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Antivirus software

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I have been using Norton Antivirus for years now and haven't had any problems but I am finding it is getting expensive. I just got my renewal notice and it's $129.00 for a year and that's just the basic service, there's always extras that they want you to purchase. 

I was wondering if anyone can offer a suggestion on an alternative based on their experience. 

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I also only use free versions of Avast, MBAM, and Spybot along with script blockers like AdBlockplus, Ghostery and uBlock origin. I used to use avg but the Avast has been real good at blocking malware in real time.

The only thing I pay for is my VPN which is cheap and can cover up to 7 devices. The odd time I'll do a scan with Zemana as well but don't have it running.
If I ever have a feeling that something seems funny my go to just in case is a system restore which has never failed me.
Personally I would never use Norton as it's always been known to be a resource hog using way too much CPU and memory.

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12 hours ago, Terry said:

For me antivirus programs are like women 

I have never paid for it

i use the free ones avg and malwarebyte

and with both I have never been infected 

My buddy (divorced 3 times) now swears by the motto...the least expensive women are the ones you pay for upfront..

One might apply the same motto to computer programs..

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59 minutes ago, Terry said:

Well women and antivirus progarms, if you pick the right one and do what needs to be done  when it needs to be done , one is all You need for life





I hear ya loud and clear...I'll be married to the same beautiful bride for 40 years this spring..

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