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  1. I can certainly attest to the magic and beauty that is the Kipawa Lake watershed, there really is something extra special about Kipawa, it's hard to explain, I don't get the same feeling when we fished Temagami for a few years and then it was back to Kipawa. It's easily my favorite place to go on a fishing vacation and the hub area in particular is the best of all for me as it gives four directions to travel from the middle of the X shaped waterway. Paved road to the government dock and my first campsites up there were 10 miles away in the shortcut, a few hundred feet away from Corbeau Rock, the actual physical center hub of the whole watershed. Corbeau lodge just around the corner, long history there. Rich hockey player ended up buying it. One year we couldn't get a cabin there or at Alwaki and the new American owners let us put up tents on a nice stretch of flat shoreline around the corner from the lodge. Now I had left word with Carl and Mary at Alwaki to let us know of any cancellations and we lucked out and got the end of July with two cabins so we got locked in to at least 2 cabins and spent the best weeks of my year at Alwaki Lodge for many many years to come until it was sold. It's a 14 mile boat ride to Thompson Island. It's another 6 miles to Kipawa Lodge, so a 20 mile trip. No plane fly in required Such a shame to see Alwaki broken up into lots and another lodge on the lake gone forever. Good luck with your sale Rob
  2. Water sensor perhaps, just a wild guess.
  3. With rain and showers all night around here there won't be anything to see unfortunately.
  4. Yea mine here are just barely starting to swell a bit, it will be a while yet before main pick but still getting the odd treat fresh dipped in salt. The soil is very dry and will slow down growth without any rain in the near future. I've never tried them roasted like that, I'll have to try that tonight with steak.
  5. Just to let you know if you want fiddleheads you'd best get out soon or it might be too late already. I was almost too late when I went out yesterday, most were up well over a foot and if I didn't have one spot where they come up a bit later as the water receded I would have been screwed. As it was I managed to get just over 9lb. Cheers
  6. Tons of older 9.9 OMC engines out there that are still running fine. Save yourself a ton of coin and find one that still has good compression and it will still last you for life. Still lots of parts for them available too like impellers, coils, lower unit seals etc. from what I know but might still be a good idea to check with a marina to be sure.
  7. I have no idea where you would get that idea. A quick search for treble hooks shows anything but China crap. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/search-results.html
  8. You can be sure they're up down your way. Right now they are basically the only green in the bush so easy to spot.
  9. That too for sure. I have 3 or 4 spots out this way where I pick. I make this fabulous leek and fiddlehead cream soup that is to die for. Also has mushrooms and green onions in it. Supposedly it came from an old Harrowsmith article but I've never been able to find it. It's called Wild Country Cream Soup. I may have shared it here in the past but not sure. Down to my last 3 logs of leek butter too so I'm just going to make it till mid May. Dougie did you end up making some last year?
  10. Looked out the window this morning and really starting to notice that the leeks are up pretty good, right on schedule. Cant wait until they get a bit larger so I can at least get a taste from the stems until the bulbs start to form
  11. That's an excellent point I never would have thought of having never owned a power trim engine, so my knowledge is limited. I never lock down my outboards unless I was back trolling into a good wind. Nothing bigger than 20hp. I definitely will admit to having more than once being forced to quickly lift it out of the water as an unexpected hump magically appeared while exploring new runs on windy days. Cheers
  12. The only issue I see with a 25 over a 20 is the 25 might not troll down slow enough without a trolling plate or drift sock. For instance I like to troll lead core or copper and gang trolls for Lakers where the optimum speed is 1 mph and I doubt a 25 would go that slow, although with the newer 4 strokes it might with the right pitch prop.
  13. That makes far too much sense lmao. The asylum moniker is perfect hehe...
  14. Chris I get it that you're pretty wound up here lately, and if I still had young kids I'd likely agree a lot with you. But listen man, your thread got locked up fast, you should realize that there is a low tolerance level here for threads going sideways and anything political. So please don't bring that crap to Bunks thread, hijacking it makes no sense and is totally inconsiderate and disrespectful to Drew. Hopefully mods just remove your posts, no need to lock it.
  15. Unless Win11 has features you absolutely need I wouldn't change. Pretty well every new OS from MS ends up needing more memory and faster speeds. Plus, beware of scams. https://www.pcworld.com/article/613508/hp-researchers-spotted-malware-in-fake-windows-11-upgrades.html
  16. If you have a meter you could use a fine pin to poke through the insulation on the black wire and see which pin it relates to, that will be negative.
  17. Jeff I would suggest you join or peruse the Ontario Black Bear Hunters group. Quite a few outfitters post there and tons of members to ask questions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/225827837965816/ Cheers
  18. Doug if you can, try and stick around until dark, it's often a later bite when the Crappie turn on out there.
  19. That's not what you originally posted is it? Typical leftist response, when faced with facts just resort to insulting remarks. You should check out OOD, you'd fit in nicely there. Btw I've seen plenty of posts with those reports and not one of them was on youtube so you shouldn't make assumptions because you know what that does eh? That's my last response, no use wasting my time on you
  20. They have floating bubblers that help a lot with the hole freezing up.
  21. Here's a study from Carleton University back in 2013 done on Charleston lake. Pretty alarming. I posted this study back then on a Fish-Hawk thread about discarded plastics and made the mistake of pointing out that it was mostly bass fisherman by far that used plastics. Well some of the bass guys freaked out big time getting on my case saying I didn't like bass fishermen and was picking on them lol. Talk about overly sensitive and easily offended bunch of guys, it was wild the comments they were coming out with. Fortunately the owner and some other members recognized that I was just posting facts and stuck up for me. Dougie I think you were around there back then. There have been plenty of studies since then, there was talk in some states about banning them unless they were biodegradable. https://www.deepdyve.com/lp/springer-journals/exploring-the-potential-effects-of-lost-or-discarded-soft-plastic-nqTiq8ccjj https://www.researchgate.net/publication/260525998_Exploring_the_Potential_Effects_of_Lost_or_Discarded_Soft_Plastic_Fishing_Lures_on_Fish_and_the_Environment
  22. I said I didn't care what he believed, but I did respond to his comment with facts other than one hot summer in BC. Yea what I said is that climate change is always happening but it's not because of human activity compared to other effects.
  23. Yea right. Meanwhile the poles have more ice than ever in a long time. Many places in the world are getting record low temps. Arctic air is now reaching the gulf of Mexico last week and California was getting record snowfalls with 122 inches of snow in the last week alone. Jet streams are all over the place. So how do you explain that? If you really cared to do some research instead of falling for all the climate change alarmists you would realize that most of Earths weather is influenced by solar flare activity and El Nino and La Nina. as well as the tilt of the earths axis which can be affected by volcanoes even. The earth has just hit one of the five coldest Novembers in history. And yes I'm over 60 and for sure weather has always been in a state of flux as it still is but it's not because of human activity and a little bit of extra CO2 in the atmosphere. Every major climate emergency these alarmist have screamed about have proven to be unfounded, sea levels aren't rising, the poles aren't melting, polar bears are going extinct, blah blah blah. Believe whatever you want, I really couldn't care less.
  24. My neighbour up the road went with solar in an off grid home and after 7 years had to replace all his batteries which was around $7K. Plus now having a baby he found that the solar didn't provide enough power so he is now hooked up to the grid.
  25. If anyone is looking for pork loin halves Freshco has them on at half price fro $2.77/lb. I looked at them yesterday and most were around the $12 to $13 range so a decent deal. Happy New Year
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