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Ice is here!


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1 hour ago, akaShag said:

I was JUST thinking, I bet there is ice up there where limeyangler lives.  I envy you that!  Rifle season is done here for deer, and I might hunt the smokepole season I guess.  But bring on the ice, I am ready!


Yeah bring on the ice Bruvva!! The ice is actually gone now, blew off the next day, but it’s gonna go any moment now, -17 and -19C forecast Thursday and Friday nights, if we get a calm night she’ll be done. I went grouse hunting with my boy yesterday( we saw only one bird and never got a shot) and there were two or three ponds that hold fish that were locked up still, will check the ice on them Sunday, might get to wet a line before November is done, fingers crossed 🤞 

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The earliest in a year that I ever ice fished was 19 November, in about 1979, on a lake up in the foothills around Pincher Creek, Alberta.  The ice was crystal clear and you could see down to the bottom, down to about 15 to 20 feet, but not in deeper water.  It was kind of spooky walking on that!


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1 minute ago, Terry said:

made the local tv station and not in a good way 

You want to see people going out on thin ice, Owen Sound in the late 80s/early 90s was the place to see anglers doing LUNATIC things like lying on the ice with their rod arm stretched out to a hole in half an inch of ice.  Or KICKING a hole in the ice on the Pottawatomi River to fish running water below.  NUTS.

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