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  1. Can you start that from your cell phone while you are on your way home\
  2. If you want a laugh watch Kenny---about a honey wagon driver in Australia.
  3. Yup---my wife gave me detailed instructions a week or so ago. Found 1 in England? Were they out of teapots?? I assume you know what a percolator is. I went to walmart to buy one---asked the youngish woman if they had any---just got a puzzled look!๐Ÿ˜
  4. My wife makes it with a French press for small amounts. For bigger amounts she uses a percolator. Uses Kicking Horse---a bit expensive but Shoppers often has it on sale. Grinds the beans in a little elec grinder. Hard to beat perc. Tried it at family camp a few years back. The adults kept showing up at our site in the AM. The coffee at Cofee Culture---a small chain,I think----is head and shoulders above Tims, Starbucks etc
  5. That's why I made my comment---different version๐Ÿ˜€
  6. Too true.I have posted sensible advice and msgs about quarantine etc on our local(very active) FB page and get get the odd A-hat reacting with laughing emojis. I ask them to come on and explain exactly what it is they find funny---nor response of course. Those people are the ones who will make this disaster worse, IMO.
  7. Luckily political comments are banned here and so is swearing. Otherwise I could tell you what I think of that.๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค (OI---for you: "|Good judgment comes from experience; experience comes from poor judgment."
  8. Those mallards on the river are looking better every day!!
  9. Thx, OI----I hadn't thought of Spray 9. We have some of that but not by the gallon!
  10. Those are the idiots that are going to make this much worse than it needs to be. They are everywhere!
  11. For public door handles, pumping gas etc Use disposable (nitrile) gloves if you can find them If not, use doggy poop bags No Lysol wipes? Saturate a rag with Lysol or bleach, put it in a baggie and use it for pumping gas etc. Don't pick up your mail unless you must. Disclaimer---Will not work for everybody in all situations. Rather than pick holes in this, pls offer alternative suggestions.
  12. Thx---any link to where we can get those?
  13. Maybe carry one esp for your car door and steering wheel. e.g for filling the tank
  14. When you're in quarantine but the weather is great
  15. I;d suggest a J-cloth wetted with bleach and kept in a baggie.
  16. Loblaws announcement As part of our ongoing effort to protect you and our colleagues, we have acquired plexiglass shields for the checkout counters and we've started installing them in stores
  17. https://www.simcoe.com/opinion-story/9911812-self-isolation-while-working-from-home-with-kids-how-one-family-is-managing/?s=n1?source=newsletter&utm_source=ml_nl&utm_medium=email&utm_email=97710053dad40b42730caba73551730c&utm_campaign=siha_73589&utm_content=a08
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