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Smoker recipies

Big Cliff

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57 minutes ago, akaShag said:

And what, pray tell, is that?  The ribs look AWESOME!!!!!

Thanks Doug


4= smoking time


3= wrap in foil time


1= remove foil and let dry out a bit


Like I said, bones pulled right out



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11 minutes ago, misfish said:

3= wrap in foil time

So you wrap them in foil for three hours, NOT on any heat source at all, just letting them soak in their own smokey juices?  Or do you keep heating them in the foil?  By the look of that last photo, you put BBQ sauce on them when you serve them?  I have done ribs a fair number of times, but never cooked them in the smoker.

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7 hours ago, akaShag said:

And what, pray tell, is that?  The ribs look AWESOME!!!!!

I'd always heard of the 3-2-1 method, but use more of 4-2-1.  it's about the different cooking times. 4 hours in the smoker, then two hours wrapped in foil with or without liquid which steams the meat so it doesn't dry out and then one last hour unwrapped again to form a crust. My Big Chief doesn't get very hot so I finish in the oven. Brian just stretched it out, and yea they look great.

Edit: Oops, looks like I'm late with that response lol.

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4 hours ago, mamona said:

The 4-3-1 is my preferred method. Additionally when wrapping I am basting with good quality honey and adding a little bit of butter.

Last batch I did I used some apple cider in the foil, that worked real good.
I've also used mustard and once mayo as a light layer on the ribs and then a coating of spice rub and let sit overnite in the fridge. Made for a nice bark.

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On 1/22/2021 at 8:24 PM, FILTHY OAR said:

Got a 15lb brisket going in the smoker on Sunday, when it's time to wrap I'm going to separate the flat and put it in the slow cooker and the point going back on for burnt ends, pics to follow.

Decided to hold off on the burnt ends as this was a big brisket and I would of been all brisketed out after eating the slow cooker flat. I spice rubbed it and put it in the oven for 30mins to sear it then in the slow cooker for 11hrs, turned out pretty good, was so tender it started to fall apart on the bend test. I'll post up some pics when I do the burnt ends on the smoker. Diner and 3 days of sandwiches for lunch.

slow cooker brisket pic #1.jpg

slow cooker brisket pic #2.jpg

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3 hours ago, FILTHY OAR said:

Just picked up this 14lb pork belly yesterday

Where did you get the whole pork belly?  The last three times I made side bacon I had to make do with pre-cut strips of pork belly from Costco.  They are only about an inch and a half wide, so it's harder to slice the finished product.

You don't mention curing salt, hopefully you do use a cure?


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