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  1. I noticed people are saying 17 kph but from what I have read it was 17mph so actually 27 kph. Not sure if what I read was correct or not though.
  2. There could be spare fuses beside the fuses that are already there. Not sure if it is the case with your engine but I know both of mine have spares. If not always good to have spares on hand.
  3. I usually bring a couple of clamp on down east rod holders for the boat.
  4. Are you sure about this information? My insurance company has the info from my capacity plate as well as the horsepower of the engine which is above the recommended although only 5hp above the max rating. This information is all recorded. I think they would have difficulty automatically making a policy null and void at the time a claim is made after underwriting with all correct information provided.
  5. I have used it for bird crap, tar and sap before and have not had a problem. I have never let it soak over night or anything just sprayed on and let sit for maybe a minute or so and cleaned off.
  6. My wife got the Toyo gsi5's last winter and has been very happy with them. Really good all around such as wear, snow and road noise. Where they really excel is icy conditions.
  7. Was at 2 Moon last year for a week and really liked the location. The outdoor pizza oven and eating area around it was a nice set up as well. Great location for a big get together like that.
  8. It sounds like your sensors need to be replaced. I had the same problem a couple years ago. I think I got replacement ones at home depot for about $30. Quick easy fix. You could also swap the sensors with the other opener first to verify if that is the problem.
  9. I replaced mine about 4 years ago with one from TSC. It was on sale for $400 for 30,000 grain model. TSC seems to have one model on sale for about 40-50% off at least once a month. The brand was Miralcle Water MW-30. It has worked fine so far. Don't now how much water we use but there is 3 of us in the house. The water here is 15 grain water and little or no iron. I put in a 20 kg bay about every 6-8 weeks I would say if I were guessing.
  10. Yes 3 would be the highest preset trim position. You want to trim it down to the 2 or 1 position for the preset.
  11. This is from the Mercury website. The Mercury 9.9 FourStroke does not have a trim pin like the other brands have. Do I need to buy one? No. The 8 and 9.9 horsepower FourStrokes feature an integrated automatic ratcheting trim system that does not require a separate trim pin. Just tilt the outboard to the desired position and that’s it. When you want to return to the down position, just ratchet the outboard all the way up and allow it to return to the down position once again. Back to Top My 9.9 FourStroke has three positions marked on the transom bracket, but my Operation, Maintenance & Warranty manual says that I have six trim positions. Which is correct? The Mercury 8 and 9.9 FourStroke outboards with manual trim have six trim positions that allow the user to select the best position simply by pushing down on the tiller or lifting the rear of the outboard up. The three positions marked on the side of the clamp bracket indicate the "preset tuck" position. By setting this feature in either 1, 2 or 3, the outboard can be set to return to this same position every time. For example, if your boat operates best in the second trim position, then set the "preset tuck" to 2, and the outboard will go to this position every time it is cycled through the trim positions. You do not need to remember to reposition the trim to 2 after tilting down.
  12. I agree. That does not look like the tread pattern for the Michelin x-ice. Just google Michelin x-ice images and compare. The type of tire will be on the sidewall so you just have to look before buying.
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