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6 year olds first pike

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My daughter is now 6 and has been fishing for a few years. Mostly with a 3ft ice fishing rod that served her well fishing from docks and some short trips in the boat during stays at a cottage. This year I got her a proper rod and reel for her birthday and yesterday was her first day long fishing trip with it. I think more planning went into the snacks and lunch for this trip than my 6 week arctic canoe trip. The crew  included my brother and son.



Started her off with a drop shot with a panfish sized tube and she had 2 perch in the boat before her brother had made is first cast.


We were slowly woking an area so that she could fish beside the boat and my brother and son could cast the weeds for pike. I hadn't had time to open a box yet and she says she has "my third fish already" (her trash talk game is already at a pro level). I look over and see her rod doubled over and figure she's got a weed. Then the drag starts to sing and the battle is on. The rod is a 5 and a half foot light action with power pro main line, but the drop shot was tied with 4lb test flouro so she had her hands full. After big fight all the while I'm trying to tell her that the fish might break-off at any time, my brother gets it in the net. Now she's a normal 6 year old as I'm told over and over so basically if she's awake she's talking (there was one time in the car that she didn't say anything for about 5 minutes and I assumed she was asleep. When I looked in the mirror and saw she was awake I figured she was plotting the destruction of the world). It took a while for her to calm down enough to take a photo. 


The magic pike lure:


She wanted to get in the photo when my brother caught one later in the day.




She was so excited to bring home a fish that we all got to eat.


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Grreat report! Love to see little ones getting out fishing with dad!

Gave this recipe to TJQ at Lakair years ago. Hope it's still being enjoyed. To flour add salt, pepper, AND (don't be cheap) rosemary and thyme. Cut the boneless pieces into 2" chunks and deep fry. or bake.  

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Awesome day. Can't believe the kids spend the day in the boat. After 10 minutes my kids just ask "can we go fast now?"

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