Just passed Erie is a fishusa warehouse and I had heard a while back you could order and possibly pick up if you made it there during open hours
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