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  1. Then you havn't received the tax bill yet for the boat from the government, 7 years ago when I registered mine I got the tax bill 2 years later.
  2. I guess your boat is not registered yet then, the ON boat # will still be registered to the old owner.
  3. knock on wood I have never had an issue since buying new20yrs ago, I have driven a Dodge ram 1500 since I was 30 and trade them in every 4-5 yrs or 10k before the 100K powertran warranty runs out, what ever comes first. Prior to buying new vehicles I owned a number of $2-4K used vehicles, other than routine maintenance they have all satisfied my needs. My current 2017 Ram is going in next yr for a 2020 model.
  4. Nice read, have a room to rent LOL I would love to live directly on a lake. We are somewhat spoiled down here, I have Lake St Clair at the end of my street, Detroit river and Erie close by
  5. Thats a good deal also, I travel light and always on the move , no room for a big propane tank
  6. If I lived near ya I would sell ya one at cost....
  7. Rona near me had them on clearence for $57.60ea, bought all 4 they had, gonna sell 3 and get mine for free.....
  8. What APL said but add a few stiches in a few places near the edge through the patch not on the tent portion to keep it in place. As for Iron on patch make certain you don't melt the fabric of your tent but I would still add a few stiches
  9. that bacon looks top notch, great job. My first attempt at pork belly was making pork belly burnt ends, all I can say is OMG. Going to try the bacon thing next.
  10. It was sarcasim, sorry thought you could read right through that.
  11. LMAO, prob just don't know how to use it. Six yr's and still going strong.
  12. it's a barred musky, back at it you go...
  13. This is funny, I about trying to make one years back, if you google there is a few paten listing...
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