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  1. Free speech has long been forbidden in this country. He just crossed the line one time too many.
  2. Was this the bobcat in your backyard
  3. The great adventure posters don't post here no more.
  4. Not go fishing because of some rain or snow?? That's a larf. Something some "city type" might do. but not where I grew up, and definitely not now. Mom didn't raise no sissies ( even though the step-dad was )
  5. A few parents from my grandaughter's class were keeping their kids indoors. We still had over 70 kids at our door. A whole bunch shouting "trick or treat, and I've been good Santa" Must have something to do with my jovial image
  6. Canada is turning into a nation of marshmallows. Why not just buy 5lbs of candy stay home and plunk the kids in front of the screen
  7. The stocking was done 30 years ago, the bass only started appearing 2 years ago. To date we have found 3. There are no bodies of water to migrate from.
  8. Heron wades through the shallows, through a spawn bed, gets eggs attached to legs, flies to another body of water in search of food, shakes off a few eggs. At the farm, the only fish stocked were bluegills and bullhead, yet 2 years ago we started finding largemouth. Herons visit regularly.
  9. Seeing as they have been i the Speed and Nith for some time. It was only a matter of time before a seed carrier (i.e. Heron) dropped eggs in the lake. Same way we now have bass in the farm pond
  10. Some hurts may get easier over time, but they never go away.
  11. Erie has been fantastic. Good to see you had a great afternoon.
  12. Love the vids. Still living the dream I see.
  13. bigugli


    There is definitely a correlation between weakened economics, lack of opportunity and substance abuse.
  14. A lot of the guys doing the roasting have kinda left.
  15. bigugli


    Substance abuse is an epidemic throughout Ontario. And it will get worse. Lack of enforcement, political will, moral conscience says it all. The youth of much of our modern society no longer have the promise of a bright future where every dream was possible. We've given most of our industry and manufacturing to the third world while creating unrealistic financial goals for the next generation, crippling debt outrageous inflation. Many born since the 80's see no hope or promise for the future and wait for the socialized silver spoon to look after them.
  16. I love my veggies. Lord knows we grow a mountain every year at the farm. Matless burgers and sausage,etc... are nothing more than a chemical cesspool. Historically, every overprocessed/ chemically manipulated food product has bee proven to be bad for your health. Or have we all forgotten the evils of MSG, hydrogenation, cyclamates, etc.....
  17. The salt load in thosr products is brutal. Not to mention all the processed crap in the meat alternatives.
  18. Nobody really expects what age and disease will do to many of us. All I can say is keep fighting. I know its not easy, But what's the alternative??? I'm not into sitting back and waiting for death to win. No matter how many times you fall, fight back. There's still lots of life to enjoy.
  19. You would have to go to another website to access the "PITA" cookbook
  20. We soak our filets in milk after cutting out the blood line. Just like doing kitties. Works perfectly. We were eating white perch last night.
  21. A lot of that wonderful seafood like cod, haddock, etc... perch, walleye, have tapeworm. You just never knew about it. Cook properly and you will be fine.
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