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  1. walleye wings, anyone do it ? My first time and they were delish, tempura battered.
  2. Brisket point and pork belly burnt ends, yum, also did home made beans but forgot to snap a pic. Burnt ends were butter tender and did not last long, also the wife made another batch of beef barley soup with the ojus and added lots of the brisket meat. Can ya'll see me getting fatter LOL
  3. I was going to get her mounted to match the 15" I already have mounted to make book ends but had no means of preserving the fish, would of been a waste so back she went.
  4. Anyone else do it, this is my second year . next time I make bacon I'm using this syrup in my brine. This is what I yielded from 25gallons of sap.
  5. Gotchya, I new that from your postings but thought you made a thermo cover ? I use a welding blanket to cover my smoker in the winter months, works really well.
  6. What are you getting out of your set up ? The pellet smokers I've had Pit Boss 820 and upgraded last year to the GMG Daniel Boom plus, both go over 500f and as low as 150F
  7. It was actually 3.5hr's to reach an internal temp of 150 deg F and I smoked it @ 210deg F with a blend of pellets, cheery, apple and maple. I just fired a pc up and OMG, I will never buy store bought bacon again, the best thing is you can slice it however thick you want it.
  8. I don't have one yet but my buddy bought the 10" slice at PA, I'm borrowing that tomorrow to slice it up and will probably get one down the road, always wanted one anyway.
  9. She's out and resting, once it's cooled down I'll slice into it and cook some to test the final product.
  10. bacon is on the smoker, see you all back in about 3hrs
  11. Hi Doug, got your PM, I'm going to pass on the offer but thank you... only because I've resorted to making my own receipts as I'm no longer a fan of the kits and really only make home made bacon and jerky, I do smoke allot of things but not for preservation, if I ever ( which might be soon ) get into making pepperoni and sausage I'll revisit your offer. Cheers Jeff
  12. There is ice out there believe or not, there was 3-6" were we fished, gotta be careful and spud your way out, there was even snowmobiles and quads out on the weekend ( crazy f**krs ) If you not that eventerous or familar with the area and ice in general please don't go out, if you do don't venture out past the pack ice. No ice is safe ice so please use your better judgement and if you do go out please do not go alone and bring all the necessary safety gear. Jigging the DR for walleye is my favorite time of year.
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