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Headed out this morning for some shallow white fish. I was out on this spot last week for the first time. Ice this year on Simcoe is so sketchy near the big lake. Rolled into my parking spot with fog covering the lake. Decided to slow my roll and take my time loading up the smitty and get on my way. Boy, this is hard for a guy that is out there set up and ready an hour or more before day light. Age thing I guess.  Game plan was to walk to a shallow starting point,then work my way to the drop. As I am loading the smitty, I am thinking,do I really need the heater and hub ? Sure glad I did load it on,as the damp fog with -5 temp,was a bit for my old paws. Got to my set up spot,drill , drop camera to see bottom. Looks good. Pop up the hub,turn the heater on and drop. Didn't take long and they were coming in. Thought wow,going to be a good morning. Hit right off the bat on the high hook blood worm tie. Reel up a 12" juvi whitie. Watching the screen that big yellow blob on the bottom was breaking apart. Turns out, it,s a pack of juvi whities. After the sun broke the fog away,I could see where I was walking. So packed the heater and hub for the rest of the morning and moved a bit deeper. Same thing. A bit deeper,same thing. Moved again for the 4th time. SAME THING. Nothing but juvi whites. Once I moved to the drop, there were no juvies,and,there were no other fish. I am not complaining at all about this morning. I know in 2-3 years,those little fellas,they going to be my dinner. Great to see.


  THEN, 10 AM it started. Boom,roll,bang,roll,boom,growl. That sun was making that ice very unhappy already. I actually felt that ice lift and drop. That was enough for me to say,I,ll come back another day. LOL  It even had another guy say,you feel that ? Yup.







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This morning was a 1 hour window. The bite was fast and furious for that time. They were chomping on the ice grubs. Orange and green. Then the sun was putting a beating on the ice already. It was non stop loud pings and groans. Pressure cracks were starting to open and even the small ones that were 8" were starting to sink and water pools were starting to form. Off by 10 am. Kept enough for a fresh feed. Got my perch fix for now.






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15 minutes ago, Fish Farmer said:

Gezz Bro, watch your self, don't do the dip like someone I know😱😀

Access was good brother. Same place different year. I will not be going back unless we get an extream cold front.  Late Feb looks like it might come .


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